BBC Children in Need matches £10m Stormzy donation

BBC Children in Need matches £10m Stormzy donation to fight racial inequality in the UK

7/13/2020 12:54:00 PM

BBC Children in Need matches £10m Stormzy donation to fight racial inequality in the UK

The money will go towards tacking racial inequality in the UK and will be donated over 10 years.

in the UK.Children in Need currently funds over 3,000 charities and projects in the UK that help disadvantaged children and young people.It says its donations are used to help young Black people but that the additional funding will go even further to create opportunities.

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A panel of"young people and volunteers with direct experience of the Black British experience" will help decide who gets funding from this new scheme.'Beginning of greater things'BBC Radio 1Xtra will also be involved in the process, helping to develop future radio presenters but also telling the stories of the people and communities who are receiving the Children in Need funding.

Kenny Imafidon, trustee of BBC Children in Need, said:"I can speak for the entire Board of Trustees and all the staff at BBC Children in Need when I say, we were really inspired by Stormzy's pledge."I am excited about this new fund and I truly believe that this is the beginning of greater things to come, as we continue on our mission to support children and young people most in need."

Stormzy has urged others to join in pledging. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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G.O.A.T 👑 This charity is for CHILDREN in need. All children. This whole BLM is out of control. ALL lives matter. I forbone will never donate to this charity again I always thought Children In Need was for kids with life threatening and terminal illnesses. You know, children that are in need. Really a racist, homophobic misogynistic tit is a role model defund the BBC

So providing £10m to a Marxist organisation takes precedence over children 'starving' during lockdown? Good to know: I won't donate to Children in Need again. Well that's the last time I donate to Children In Need. DefundBBC Surely at the very least this warrants an explanation..? Is it even legal that a charity that receives donations to support children then donates some of that money to another cause?

Well it looks like dogs trust are getting a bigger donation from now on ...... 1. help for heroes 2. RNLI 3. dogs trust 4. Cat protection 5. Royal British legion Children in more Children in Need shot themselves in the foot brown nose day O really are on the path of destruction, its almost fraud to take money for one thing and use it for another..

A very unwise political decision. Keep out of politics and send the money to where it’s needed. Surprised the BBC charter allows it to distribute funds in this way. Not another penny from me. Children in need will now lose 70% I predict BBC Children In Need you've made a massive mistake. My money does not go to fund racial equality. I'm a big believer in racial equality but an even bigger believer in giving support to children. I will find another way to donate.

As the BBC should know, it's always easy spending other people's money. The BBC is no longer a public service broadcaster. It's a subversive extreme left wing campaigning organisation spreading propaganda and fomenting social unrest. It needs to go. Now. ScumMedia FakeNews DefundTheBBC Great news, will any be spent on addressing that lack of talent in track & field, from others outside the black community? For the record, I'll never donate to the BBC again, or pay my licence fee. BBCbritainsSHAME

Absolutely disgusting BBC needs abolished Stormzy said 'We have to fight against the odds of a racist system stacked against us and designed for us to fail from before we are even born,' I have heard lots of people offering evidence of outcomes but I would be very interested to see evidence of any prejudice.

No issue with money going to help young black children. My issue is with it going to 'young business owners '. Unless they are children, they should get support elsewhere. I'm sure Children in Need is such a popular cause because of its association with 'children'. Defund the bbc Funding terrorism Why? it should be provided to all, wrong decision and not in the spirit for which it was donated in the first place

Well gonna save me a tenner every other year! No more CIN for me! Not sure this aids children in need, this a dodgy political campaign Children in need money. Clearly should be for children. Not. Black lives matter. Shocking fraudulent behaviour by a charity that now should be investigated. For mis use of funds.

It's time BorisJohnson put his money where his mouth is regarding this POLITICAL broadcaster and get rid of it. This'll probably be the last Children In Need. What a shame something so wholesome has - yet again - been taken over by rabid activists. The BBC downfall can't come soon enough. Regardless of views on this it's far better to research local charity for kids and donate direct. Why fund 140,000 a year chief exec, 5 other staff earning 60k plus and an average salary of 42,000 for them to decide where your money goes? They've got millions invested anyway.

This would normally be a misappropriation of funds, when the money intended for another purpose is diverted without the donators consent. Children In Need? I will put my charity money elsewhere. I won’t be donating to any charity supported by the BBC. The money is for the children in need. Another charity filling their pockets for their agenda. Careful with these robbers. They pay for big TV ads to go shopping with your money. I know someone who started a Green peace collection office. He drives a Bentley. Crooks like the Govt

Wasn't it 10mil over 10 years A million a year 😂 What's that gonna buy a blm sticker on every lamppost? This is disgraceful, those people thought they were donating to 'children in need' not some fantasised propaganda that proposes that everyone in the UK (except the black population) is racist! Good. Now watch all the racists surface. You know - the ones who don’t recognize their prejudice.

The money is going to BLM who do NOT, I repeat, do NOT fight racial inequality. That's NOT their agenda and you know it So we're prioritising some poor people over other poor people on the basis of their race? Sure this won't have any negative impacts... That's my annual £100 donation going somewhere else from now on.

The charity commission needs to investigate this as it wasn’t what the money was given for.. more BBC corruption dianabarran you need to look into this as it’s simply not right that this BBC charity can go against what many have given their hard earned money for Don't come begging for again this year you've just blown it

If BlackLivesMatter get s penny it's wrong. The organisation is steeped in political far left, Marxist, anti-police ideology. 👎👎👎 If you’re not happy, you can always track down the trustees and complain. Another oppressed black man 🙄 Never again. You lost it Why Defund the BBC and I want a refund of my donation. Why have they still got the money in their funds.

I’ll never donate again. The money I donate should go to children in need. How about you use this money, OUR money, to pay for our pensioners licences you utter deplorable gutter life. What?..... So money donated in good faith on the understanding it would be spent helping children has been spent on other things because the BBC decided to Whos ever going to donate to children in need again knowing that the money won't be spent on children

Time to end the funding of the BBC. Let’s see it stand on its own two feet! defundBBC BBC, can I have my money back as I do not want to be involved in any charity that supports Marxist political movement like BLM. You are a disgrace supporting stormzy, as he is being racist for his racial inequality.

I thought Stormzy said he'd pledged his £10m to 'black charities' ...whatever they are. No chance now. Let’s see maybe you can count on BAME license payments as this has now made me cancel mine AllLivesMatter AllLivesMatter BNP_forever bnp EDLLONDON EnglishNationa1 EnoughIsEnough BritishLivesMatter🇬🇧

Further proof that the decision to cancel my TVLicence fee was the correct one. This time the BBC misusing donated funds that were given in good faith to help vulnerable ChildrenInNeed, instead, redirecting millions to a partisan anti-white, anti-British agenda. DefundTheBBC You won’t be getting a penny from me 😡

Scum The charity name needs to be changes so people that donate are fully aware of where it goes What The...... Sorry, when people donate To CIN they would NOT expect their donations to include charities for Racial inequality They should have their own fund events No problem with that But this is underhand CIN WILL SUFFER It's a shame

Well that's me out in future. Wankspanners. shame Oh dear, i think you will find donations will be down this year ! Going be lot people not donating ,BBC truely losing plot seems get worse daily now Children in need. Is not racial inequality. Give it to children like you said . Aren't all children that are in need in need 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

BBC scum. Never ever donating again!!! Its a no from me No more from me either... Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Charity Commission to look into this. They don’t do anything that is actual work. It would interfere with all their tea breaks. Get that flag off his chest ..he does not deserve to wear it ..or know what it are such fools. Tic tok

Children in need was not set up for racially based funding, it was a charity for Children. It seems the children have not been getting the money but you have been holding it back for this kind of nonsense. Inquiry anyone? Jay_Beecher Just wondering what you think about Children In Need diverting public donations given in good faith to help children, to using 10m of it, to support racial equality?

Funding a Marxist organisation.. Excellent 🙄 Will never donate again And they will still fail Isn’t this illegal? You are taking donations meant for all children and giving it to black adults , disgusting biasedbbc leftiebias BlackLivesMatterUK alllivesmatter blackfathersmatter Another charity to BOYCOTT. Defund the BBC. DefundTheBBC BoycottBBCChildrenInNeed

Racial inequality WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS ShameOnYou. You’ll not get a penny from me, not ever again. I want my money back please. Black children in need!..the rest can get stuffed ffs Any charities for Caucasian Children in need? In the history of mankind...humans have never been equal...there will always be some sort of inequality. The best that can be hoped for is a form of respect for decent people regardless of colour. Markle is not the one who can bring about any change. She is hated now

No more donations from my family 👍 defundBBC This is disgraceful. It is direct discrimination against white children in need. However I never gave to children in need after it gave a donation to pay for locks on my child's primary school lockers. Is this what people give their donations for? So Children In Need donations have been diverted to support ONE section of society as opposed to ALL Children In Need? No donations from me anymore then

BBC feeding the racial division Stormy is a racist who hates whites BBC getting that way WT actual F!!!!! Why cant we all just get along and support the kids who have nothing. Not the kids who have different pigments. Can’t give over 75s a free TV licence, but can donate £10m to something that doesn’t exist?

defundBBC Donated not anymore sick What racial inequality please just come from tescos express and parked next to a african in a 100grand range rover please again what racial inequality please provide proof just saying dosnt means it happens. Time to DefundTheBBC So how does misappropriation of funds work. So people have donated money into children in need and then they decide to siphone money off into a far left radical divisive organisation.

Yet again the BBC out of step Trust the money will be going to children of ALL races in the UK otherwise this is racist ? Er sorry what? Is this a joke? That's the end of my support then. It's politicised so forget it. Yeah we get down on our knees for people like this... You knock me sick the inequality shown towards white children is sickening.. You sat back while they were raped..

So the BBC Has given a charity TEN MILLION POUNDS of license payers money ? But won’t get rid of the licence fee for OAP’s The British public definitely need to stop paying. Stormzy is a confirmed racist. Why are u supporting him? Does the bbc support racism? defundtheBbc defundtheBbc defundtheBbc tick tock

Well thats my donation staying firmly in my pocket this year 🖕 DefundTheBBC Where do I sign up to donate to white kids only? How come you have a spare £10 million on the go? Shouldn’t that money already have been spent? I don’t understand? Are we giving you money for a savings account. You should fund raise separately for this

I wont be supporting the BBC or Children in need as they support Marxist terrorists. Last penny you get from us. Putting children into groups defined by their colour 😮 isnt that fraud to misappropriate funds that way? No more donations to children in need from me 'White saviours' Disgusting! They will NEVER receive another penny from me. I DONT fund racists!

How is it racist to want your money to go only to children that are in need ? Not BAME entrepreneurs or diversity education programmes or daft projects to promote awareness etc but ALL CHILDREN ...THAT ARE IN NEED. Food, clothes, shelter, medicine etc Yet you cut the old peoples tv licences. Brand new customers only.

I always feel uncomfortable with the words 'BBC' and 'children'‼️At least 450 children were abused by Jimmy Savile‼️He is also accused of desecrating the dead and making jewelry out of their glass eyes‼️How much did the BBC know❓ + Should have made DavidLammy contribute as his anti white remarks caused a lack of donations

Not with my money your not These are actual quotes from her 4 years ago. Big businesses, our football clubs, boxers, motor racers, clothing chains, media etc are all rushing to support BLM. The silent majority need to start boycotting these organisations and let them know we will NOT support racism! I donated £50 for children who are in need, so please can I have a refund? I refuse to pay for your racist agenda.

So you are saying that monies previously donated have not been used for the purpose for which given? Is that correct? How many more millions are the BBC hanging on to....they can pluck 10 Milion£ out just like that..🤔🤔🤔 If racial inequality really existed in the UK, I would donate to the cause, but as it does not, the BBC is literally stealing charitable donations and handing them over to Marxist organisations. BBCCiN need investigating by the charity commission. DefundTheBBC DefundBBC

Ban the licence fee immediately BorisJohnson Hahahahahahaha. THIS is why I have NEVER given any money to any charity to do with the BBC. Wankers. You never see the RNLI or any air ambulances do this sort of shite So the money donated to CID isn't going to CID? I’m sure pudsy didn’t agree to this bollocks

this is a man who complains about oppression such that he is so oppressed he has managed to amass a fortune that allows him to donate £10m. For children 😡 Can I have my donation back please as I never donated to BLM this is stealing Everyone claim your money back How fucking dare they. bbcnews bbc ok, that’s enough. I donate to Children In Need, not to the Marxist BLM. I want a refund. No more donations from me

What a fcking liberty That’s my annual donation to Children in Need finished😡😡😡 No wonder we are all watching bl00dy repeats for the umpteenth time. Get a grip BBC or lose your mandate! So who fills the £10m void the children were supposed to get? Isn't that receiving money under false pretences? I'm sure that's illegal.

This is a cynical marketing decision. Nothing to do with helping anyone. Theyve seen how Capt Tom trumped the Big Night In and are worried nobody is going to give money to celebs. So, join a band wagon. There are better reasons not to give. One is, it's a BBC sponsored charity 😉 Ridiculous Racist and toxic.

Wow who would have guessed money raised by children in need would be used in this way. why show starving children when you are spending the money elsewhere? BBCCiN bad decision!! Feel this is really going to affect your future donations!! GetWokeGoBroke I’m sorry but that’s not what it was donated for. Last time I’m giving anything

the BBC needs brought down now! DefundTheBBC BBC raised money for ChildrenInNeed under false pretences. Nobody donated for some racial equality scam. They donated for children in need. What a joke No more donations or license fee from me. Had enough of lefty bias from what used to be something to be proud of in the UK

Never ever will I give to children In need again. That money is for the children If there’s any journalists left there, could they pls find which inequalities (actually due to race) is the money addressing? Because by most metrics, white working-class children are doing worse. Is that the racial inequality you speak of? Of course not. Your ideology’s poison.

Children In Need is exactly that. For kids that need help in some form or another. It is NOT to fund a political agenda promoted and supported by the bbc . Please folks, DontDonateToChildrenInNeed . The BBC has morphed it into a political fund. LewisHamilton that's how you contribute to something not posing for pictures covered in sponsors logos wearing an 40k necklace. Well done Stormzy.

Disgraceful I refuse to support the BBC any longer because of who they support Says he's got a net worth of £20 million. Hard to believe he's given half his wealth away. Another reason not to give money to children in need So £10m to help black kids. Sorry, but I always thought it was for children in need, you know the sick, poor, those with special needs. Not just the black kids who want a career in media. Just **** off BBC and Stormzy 😡

Filtering money from needy children into anti-Semitism.... Have the Charity Commission approved this? I have always supported CIN over the years - no more - I am sick to the back teeth of all this........... ..... and yet his parents were welcomed to the UK where they made themselves a better life. Unfortunately, they had an ungrateful son.......

InvictaRegina This is our money we donated. This is not ok I presume they will be doing same to every child in need of help in UK regardless of colour ethnicity. If not surely this is discrimination and illegal As a kid I lived in a disadvantaged area of Birmingham i was given the opportunity along with others in my area to have days out ice skating bowling skiing ect it really made a difference to my life as my mom couldnt afford stuff like that. These initiatives are needed for all

InvictaRegina Why don't you just suck his ------ whilst taking the knee. £10 million? Is this what our licence fee pays for? A race- baiting, government hating rapper.Building up your coffers with pensioners money. 'Racial Equality' how about 'RACIAL AGEISM' ScumMedia Having read this report I will never donate to BBC's 'Children In Need' again 😠 How dare they make that choice on behalf of donors. ALL children in need deserve equal consideration !

A disgrace and a misappropriation of funds Oh great, so you've made us a bunch of white saviours. 🙄 InvictaRegina How did Stormzy get so rich? InvictaRegina I accuse you of rampant anti-white bias and blatant racism. defundBBC never again will I give one penny to any appeal you have. Disgusting people.

BBC children in need donating money to BLM a Marxist organisation that has a self proclaimed intention. Of disbanding our Police demolishing our economy and all state structures .... Who thought this a good idea ❓ InvictaRegina and those donors to Children in Need knew how their money would be spent?

Well done. Last time I donate to Children in Need or Comic Relief or any of these types of fundraising. My money will go to local, small handpicked charities. You all need to look at RSPCA_official and see where their donated money goes. Shocking! That's me done. No more donations to Children in Need.

Who or what gives them tis right... That isn't what we donated to? David Lammy has ensured I never give another penny to any of these ‘charities’ This is one of the funniest threads I’ve seen for a while throwing millions of pounds at racial equality and thinking this will help sorry but you are deluded the only people this will help is the people at the top and make them rich but you carry on .

How will they manage to change peoples genetics with £20 million? I'm guessing this will actually be put towards more Anti-White activism. ScumMedia DefundTheBBC WhiteLivesMatter EnglishLivesMatter BritishLivesMatter To contribute to racial inequality I think you mean. BBC spend money on children as long as they are not white. Disgusting

Never donating ever again Well that’s the last money they ever get from me Imagine if the BBC gave £10m to a white group. BLM are not even a charity and have very little to do with children. Q? What are they actually going to use that money for? It's not you're money it belongs to the people who gave it to children in need! The BBC is a absolute joke & believes that it can do whatever it wants! Take away free licence fees for our grandparents & give money to a cause it WAS NOT RAISED FOR! No more money EVER from me😤

Won’t be putting into your charity again ever!! No License Fee Matters Why Because you can and you know it rubs people up.. Don't pay your license, don't give money to BBC 'charitable' events I always wondered when this annual event would go into decline. 2020 it seems. Nothing is coming out of MY bank account (especially if Stormzy - I read the Christmas message on BBC - says to) because I suspect that it doesn't get to where it needs to go.

Why don't you just say that BBCCiN have donated £10m to BLM? Safe to say I won’t be donating to children in need ever again What has this got to do with ChiIdreninNeed this is going to severely affect donations well done your supposed to represent kids in need not a political movement DISGRACEFUL Squandering charitable money donated in good faith for Children in Need. Only to be expected from the BBC.

Cannot believe people are getting upset about where 10% of their ‘feel good’ donation goes. Wanna make a real difference then get involved in something. But never any money for British kids, huh? You’re making the over 75’s pay for a licence fee yet you have £10m to donate to BLM. BorisJohnson please support the majority by ensuring this organisation wastes their own money and not the license payers. DefundTheBBC

BBC pushing racial division 24/7 during a pandemic... DefundTheBBC DefundBBC Oh you mean against white people with all the quotas and BAME advisories ? Total legend this man Bbc on its last legs! Well we all know that the BBC doesn’t give a toss about children. They are absolutely one of the most despised organisations in the UK right now.

You people at the BBC have just ruined people donating to CIN, less donations less children will be helped, are you praying for the organisation to collapse or what? But Stormzy has not yet stumped up £10 million 🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s all a PR stunt and the BBC are just an absolute jokeeee Absolutely disgusting 😡

The BBC has been stoking racial hatred since this new fad began. Jumping on the bandwagon against the government. All because you lost the Brexit vote. ScumMedia the racists reading just the headline and getting all worked up 😭😭 Another reason to defund the bbc Not a penny from me.. Its fraud. How much will actually go to those in need after the fat cats get their share? I stopped donating years ago after I found out the TRUTH! DefundTheBBC

At least someone putting money where their mouth is ,fair play Stormz DefundTheBBC How to destroy a charity in one move, this is NOT what people donate to CIN they expect it to be used to help underprivileged Children, that is not Racial inequality, it is giving them food and equipment, nothing to do with skin colour

Shambles How about you donate to fight against the rape of young white girls by Pakistani Muslim men, that’s heinous racism right there - instead of supporting another anti British racist black supremacist. Stopped giving yrs ago Defund the BBC I stopped donating to children in need when I heard Terry Wogan got paid to host it. Basically the BBC is donating to an anti Semitic organisation...WOW.

Let’s hope it’s used across all ‘Races’ and not just the ones what are shouting loudest! 'Give to the lifeboats, all money goes to Battersea Dogs Home' Was waiting for Saint Stormzy to do something... You won’t be getting another penny from me. Direct debit stopped. DefundTheBBC That's not why people donated. DefundTheBBC

Tax payers money! DEFUND THE BBC!!!! 100Pringle So they are going to fight racial inequality by providing aid that discriminates against a particular race. They donate 10 Million to racism, whilst reporting fakenews on muslim rape gangs who rape young white children. The BBC must be closed down and consigned to the dustbin of history

BBC uses charity donations to further their anti White agenda in this country Its time this company was defunded & the charity was investigated by the charities commission for miss use of funds Charities should not exclude a particular part of the community based on race Don’t think BBC gives a fuck anymore. It really wants people to stop paying their ‘entertainment’ tax.

Guess children in need won't be lasting much longer then And you’re now charging pensioners... Are the beeb ok? I have a feeling they are complicit in their own demise. this could hopefully signal the end of the BBC .. Shouldn't the ChtyCommission be aware of this 🤔 Of course that's what all us poor sods gave to children in need. Never again 🤬

defundBBC 10 Million would give a lot of pensioners access to the National TV broadcaster. Would be far more beneficial of spending our money on politics. BBC YOU ARE A DISGRACE Yawn You know, if that nice young Mr Stormzy wants to assuage his philanthropic tendencies by helping black communities, he should be commended 👏. For BBC to promise money donated in good faith for childreninneed1 is however very naughty & will put the cat amongst the pigeons 🙄

Stopped giving to Children in Need long ago and instead give directly to charitys. Even more reason to do that now! T.v licence fees?, wont the over 75 be happy about spending money on pointless shit. The cash is for CHILDREN IN NEED. Another reason you dont need to pay a licence fee. The BBC discriminates people by their skin colour and supports Marxism. DefundTheBBC

AllBlackLivesMatter stop the gangs That money was donated by the public to help children, not for you to give to a blm cause, watch the total fall significantly next time you have children in need on, I for one will never donate again Cue Guardian readers. Time’s up for the Beeb... Disgusting misuse of donations.

Giving away licence payers money and going back on your promise to the over 75s DefundTheBBC 🤨 If you really want to see what's happening in the world get out there and have a look in your towns villages neighborhoods... Instead of sitting on your backsides listening to these peodophiles that we once called trustworthy members of society!

Get fooked. StormzyIsACunt What has band aid really done to help feed the world and children in need where children are still suffering and starving in a modern world full of rich folk and middle class folk who only care of making more money while our young ones die...why are the rich taking of the poor?

I wish there would be millions raised to help the 10's of thousands of raped white girls ; victims of 'diversity' too Making hundreds of your employees redundant to save money and now donating 10 million. How does that work exactly? Please explain! Stop. Paying. The. TV. Tax. How many more reasons do you need to stop paying it? They are just laughing at those who pay it now.

RobertBuckland is this even legal? Oh ffs. Get a grip. This is ridiculous. How does it fight racial inequality when it is just aimed at one race. Bizarre logic. Please could someone demonstrate where there is racial inequality in the UK? Clear evidence please, not opinion Children in need? Why is this money not going to support children? Why are the BBC giving money to an extremist organisation which vandalises monuments and assaults police officers? Sort yourselves out! Stop misusing charity money! ChtyCommission

Cancelling my licence There are many children in need and donations should not be based on race. Sorry to say that is now children in need off my donation list all thanks to the ScumMedia and the new normal race batting and anti white narrative! DefundTheBBC TIME YOU EXPOSED ALL PAEDOPHILIES WITHIN THE BBC AND OTHER ORGANISATIONS THAT WORK CLOSELY WITH YOU... BRING JUSTICE TO JILL DANDO WHO WAS SILENCED ...

Where has this money been until this decision was made? Actually, I would like the money to go towards feeding starving children and ending slavery and persecution in Africa and other countries because ‘all lives matter’. Stormy’s money can go towards all this ‘inequality’ we are alleged to have in this country. CiN money is not BBC’s

That's not what I donated my money for. That's another charity I will no longer be supporting. I give money to help kids in genuine poverty and distress, not so wealthy black celebrities can waste it. Racialisng and politicising a children’s cause. This’ll really help generate more donations... think tank are on fire.

Not my money anyway. I stopped giving to this racket a few years ago When they were fund raising this was not on the agenda so the charity has misrepresented itself. This should be illegal. People donated that money in good faith thinking it would go to children. Dreadful creature Last time I give any money then

This makes people wonder what they’re donating for. Compare to the RNLI - funding unrelated overseas initiatives then complaining that it doesn’t have enough money to fund the lifeboat service! The middle men make soooo much money out of ‘charity’ - really obscene amounts. Time this government stepped in and defunded the BBC!

ScumMedia BBC shit. 👍 So the BBC will be giving all the money to the White working class? BBC Radio 1Xtra will also be involved in the process, helping to develop future radio presenters, hmmmmm so the bbc are using children in need money to fund their BAME targets, all sounds a bit fishy to me. Utter crap

I gave money every year. Not one penny of mine will ever be going to ChildreninNeed again and I will actively try to get others not to. Hold on a minute, it's a kid's charity I didn't donate to. I don't want the money I didn't donate not going somewhere else. Cheeky devils. Great news 😊 Stormzy attended protests with BLM Marxist activists. His £10m donation was for black children, not all children. I assume the BBC is doing the same. Divisive and perhaps counterproductive. My donation from now on is going to animal charities..

You can seriously fuck right off now. Pugzy is fcked then init Thank fuxx I don’t donate then. FFS. What a bunch of f*cking clowns the BBC are proving to be 🤡🤡😂😂 I wonder if donations will fall like they did for Red Nose Day after Lammy called people 'white saviours'? Children in need charity DID kill itself

Who watches this shit can’t believe anyone still has a licence BBC THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE GOOD A SWINDLING MONEY😱 THEY NEED TO KEEP BLM GOING🙄 SO THEY JUST SHIFT MONEY AROUND TO GET IT OVER TO BLM PROTESTS😳 Like Stormzy has put in 10m. Let’s see proof of it. Do you have the permission of the millions of British donators to divert their money from helping children to fighting for racial equality, which already exists in UK?

ScumMedia scumpress SUB_Human I will never give to Children In Need again. Racial inequality in the most accepting, multicultural and least racist country in the world....ok. There is full racial equality in the UK.Dark skinned people are well represented across the work,social & entertainment scenes to name a say otherwise is a straight forward lie.

Final nail for you and children in need . How dare you ! Socialism by the back door, can't win at the ballot box, so we'll go another way round.Time for this to stop has arrived. The BBC need to be defunded now. After which time they can embark on their activities such that their budget can stretch to. Time for them to be subscription

What, this Stormzy? Proper role model. Why politicise a charity that is meant to help children in actual need regardless of their race and colour? Can I get a refund for the money I was donating for starving children and not this Shall never contribute to Children in Need again👍 More knives and guns 👌 I guess the poor white children might get lucky next time , Sorry they have already cracked it with their white skin , Should have supported all children , All children’s lives don’t matter it seems .

That's half your future donations gone then . Fuck the starving abused children lets waste in on fighting racism in the most tolerant country in the world. They already fund other charities. What’s with the ’outrage’ 🧐🤔 Let's fight racial indifference harboured by cultures to little girls, as per adverts on TV about forced marriages, girl non education and FGM? And lack of prosecutions!!!!

Consider any support I’ve ever had for you now over. Good job making a fool of those who donate out of their own pockets for their money to be spent in such a way W⚓️’s Have the BBC hired Corbyn as their new PR man? BorisJohnson you can’t keep sitting on your hands. I am so glad I cancelled my licence fee....virtue signalling tosspots

Is this legal? Any lawyers on here? Bullshit That money is supposed to be for children in need! BBCCiN I’m ashamed of you! 😡 Bye 👋 bye Wankers. seaned75 An eruption of media attention to alleged racial inequality not seen since the American Civil War....'alleged' being the operative word. When it stops being newsworthy it willl simply be a matter of 'Gone With The Wind'.

Why are you donating money to an organization that has aligned itself with Louis Farrakhan who said and I quote 'When God puts you in the ovens it is forever' 1985 google it. So the 1.5 million children were ok then according to BLM. and you are supporting these hatemongers. 1/2 You'd be better off fighting his shit music.

Waste of money. No more money from me. This does not meet the brief. Outrageous 😡 Disgusting move. This is a slap in the face for the good people who support Children in Need and yet another nail in the BBC coffin. White working class boys will continue struggling whilst the BBC does this. DefundTheBBC

No surprise there !!!!! Just watch all the Marxists on here supporting the fraudulent extortion of money from well meaning charitable people. I'm no longer convinced there is inequality the way everyone is codling White working class boys perform worst at GCSE level. Will this money address that inequality ?

Not another penny FRAUD!! Won’t be getting any donations again ever off me !! So does that mean the BBC have £10 Million to just throw around, or is that £10 million, money that the residents of the UK have donated to charitable causes like kids dying? Because I'll be MIGHTLY pissed off if the BBC have just spent £10 Million on Racial Equality in the UK.

Funny that with all this systematic racism in the UK that white british working class kids perform the worst in school results, and have the worst career prospects. He's the worst racist out there. Nasty, aggressive one too. BS racial inequality where can someone tell me what rights I have that somebody in this country has not

As a ____________________ I experience blah every blah aw ffs ...... and children in the UK go hungry ..... WTF is this country coming to I didn't know stormzy was raising money for the neglected 'white working class boys' good for him. When people donated they were donating for children in need not racial inequality. This was never the motivation behind the public's generosity. Can we have our donations back for our own charities. We have been misled & will have to look into charity complaints.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this country is fucked ‘Stormzy’ is part of the problem. People like him have tremendous power in setting sub-culture. Go and listen to his songs and you’ll soon see indicators for why young black men are (statistically) underachieving. Oh... and this is the end of Children in Need. What a JOKE

Thought the key word was 'Children'? Divisive Broadcasting Corporation Say what? I’m sure the people who donated to help children are delighted. How dare you give the people’s money away it’s for the kids issues raised on the night in the uk not to help little punks have the latest Nike wear so they fit in that’s the last straw now defund BBC

another cause to never bother donating to dont pay my tv licence, wont be giving to children in need now. BBC at it again. well one good thing, the Lifeboats will be getting more of my donations this year I have often wondered over the years where this money is going. Everybody shows a short film saying this money is helping or funding this project. The interest that must be earned on money raised and each year they want more. How much is taken by the people who run the project.

Not a penny from me. WTF has this got to do with Children in Need? This is a misappropriation of charitable donations. Can I have my donation back? I do not support political movements So is this just for black kids? No more donations to children in need then .. finite .. Well done to all those who have donated to this. Hope your proud now. Money well spent.

Not contented with DavidLammy costing you £8 million last year! You've gone and sunk your own charity! Good lucky getting money off Racist white people this year! There is no racial inequality in Britain....unless you include English in Scotland. Under current law, it is illegal to discriminate. It should also be illegal to raise money under false pretences!

Interesting. Surely ten million would have fed A LOT of children in this country. Another business masquerading as charity? Bye bye Isn't that money meant for 'children in need'? Blacks already receive vastly more public funding in the UK per capita. We are already funding a massive, unwanted redistribution of wealth from Whites to blacks. The inequality they experience is due to their own behaviour despite the massive help they are given.

Parody account surely? Now suddenly giving to charity is racist. Gave every year not any more 😡😡😡😡😡 This is an absolute disgrace that you are using donations to support a political organisation The donations were not given to support the BLM I and many others will be putting in an official complaint to the charities commission Remember ALL LIVES MATTER

You've got to ask whether that's what people expected it to be spent on when they donated. I would not. The BBC do as they please, yet again Surely illegal, collecting donations on behalf of a charity and then giving it to someone/something else ? I'm gonna collect for Children in need, then give it to myself, its allowed obviously 🙄

Isn't that for Children in need, sort out your priorities. What an amazing man!!!!! God bless you That is the last time I ever donate They won't get a penny off me again. Supporting these racists So Children in Need is doubling down on making political donations. I've never watched or given money to it in the past so I can't in all honesty claim I'm going to change because of this. But feel vindicated again though.

🤦‍♂️ This is a misuse of charitable funds and the BBC have misled the public. This needs to be overturned. Typical BBC numpties you’re going to see your donations drop dramatically now no doubt by those white privileged people that do all the donating lol 😂 Give examples of racial inequality, not random accusations, proven examples, I'll wait.

Bye Bye ChildrenInNeed not one penny ever again. Children in need is the BBC bank there should be no children in need in the UK the money is not being distributed to UK children . Feel the BBC children in need organisation has just lost a lot of donations this year, this is not what I donated for, total misappropriation of funds. No more from me. Will only be giving to two charities instead of three.

Is this a joke ? That’s nice. Follow DefundBBC if you're tired of this outdated institution and its leftist pandering and find out how to get rid of it. nothing for the kids of other color then ? So all the money will go to poor white boys and girls then as they are treated as being inferior to the incomers?

The BBC's days as a publicly funded broadcaster are numbered. You really are determined to alienate yourselves from the very people who fund you, especially the over 75's. Their quest for money without toil seems to be working , Oh dear might just have fired a volley into a BBC foot 🤔 That’s OUR money. Who gives them the right to do that. Let’s see how generous people are next year.

Last time you will EVER receive any money from me for Children In Need! 😔🙇🏻‍♀️ DEFUND THE BBC ! Me reading the replies from the fragile white fairies: You've got to be bloody joking. Political causes is not what the bbc should be donating the charity money to. Disgusting! When I donated to Children in need, I expected it to go to all children in need, not this political load of rubbish!! Everyone, no matter what colour, has an equal chance to get ahead by getting off their asses to make it happen. I won't be donating to CIN ever again!

Where is this racial inequality exactly? The support children in need gives should be colour blinded. Working class males of all colours are the most under privileged persons in the UK. The reasons are complex but moving our manufacturing base overseas to swell shareholder dividends has helped. Never gave to this cause they didn’t seem to use the money they must hve been saving it for this I guess the BBC thinks our country is racist blacks r 2% of the population they think they should have 50% of the jobs

Never give another penny. The Union Jack bios all out in force in the comments, you love to see it 😂 Sums up the BBC, happy to fund a terrorist organisation whilst ripping off the elderly to fund it!! I will never give another penny. This is not the purpose people gave to Children in Need, this goes against charity rules

BBC Children in Need - even though you covered up the country's most prolific pedophile (Jimmy Saville) for 50 years and even had his abuse happen on your premises. Piss off with your donations to this openly Marxist movement masquerading as racial awareness That’s ChiIdreninNeed politicised now= fucked. BBC might learn if you let lame DavidLammy ruin comicrelief (£8m down last year) and commie Stormzy to ruin childreninneed the good causes suffer as does the programme. getwokegobroke

That's the end of Children in Need - giving funds to a cause supported by BLM UK, a terrorist group. That'll be the last time I donate to that then. By creating inequality. Stab vests for the kiddies like Stormzys? Glad to say, I dont donate , charity begins at home 👍 At least stormzy is putting his money where his mouth is BUT why just black kids, why not inner city kids so it covers all kids. The issue is not race but class and this is divisive albeit well intentioned

What racial inequality? Never donate again it’s called Children in Need Cancel your TV licence. Put the British Brainwashing Corporation out of business. TV license cancelled. DD cancelled 🖕 Who in Earth is advising the BBC ? Commiting suicide before our very eyes. I'm disgusted. That money is for children. Not vanity projects.

You can of course give to other charities instead, such as 'The Injury On Duty Pensioners Association', the ONLY dedicated charity to support injured police officers - Well I for one will no longer be a so called white saviour! That money is meant for children from all disadvantaged backgrounds regardless of colour or creed! NotAPennyMore

Pathetic thieves I request metpoliceuk investigate possible fraud here 10DowningStreet To the bank of saros Lol, Stormzy is a racist who refuses Asian and white kids into his academy. BBC loves their racist propaganda and people This needs referring to ChtyCommission . People donated to children in need and that is what the donations must be used for.

Irony alert! That's my money saved then. If anything comes from the BBC asking for money in any shape or form I will not be interested get your own house in order first Racial inequality, yes. It should all go to white people for being branded as racists for being white. The way BLM carry on, being white is illegal. If you support BLM you get away with vandalism and many more crimes. There should be ONE rule across the board.

That's you fucked up next years then ...bye bye BBC Yawn What's that gotta do with children in need You wer donated that money for kids That's it! 6 figure salaries and huge reserves. Not what we donated for at - StaceyDooley ChtyCommission any views What about poor working class white kids ? So children in need will now be basing their support to the colour of the kids .

If I donate to a charity I expect my donation to be used by that charity and not given away! This is going to hurt future charitable donations if charity’s can’t be trusted to use the monies for the purpose in which they were donated! Who gave permission to use the money for this? People donated under false presences then!

I bet everyone who donated is delighted with that choice...... No, you can't ask for your money back. So BBC Children In Need will now become Children in Need + Racial Equality Serious question isn't donating or setting up a fund or scholarship or charity for only one colour racist in the first instance as you are only doing something for one colour?

Donations to children in need should go to children. I will never donate to children in need again ChiIdreninNeed disgusting, the money donated is not for this, all the money should he handed back Not one more penny Well that's another charity I will no longer give £ to. Thank you for letting me know, I won’t ever be donating again

So will the money be split 50/50 to Black and White children ? No thought not. Oh dear BBC, once again shooting yourself in the foot It will just go in their bank account with the other billion or so they are sitting on! Cool, so this going to give a leg up to white working class boys then? How is this being commented on negatively? What does it say about you if you are complaining about supporting equality? Well done CIN.

There is no racial inequality you just keep telling people there is to help with the cabal's divisive agenda. Children In Need.... surely it should fund projects that help ALL children. Is that what people have money for? I thought BBC was Skint 🙄 Makes you wonder whether to contribute to Children in Need in the future doesn’t it.

I thought the BBC were hard up and making cuts. If they can afford this money then they can afford to pay for over 75's TV License. Virtual signaling again. That's what people's money is being spent on? More fucking propaganda? Let me tell you’s easy to be that generous when you’re rich. Will that mean white working class boys get the lion's share? They're the ones that do worst on all scores!

Complained. Going to report to charities Commission, inappropriate use of donations So, Children in need had £10m just hanging around to do this? OK!!! so poverty/hunger/ etc is not as bad as we thought . Opened thread and as expected... lots of flag waving racists spitting their dummies out and vowing never to donate again. What an absolute shit show of a country we've become.

You really are doubling down on the justification for your own demise aren't you? ScumMedia DefundTheBBC I always thought children in need was a charity that helped ALL disadvantaged kids. NOT just the ' select' few. I wouldn't want David Lammy accusing me of trying to be ' a white saviour' so I won't be donating again.

That’s what they are doing with the money generously donated by the British people! What about the ‘Children in Need’? Done with that then I'd be okay with this if some of the money were spent protecting white girls from racist paedo gangs but we all know it won't be. Black people are soooo oppressed Stormzy has a net worth of £25 because he worked hard and is one of the most famous UK rappers, people need to take more accountability for their lives and stop blaming others, you only get one chance at life.

chif_c So instead of giving the money to the kids they spend it on other projects. Doesn't anyone hold these charities accountable anymore? GET BACK ON TOPIC Children in Need, I will never donate another penny unless you publicly recant on this duplicitous use of OUR MONIES, for you own pet projects. You either use the funds gifted to you for the declared purposes or YOU ARE RAISING FUNDS FRAUDULENTLY!

So just to be clear, the criteria for getting support from this BBC charity fund is the colour of a person's skin. Nothing more, nothing less, just their skin colour. Our Public Service Broadcaster is assessing people by race and allocating money accordingly. Let that sink in. No more support for children in need then

Glad to know next to none of the money from children in need actually goes to “children in need “ That’s just stealing money because that’s not a real thing. Unless it’s against whites? DEFUND BBC. !! That is misuse of charitable donations! DefundChildrenInNeed I thought it wasn't a political event. Why are they supporting extremist terrorists.

meralhece Stormzy doing more good in one act than all the sad union jack twitter responses below will ever do in their combined lifetimes. Hmm, thought it was supposed to benefit children. Money raised under false pretences then? Can BBC be trusted with anything? I thought the BBC was short for cash or something? Apparently not lol.

Hope your £10m goes to ALL children in need in the UK ! 'develop young black talent in the media.' Children in need? Not the image I had in mind Great - they’ve politicised children in need now. I genuinely believe that the mainstream media & the Marxist BLM movement have put back race relations 20 years. Are they really that daft as to not see this, or is this a deliberate strategy to stoke division? Something is afoot.

Isn't that the charity lammy poopoo'd last time? What a Role Model 🤔 Well that's the last off me How that can be possible? Some races have the drive others not. How is it possible to 'fight' inequality; just saying... 'be equal'? Survival is for the fittest, isn't it? HOW THE HECK IS THAT HELPING KIDS HAVE THEY GIVEN TO HELP THE GIRLS GROOMED BY THE PAKISTANI GROOMERS

Defund the bbc. Parasites I’m amazed the BBC can afford a donation of that size...given its impending financial difficulties Only black lives? Young lives regardless of skin colour would have been better .. Could have maybe donated to the young girls whose lives have been destroyed by grooming gangs ..

DefundTheBBC That’s children in need finished then. What the f%k has children in need got to do with racial inequality ? defundBBC Its not the BBCs Money!! DefundtheBBC Children will now lose out because of this. Everyome knows most the country is against all this rubbish. Amazing make him a billionaire or president or something.

Can you suggest some alternative charities? Children in Need should be like Ronseal - does what it says on the tin. Using money people thought were going to support children in need to spaff on fake 'racial inequality' is utter nonsense. No more donations from me. 👍🏻 What? I did not donate for this.

The most disadvantaged group in the UK are white working class men. Most likely to die in violence most likely to go to prison, most likely to be unemployed and least likely to go on to tertiary education. I bet they never see a penny of this money. Those at the bbc will fiddle with any kids no racism there!

It's called Children in Need. The UK is a wonderful tolerant country. But the BBC continuing to peddle their anti white racist hate. At same time as they are stopping free License fees for the UK population over 75. DefundtheBBC The world doesn't need any more 'white saviours'. In the words of David Lammy in respect of donations to Children in Need. Consequently this charity made a drop of 8 million. Words have consequences.

What racial equality? If it's for kids, don't white boys perform worse in schools? This really is a bad move by the BBC So the BBC have manged to politicise even this once worthwhile charity, meanwhile Children in Rotherham have no justice, something very rotton going on I doubt any of the 10, 20 or 30million will make any difference if the charities are not run by competent project managers who know the needs of each local area, for change, we need strong boots on the ground, otherwise use the money to reduce national debt

Sure that will get the pounds rolling in! To be fair, what with its history of Institutionlised Paedophilia. I’m not 100% sure the BBC is the right institution to know exactly what Children Need... No more donations! Such a lovely man, and a great role model. Great idea, the money could go toward buying them all stab vests

BBCRadioLondon The Black British Experience ? thats taking identity politics to a new level no sub sections based on: wealth, health, intellect, disability or sub-sub sections based on: sexuality, skills, ambitions, religion if in doubt divide The Charity Commission should investigate this funding. I don’t remember them mentioning racism in their CIN programmes!

Hello , my name is investor mike a professional crypto currency trader ( Forex , bitcoin , binary option) I will like to share more info with you on how you can benefit financially trading forex and increase your income. contact my WhatsApp line +233239529535 Sorry this White Saviour says No!! If you need proof that Britain has a racism problem, look at these comments. If you don't see anything wrong, you're the damn problem.

More virtue signalling from the BBC DefundTheBBC That is something I will never give to again! Looool the comments section about to be big mad! Love to see it ✊🏿 Well it's the BBC ....people funded open supporters of Marxism.Its a terrible time CIN - no more donations from us. Stormzy is entitled to spend HIS money as he chooses (and good for him) as am I....but CIN is now being racist! They wouldn't assist a programme which explicitly+specifically ONLY caters for the needs of white children - NO! And nor should they!

So the money raised by BBC’s Children In Need doesn’t actually go to the children in need. Who would have thought? BBCRadioLondon Oh hell .... here we go again! 👀🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 All white 'patriots' about to have a problem with this. That's not what the money was for! Zero money from me from now on

BBCScotlandNews Great role model? Promoted by the left wing BBC. Meanwhile captain Tom new venture You mean by tackling the reasons why thousands of white girls have been systemically abused and raped across the U.K.? Now that’s would be worth donating to! All children lives matter. That’s scuppered the next Children in Need appeal.

But what about all the starving kids in Africa? I guess Comic Relief and Sports Relief will be under scrutiny as most money goes to Africa. I'm sure they'd be some sort of anti-racial gender towards that. I'm amazed things havent gone against celebrating 35th ann of Live Aid. The white working class rejected the socialist platform which was for ALL the working class, white and other. They chose Tories. So don't complain when others, who voted socialist, decide to focus on improving their own condition.

So children in NEED .....ALL children in need regardless of race or ethnicity has been hijacked because someone’s pledged 10m .... Just here to spot all the racists A basic question. Name one charity that actively bans/ blocks/ or ignores a case purely because of their race. No more from me. Saves my £50 for the local Hospice instead.

I fear that kind gestures like this will only fuel the divide. All children matter and need help ...regardless. Right now thousands are relying on food banks ...surely that money would be better spent buying food for communities. 💤💤💤💤 This is actually what charity is all about and one of the more positive things to happen of late. Unfortunately it seems to have upset all the ‘charitable’ types.

The contributions were “for children in need” and not to subsidise the BBC’s political agenda “fighting inequality”. If my money is going to be wasted then there are other more worthy charities that need my support. Greatwork Thanks Surely the people who donated to CHILDREN in need did not expect their money to be going to this?

Dont like his music but at least his prepared to spend his own money unlike many of the other virtue signallers im sure starving children need this !!! what a waste .... Question As an employer would you now knowingly employ a member of BLMS? How can you tell who was a member of BLMS? THAT'S WHAT BLMS HAS DONE FOR RACIAL INEQUALITYB STORMZY! NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WANT SQUANDER ON YOUR MYTH OF INEQUALITY, BLMS HAS DONE YOU NO FAVOURS!

I’m forward to the evidence not the promises. Donations should go to all kids regardless of race, religion or anything else! So what happens to this £10 mil? Not needed to fund legal action, we have universal laws guaranteeing equal rights, so where does it go? Jus divvy it up amongst some black folks? New Air Force One's all around? Fucking joke.

Perhaps they can educate young black men that knives are sharp and hurt so its called only black children in need , sounds inclusive and diverse , im in , well my money will be in my bank not theres , Black issues have had millions and millions thrown at them and FA has changed. All this does is promote racism because it in itself is racist. If we’re all the same we should be treated the same. That blacks are disadvantaged by anything other than their own actions is BS

So money going to the children of Muslim rape gangs? No of course not wrong sort of racism Sheanderthal What is this 'Racial inequality'? Give me one example. Just fucking one. Thats me finished with children in need Virtue signal! Might as well..... It never goes where it's supposed to anyway... And everyone is scared shtless of the race card.... Can't wait for andrewlawrence take on this 😂😂😂👍👍

I dont get how racial inequality, has anything to do with children in need. Good thread to play brexit bingo, if you can find someone who doesn't support this or has made a negative comment but doesn't support brexit you get 1 point., if you find someone who supports brexit & made a negative comment you get 0 points as racism & brexit go hand in hand

Is this what Children in Need should fund? There are just so many children in need in this country who should be cared for. Well done on destroying Children in Need's fundraising ability. Are they deliberately trying to alienate themselves and wind people up.. DefundTheBBC union jack twitter getting sad because the donations aren’t going to the ‘right’ kids.

Children in need, racism, I really don't see the link. If that is the best use of such a large sum of money I assume there are no more children in need in the UK . Good, because they will get no more money from me. No more donations to CiN. Then I suggest we all boycott Children in Need.👍 I wont be supporting this shit again

I'd rather the money went to the starving kids around the world like it's meant to. Children in need was always impartial. Children of all colour and religion. So this mean the money will go directly to white families with racists outlooks? Try to educate them? Thought not. Brilliant as long as not in any way related to the hateful political organisation BLM

Damn straight, we need to fight the racial inequality that sees good ol’ Country & Western routinely ignored by the British music press and awards shows. Yee-haw. So they effectively collected money under false pretences. Who should contributors contact if they wish to claim a refund? Surely this is in itself racist? If you are going to help children why discriminate based on their colour? This is so sad to see ☹️

Well, I think BBC has shot itself in the foot there. 😡 didn’t the bbc literally tell it’s workers not to associate with the protests? Children in need should be helping all children equally regardless of colour- we are all the one race. I feel recently the bbc have been promoting a them and us culture which is helpful to no one. White children from underprivileged backgrounds are equally disadvantaged

So stuff the pensioner's! 🤫🤭 NO RACIAL INEQUALITY associated with the MISUSE of DRUGS Act, 1 9 7 1 W H I T E MIDDLE CLASS C O O O c a i n e SNORTERS J U S T--------as--------L I K E L Y to be ARRESTED & PROSECUTED as B L A C K WORKING CLASS CRACK COCAINE USERS What racial inequality? Almost 2,500 children have been admitted to English hospital's with malnutrition in the first six months of the year – double the number over the same period last year......Children in Need?

That’s strange? I can’t seem to find where I can donate money to a white only charity! 🤔 Can't believe this. Whatever your views people donate to Children in Need to help children, especially those who are sick, and this is a redirection of the money originally donated. Must be against charity rules.

That's another Racist corporate charity to avoid if it means funds go to political causes and not to all the children that need support in the U.K regardless of race or religion Investing in black communities like London/Birmingham maybe a better idea,invest in stop and search too..over the last 10 years that's reduced by 3/4 and knife crime has risen to an all time high..racial inequality is the least of a young black kids problem⬆️stab vest Stormzy 🤔

It’s a nice gesture but it’s not technically their money, they’re just saying where the donations will go. here we go BBC racist love this story ,racial inequality really ,i wont give a penny for that , BBCScotlandNews Well they are sitting on millions to spare.... Will the BBC become a victim of its own bias? 'On the issue of race in particular, its coverage is askew.The BBC is not merely reporting these events, it is taking sides; or, more precisely, it is failing to realise that there is another side'

So I won’t be doing charity work for children in need anymore This is the BBC executive board. Does Stormzy still hate gays? sooner the BBC is defunded the better! So that is why the BBC are robbing pensioners. defundBBC Isn't it stretching the meaning of children in need to include young business owners? Was this made clear when people donated?

Big fans? Give us your one follow now to support 🇪🇸🇪🇸 Spend on it Police Training. Maybe 'an introductory course on the many uses of Vaseline' Instead of giving a check, why doesn’t BBC start to have more racial diversity in its Executive Committee? You cannot pay to send away problema, you DO change things in your house first

'Fought CIN was suposed 2 be bout are own not blackies' Rabid Response Unit due in 3... 2... 1... Strange, they raise millions every year yet everything is still the same year after year. Wonder how much the top directors pocket. Pretty sad really, I'm a single dad and set to be homeless if I don't find £400 today yet what donations is there from that side of things ?

Here within 3 minutes of this post and not one racist comment yet, is this progress? The comments in here pretty much explain why this is necessary. BBCBreaking 35 years ago today 2 U.K. citizens organised a massive rock concert through which the good folk of the U.K. donated around £187000000 to help save lives in Ethiopia. No mention on BBC news as this is not how you wish to portray British people. Very sad.

...what does that mean? How will that money be spent 😐 Sounds great but I’m still not sure how you can use money to combat racism? can someone enlighten me There is no racial inequality in the UK. Stop with this false narrative 40th Anniversary is coming this November. But to me it's a worry. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 These comments are gonna be gold!

BBC Children in Need matches Stormzy's £10m racial equality pledgeGrime star had announced he was donating £10m over the course of a decade Whilst taking money from pensioners and potentially making criminals out of them. Classy! It better not be for BLM or this is probably the end of the BBC. Children in NEED?

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