BBC Breakfast sends perfect reporter to cover the fuel shortage - Phil McCann

Nominative determinism strikes again.

9/25/2021 2:00:00 PM

Really hope this was deliberate 😅😅😅

Nominative determinism strikes again.

Someone definitely was having fun with this assignment (Picture: BBC)There isn’t much to laugh about when it comes to the fuel shortage gripping Britain, but we’ve got to shout outBBC Breakfastfor this stunning case of nominative determinism.The BBC’s political reporter for Cheshire has trended on Twitter this morning due to the perfect match of his beat for the day and his name.

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The beat? Covering the petrol panic in Stockport. The reporter’s name? Phil McCann.While we’re sure Phil is extremely qualified and the right reporter for the job whatever his name, we have to think somebody at the BBC was having fun with this one…Phil was at a petrol station in Stockport which was out of both unleaded and diesel fuel to panic over shortages, and appeared on BBC Breakfast to explain the situation.

Viewers were left chuckling over their cornflakes as the issue of drivers filling up jerry cans with fuel was described by Phil McCann.There is only one BBC reporter to do the story of panic-buying of fuel. And it is Phil McCann. Read more: Metro »

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