BBC apologises after 'Manchester United are rubbish' appears on screen

BBC apologises after 'Manchester United are rubbish' message appears on news channel

5/25/2022 10:05:00 AM

BBC apologises after 'Manchester United are rubbish' message appears on news channel

The message 'Manchester United are rubbish' appeared on screen during a news broadcast on Tuesday.

Watch: BBC News presenter apologises after ticker message goes viralThe BBC has apologised after a message appeared on the news channel saying "Manchester United are rubbish".The text mistakenly popped up on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen during a tennis update just after 0930 on Tuesday.

Later in the morning, presenter Annita Mcveigh apologised to any Manchester United fans who may have been offended.She said the mistake had occurred as someone was learning how to operate the ticker and was "writing random things".Another message which appeared on the ticker read simply: "Weather rain everywhere."

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Why? It is the truth? So a random absurd gibberish writing can be so perfect? Strange explanation BBC Probably the most factual, accurate news report from the BBC in a long time. BBC don't need to apologize. Because you wrote the fact. That apology is a shit to me 😂😂.. The trainee is learning and all he can think of in all the words is MANCHESTER UNITED ARE RUBBISH

Really funny TBH and I doubt ManUtd supporters are in least bit bothered. BBCWorld lah kan emang bener You don't actually need to apologise when you talking truth.🤭 I’m more offended by the stupid apology All Man Utd fans need to put a claim in.. ..OK…but, where is the lie tho?! We are actually rubbish so…fair

BBC blames trainee as news ticker says 'Manchester United are rubbish'People watching the BBC News channel at around 9.35am could be forgiven for thinking they were misreading the scrolling news banner at the bottom of the screen when the words appeared. iantdawson Waste of licence fee. 🤭😀

BREAKING : BBC news gets it right for once Really! you apologise for this, but not for all your failures as a truthful news provider. We are used🤣🤣🤣 Apologies for saying the truth? But, in fairness,… Thanks for remind us presenter. BBCWorld tbfundi bhoooo here? BBCWorld TBH that's not news to any football fan.

..but we are. Apologizing for stating a fact

Erik ten Hag confident Manchester United can end dominance by rivals‘You will always see an era come to an end,’ the new manager said after a season in which United finished in sixth place with a record low of 58 points

No need to apologise cos they are rubbish at the moment. BBCWorld Wileeem stagiaire hh To be fair even Man Utd supporters can't argue with that at the moment BBCWorld 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Probably a Utd fan that did it after the utterly shite season we’ve had 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Moment United Airlines worker punches passenger before being knocked overA United Airlines employee has been recorded striking a passenger at a check-in desk before being brutally beaten to the ground in what quickly became a physical altercation. Seems like the staffer deserved this. I watched the video and even though I don't condone violence, the Airline worker had it coming. He had it comin' He had it comin' He only had himself to blame If you'd have been there If you'd have seen it I betcha you would have done the same Pretty sure UA are the ones that crashed into those buildings too.