Banksy's parody painting of Claude Monet's Water Lilies masterpiece sells for £7.6million

Banksy’s parody painting of Claude Monet’s water lillies’ masterpiece sells for £7.6million

10/22/2020 10:42:00 PM

Banksy’s parody painting of Claude Monet’s water lillies’ masterpiece sells for £7.6million

BANKSY’S oil painting parody of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies has sold for nearly £7.6million at auction. The eye-watering fee is the second-highest price ever paid for a work by the British s…

A source said: “Robbie knows art’s a safe investment.“He’s a major player in a syndicate of enthusiasts who are understood to be keen on it."It has not been confirmed whether the ex-Take That star was successful.Banksy, whose real name has never been officially confirmed, began his career spray-painting buildings in Bristol and has become one of the world’s best-known artists.

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His work, often popping up on buildings in stunts, always generate widespread publicity.He’s a major player in a syndicate of enthusiasts who are understood to be keen on it.In 2008, bidders were stunned when his famousas the hammer came down for £1million at Sotheby's.

The work was retitled 'Love Is In The Bin'.While this summer, Banksy used the sale of his artworks to finance a 30-metre motor yacht to rescue migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.It was named after 17th century French anarchist Louise Michel and featured Banksy artwork on its exterior.

However, the mission ended in tragedy when the rescue boat became stranded in the Mediterranean Sea today with one person dead on board.The vessel was unable to move due to an overcrowded deck after picking up 219 migrants and was eventually saved by the Italian coastguard.

MYSTERY ARTISTBanksy has never been unmasked and it is believed his refusal to reveal himself started as a way of avoiding prosecution for vandalism.The elusive artist is believed to have given a glimpse of his identity in a 2003 interview ahead of his Turf War exhibition.

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"The two things don't quite go together."Video may reveal the true identity of Banksy as Girl With Balloon painting gets shredded7Girl With a Balloon was sold for £1million at auction, but was shredded as the hammer came down7Bidders are stunned as the famous piece partially shreds itself

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SW7_Cab Will Banksy now fund more migrant ferries? 😠😠 It’s fcking shit. Ridiculous .... more money than sense ..... Fool... Money..

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