Lobbying, Greensill, David Cameron

Lobbying, Greensill

Ban ministers from lobbying for five years, Greensill review to propose

Ban ministers from lobbying for five years, Greensill review to propose

6/13/2021 2:40:00 AM

Ban ministers from lobbying for five years, Greensill review to propose

Lord Evans to call for tougher rules to stop former ministers using contacts and expertise for private gain

Photograph: David Mirzoeff/PALord Evans, chair of the committee on standards in public life, will call for a revamp of rules governing current and former prime ministers and other office-holders.Photograph: David Mirzoeff/PASun 13 Jun 2021 00.28 BSTLast modified on Sun 13 Jun 2021 00.44 BST

The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot Large events such as Premier League matches could be open only to the fully-vaccinated Thousands of anti-vaccine protesters gather in London

Ministers could face a five-year ban from lobbying after leaving office and face fines if they break the rules.Lord Evans, chair of the committee on standards in public life, will propose the tougher measures following an emergency review carried out in the wake of the

Greensillscandal. Read more: The Guardian »

Hotel owner couple welcome homeless guests

Jess and Andrew Waggitt opened their doors to vulnerable people during the pandemic and continue to do so.

The attempt to influence the government more than the one vote that each elector has, is corruption regardless of how it is carried out. Lobbying is an attempt to undermine democracy. I just Received my withdrawal successfully. I must say being an investor with this platform, is one of the greatest thing have ever happened to me. I recommend everyone to this lifetime investment project good investment company Dennismayson

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Ban ministers from lobbying full stop. Either public work or private, not both. This deliberately misses the point. We could spend much time and effort trying to regulate those outside government who lobby those inside. Or we could be really strict about how those inside, meaning politicians and civil servants, are allowed to interact with those outside.

Not going to happen. The Tories have been driving a coach and horses thru the rules for 10 yrs. The current cohort aren’t going to forego their turn to suckle at the tit of public largesse.

Hungary plans to ban 'promoting' homosexuality to under-18sHungary’s conservative ruling party has prepared new legislation that bans showing to anyone under 18 any kind of pornographic material, or any content encouraging gender change or homosexuality DEFEAT CORRUPT & TREASONOUS REPUBLICONS EVERYWHERE & FOREVER Child abuse, grooming and paedophilia is letting adults promote any type of sexuality. Once the child becomes an adult they can make their own choices not those of adults with an agenda of their own.

Britain ‘shut for business’: Tory travel ban critics rally behind Theresa May’s salvo❌ Tory MPs have rallied behind Theresa May's battle line on travel, challenging the Government's apparent 'zero Covid' strategy Treasonous May

Selena Gomez calls out Boris Johnson over coronavirus vaccine donationSelena Gomez called on her followers to urge the Prime Minister to donate more vaccines to poorer countries When's she going to tell the Chinese to stop research on viruses?

Boris Johnson threatens to use nuclear option as 'sausage war' with EU heats upRamping up diplomatic tensions with the EU, the Prime Minister threatened to use Article 16 to block an imminent ban on sending chilled meats like sausages from Great Britain to Northern Ireland Hi! Are you looking for a beautiful website! for your business or company then visit my service on Fiverr. I will make you that as you wish.EURO2020 Really? Boris is a shambolic leader. What, wet himself?

Uighur woman breaks her silence: 'If our genocide is fake, then where is my husband?'Mehray Mezensof and Mirzat Taher have been married for almost five years but have been together for only 14 months of that time. he's in her head. just haven't looked hard enough