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Back to the Future fan spots mind-blowing detail many missed - 35 years later

Back to the Future fan spots mind-blowing film detail many missed - 35 years later

1/20/2021 12:05:00 AM

Back to the Future fan spots mind-blowing film detail many missed - 35 years later

A fan of the Back to the Future movie released in 1985 has recently spotted something interesting in the movie about the mall that is blowing people's minds

The movie fan, who posts on the account @hiddenmoviedetails pointed out something very interesting about the mall where Marty meets up with Doc to see the DeLorean.The user points out that when he first goes to the mall, it's called the Twin Pines Mall.

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However later on in the film, when the character is coming back from the future, the mall's name is very different.Instead, it is called the Lone Pine Mall and the man explains that it's not a mistake.He says: "When Marty first went back to the past, he ran over one of these pine trees, which is where the mall would eventually be built.

"So Marty ran over the pine tree, which turned it into Lone Pine Mall when it was originally Twin Pines Mall."The TikTok video quickly went viral, garnering over 21 million views and being shared all over the internet.It was later shared on Twitter where it blew actor Josh Gad's mind.

He shared the clip, writing: "WAIT?!! WHAT?!!!"Another person said: "I honestly seen this movie 100 times and never realized..I feel dumb now.."A third wrote: "Details. It really is all in the details.""I just learned this and it's 2021," proclaimed someone else.

However many people weren't impressed with the fact as they claimed to have noticed it years ago."I picked up on this when I saw it in the theatre when I was eight-years-old. It's been blowing my mind the past several years that so many never noticed," admitted a different user.

"As popular as these movies are, I'm offended some people didn't notice this," added a second. "The director placed it right in the middle of the screen." Read more: Daily Mirror »

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Its Lone Pines Mall, and if you 'missed' it, you are AWFUL at watching films. What shit is this !? You're telling me that your writers couldn't do a simple Google search before they wrote this article ? I literally scrolled through this accounts tweets looking for this post to ask for it to be removed. Don't waste people's time.

F*ck you for making me click on this. That detail was f*cking obvious to everyone watching the movie and one of the many sublime details in one of the most perfectly written movies of all time. Click-bait. Old news. Unfollowing Did we miss it 35 years later ? Can't understand why it's a revelation now I acknowledged the significance when I first saw the film

Anyone who watched the film and didn't see this in 1985 needed to have gone to an optician, it's blatantly shown to the audience. I find it incredible that it’s still new to some... This article, for exemple, is from 2016...