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New Zealand, Coronavirus Outbreak

Avatar 2 crew fly in to coronavirus row in New Zealand

Avatar 2 crew fly in to coronavirus row in New Zealand

6/2/2020 7:28:00 AM

Avatar 2 crew fly in to coronavirus row in New Zealand

James Cameron and 55 crew have been given permission to enter country, angering those who have suffered under strict lockdown

Tom Hargreaves, a dairy farmer,told RNZit was frustrating the Avatar crew were allowed in but not his second-in-command from Uruguay, who was indispensable to his farm. Her absence meant her colleagues were having to work overtime to cover her workload.

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Hargreaves’ employee has worked in New Zealand for four years and only returned to Uruguay on a flying visit home when the borders closed behind her. Dairy workers are classified as essential workers, but Hargreaves said multiple attempts to get her back had failed.

“She got stuck like many others trying to get home – turned away at the borders,” Hargreaves said.June Ranson, chair of the New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment, told RNZ news the Avatar exemption came as a huge surprise and showed a“double standard”.

“It shows that the minister is really only looking at his own projects because it’s not really supporting what New Zealanders need – and they need these people that have been working with them to keep their operations running – it’s all about rebuilding the New Zealand economy,” Ranson said.

Jon Landau, Cameron’s producer, posted an Instagram picture of the pair arriving at Wellington international airport, with both men wearing face masks and plastic face shields. Read more: The Guardian »

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