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Australian army chief defends defence leadership as 13 'show cause' notices confirmed

Australian army chief defends defence leadership as 13 'show cause' notices confirmed

11/27/2020 11:25:00 AM

Australian army chief defends defence leadership as 13 'show cause' notices confirmed

Army chief Rick Burr says leaders are ‘holding ourselves to account’ as he confirms the process that could see members removed has started

, revealed on Thursday that defence has started an administrative process to sanction ADF personnel who were still serving and were subject to adverse findings in the Brereton report.The Brereton inquiry had recommended such action for serving ADF members where there was “credible information of misconduct which either does not meet the threshold for referral for criminal investigation, or is insufficiently grave for referral, but should have some consequences for the member”.

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The show cause notices, sent on Monday, gave serving personnel just two weeks to plead their cases. Individuals can apply for more time if needed. Brereton had previously cautioned that the process must afford individuals procedural fairness.Burr was at pains to point out that the process was fair and afforded a right of reply. He said the process would be “methodical” and would take time.

“Each matter and individual circumstance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is essential that privacy be respected and that procedural fairness is followed, and that no further comment be made until the process is complete,” Burr said. “It is critical that, for any judicial, disciplinary or administrative action, due procedural process must occur.”

The administrative action process is generally used as an alternative way of meting out penalties to serving personnel, and sits outside of the Defence Force Discipline Act, which contains offences that are prosecuted through the military justice system.

Administrative action can result in a range of punishments, including discharge.Burr also confirmed that no individual had yet been terminated, contrary to some prior media reporting.“Administrative action is a long-standing, well-established process within Defence that ensures the rights of individuals to due process and fair hearing,” he said. “This process is well-known to all in army.”

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ADF Leadership closely following the Morrison no accountability model. ADF Does good things, take credit, ADF does bad things, 'its A SmALL GrOuP of RoGUe SoldjaAs'. Barr, Campbell et al have by thine own hand demonstrated they are worthless cowards. TPLF has proved to be a threat to HoA, bring them to Justice, bring us our Peace. TPLFMustGo TPLFMustSurrenders RespectRuleofLaw JusticeMustBeServed JusticeforEthiopians

Of course the politicians responsible won't have to pay any price at all. Come on people of Oz give your lads a break adf it was a war. People die in wars. aussiearmy He did a Morrison runner at the Presser today without answering all the media questions... Shot himself in the foot badly...was a clear sign to the public he has something to hide or is not going to be accountable! Bad move.