Australia to enjoy exports boost six times greater than UK from trade deal, experts say

Australia to enjoy exports boost six times greater than UK from trade deal, experts say

6/21/2021 6:45:00 PM

Australia to enjoy exports boost six times greater than UK from trade deal, experts say

Government also warned of slump in agricultural trade with EU – if food standards rules are relaxed

, will continue to be barred.Australia uses 16 times more antibiotics for poultry farming than Britain, allowing farmers to crowd animals together to make meat cheaper – but sparking criticism about their conditions.Ducking questions about antibiotics, Ms Truss accused critics of demanding “regulatory harmonisation” and saying only: “We are not lowering our food import standards as a result of this deal.”

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But Prof Gasiorek warned: “Liberalising agriculture may set a precedent with regard to future agreements (for example with the US) and it remains to be seen quite what has been agreed with regard to food standards.“Allowing the import of foodstuffs with different standards to those of the EU may well cause further difficulties for the operation of the Northern Ireland protocol.”

If it prevented an agreement with Brussels to easeIrish Seachecks, it could “reduce UK agricultural trade with the EU more than it increased it with Australia”, he said.The UKTPO study, modelling the impact on trade in 148 industries and sectors, concludes that the economic boost is tiny because Australia is far away, its economy is small – and tariff levels are low to start with.

“Economically the deal remains a poor substitute for the trade lost with European markets due toBrexit,” the professor added.He also warned crucial details – on services, digital trade, public procurement or, rules of origin – remained to be sorted out, with the deal unlikely to be wrapped up until the autumn.

The deal has already alarmed farmers, because, contrary to pledges of 15 years’ protection, tariffs will be scrapped immediately on imported beef and lamb.There is also anger that MPs will not – as Read more: The Independent »

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But think about all the Tim Tams! h1llbillies Good luck to the Australians, I would not bet on these brits keeping true to their deals. Not if we don't buy Australian goods. See GB News And all of it chicken feed compared to what we abandoned when we left the EU on the back of a pack of lies told for personal political gain.

Not sure the Tories get the whole trade thing. Australia came to the table offering cheap wine and meat for sale what does the UK have that Australia needs or can't get cheaper elsewhere. When you effectively nothing unique or abundant to sell trading is difficult. 🙄🙄🙄 A Reactionary & rushed Deal to stop the Media & public tearing Boris a new one. The people calling the shots have not even once demonstrated enough awareness & sagacity to run a program, let alone a country. We've all been duped. We have no friends now. 🌍👎

And practically the same day Truss announced Japan can flood us with cheap chickens too now. Another resounding success for those Countries begged to trade with the UK !!! Great job again The oven ready deal for Australian beef and lamb related podcast from MatthewBevan tangential, maybe interesting, definitely

EU crumbles: Brexit survey showed France and Italy panic – think UK will prosper long termTHE EUROPEAN UNION's anti-Brexit rhetoric appeared to crumble after a survey showed a huge number in France, Italy and Spain all agreed the UK will prosper in the long run. Im Italian and live in Italy. In the news here and on talk shows they talk about the stupidly of Brexit and how the UK didn't even do a risk assessment beforehand. They laugh at it all.

What do you expect when work doesn't pay here? Failure to pass antitrust law & tax (8%pa?) our 4000 billionaire land cartels, results in an unremarkable 5 bed suburban house earning more each year than an NHS brain surgeon or Head of Nursing in a London teaching hospital? Things would've been different if we'd had a royal yacht to negotiate on no doubt

'I lost my house, but found 50p! Winning!' Screams Brexiter. Why can’t Father Dougal negotiate for us? Another no deal Tim Tams though Heather_Jones5 Just look at De Peffels face he knows that the jig is up, but also he's handcuffed to a dead donkey that is the cabinet ... the Supreme Leader & Commander of the night soil bucket is f**ked

Well yeah Project Fear Dinkum Doh! Shouldn't have sent Liz Truss!

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andymoz78 What happens when you run out of options ... MaruiNeko33 World-beating for Australia, world bleating for Liz Truss! andymoz78 But...but...fucking Tim Tams. BJ_Gardener I remember when the Brexit deal was going to be the best thing for the UK so having seen that work out why would I have confidence in any other UK Govt deal makers?

andymoz78 🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ It’s not a competition 🙄. I do t care what other countries do or don’t do, I don’t care how powerful other countries are. Brexit was nothing to do with other countries livo_sarah So? Sunny uplands-for Australia. So it’s £350 million a week for the Aussies then. I understand now.

Boris always seems to have that...'Brexit...WTF have I done look....👀

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At least the deal we eventually get with the US won't be 10 times more one-sided than this one. Another great Brexit deal 🙄 This one deal isn't in any way trying to bridge the gap with the trade we've lost but could pave the way to greater markets... I don't want to see agricultural standards drop, I will buy according to that as I guess, others will. The article presumes the worst possible outcome.

Óí Cake&Eat it,Bullsh*teřBorisJohnson; WHERE THE FCUK IS MY KID'S BREXIT CAKE?A ONE TRICK PONY'TOURIST ONLY'BLUE PASSPORT/ NÓ RIGHTS BEYOND THE FCKING CHANNEL? Ói StanleyPJohnson Jr's a Spáffing PRO🎲💦W⚓! BE HONEST;NÓT THE BREXIT PROMISED,SOLD⬇️OR BUS🤬 DÒ YOU&,BorisJohnson,trussliz,Etc fUKing UNDERSTAND brexit only makes sense;with A MID Pacific UK? So 500million nEighbUrs?We need a trade deal&Perks&Rights fár beyond these Isles for Áll citizens¡Cos WE YET DÓN'T HAVE;THE BREXIT PROMISED,SOLD⬇️OR BUS🤬🖕

Brexit is working! meanwhile , The Independent.... Beany_1 All part of the softening up before the GB takes the antipodes back under its wing What’s his own cut from this shit Brexit deal? From the remoaners at Sussex University........didn't this same university predict decimation of the economy just on a vote to leave the EU.......🤦‍♂️

I assume the Independent only wants trade deals where the UK gets the greatest benefit based on this. Based on that we shouldn't have done a trade deal with the EU.

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Aw Independent still butt hurt. As if you give a damn about Britain. What a tube BJ and his team are. That’s an awful result, Aussie PM laughing his head off on the flight back home. Brexit dividends for everyone but Britain It doesn’t matter, Brexiters are so deluded that they’re running a lap of honour draped in flags 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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