Australia facing what could be its 'most dangerous bushfire week'

Australia facing what could be its 'most dangerous bushfire week'


Australia facing what could be its 'most dangerous bushfire week'

New South Wales will see 'catastrophic' fire danger - a term that has not been used since ratings were introduced in 2009.

Residents have been warned that firefighters may not be able to help them on Tuesday.

Firefighters drive through raging bushfire in Warringah

Bushfires are common in Australia during the summer but this year's have come slightly earlier than usual, made worse by a drier and warmer than usual summer.

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Not gonna lie, that would be awesome to drive through. Obviously without the surrounding devastation and loss of lives. I worked at a smelter and have a very healthy respect for fire, but with it comes an awe for the power of its energy. Et l'Amazonie alors ? Tipping looks like we are all ready there godresttheirsouls

Brexit did it!

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Islamic State: New 'mini caliphate' forms at Syrian holding camp'We're going to kill you by slaughtering you. We will slaughter you.' Stone_SkyNews reports from Syrian Al Hol camp which is home to 70,000 IS women and children. 10,000 of them are foreigners. Read the full report here: Stone_SkyNews Corbyn will welcome them into Britain Stone_SkyNews When will the bleeding-heart lefties wake t f up!? Stone_SkyNews This is really sad. Akin to a child bought up destitute in an abusive household. If a child has never been taught or shown empathy how can they understand it.

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