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Australia coronavirus shutdown: what is open, closed and banned under the current rules?

Australia coronavirus shutdown: what is open, closed and banned under the current rules?

3/30/2020 7:14:00 AM

Australia coronavirus shutdown: what is open, closed and banned under the current rules?

These are the latest restrictions in place as part of the Australian government’s emergency response to the Covid-19 outbreak

Remain indoors In general, no more than two people can be in public together, unless they are part of the same household. Weddings and funerals have separate limits (see below). All over-70s are “strongly advised” to stay at home, as well as those over 60 who have a chronic illness, and Indigenous people over 50.

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Banned or closed Restricted Remaining open Schools The federal government’s advice is that it is safe to send children to school up to the end of the term, but some pupil-free days will be needed to plan distance learning.Schools will reopen after the term break with a mix of distance learning and in-school learning for all “essential workers”, defined by the prime minister as anyone with a job.

There are differences in how each state and territory is managing schools.NSW: Schools remain open but it is up to parents to decide whether to send children to school, and parents have been advised to keep children home unless they need to work.Queensland: Schools remain open but it is up to parents to decide whether to send children to school.

Victoria: Schools closed for school holidays. Due to return on 13 April.ACT: Schools are pupil-free until the school holidays, but open to students who absolutely need to attend, such as those whose parents must attend work and cannot care for their children at home, as well as vulnerable children and those with additional needs. No child will be turned away.

Tasmania: Schools remain open but up to parents to decide whether to send children.NT: Schools to remain open but optional for parents to send children.SA: Schools remain open but premier Steven Marshall recognises parents will take children out of school, allowing for increased social distancing.

WA: Schools remain open but laws relaxed so it’s not compulsory.All states and territories are working towards re-opening in term 2, depending on how the situation changes over the next few weeks.Beaches There are no outright bans, although people are advised not to go and some Sydney beaches have been fenced off.

It is up to the councils to enforce the outdoor restrictions on social distancing.International travel Overseas travel is banned, with some exceptions such as aid workers and compassionate travel.Arrivals from overseas are subject to compulsory 14-day quarantine in hotels or elsewhere, at public expense, following health checks on arrival at airports.

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Interstate travel NSW, the ACT and Victoria are the only states and territory to not implement restrictions on interstate travel. In the other states and territory anyone visiting will be required to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon arrival, unless they are in sectors deemed essential. Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland have all closed their borders to a greater or lesser extent. Tasmania has said it will turn around visitors from interstate who do not have an essential purpose to their trip.

Remote communities The restrictions in the Northern Territory do not apply to the remote communities because of the strong restrictions already in place in those communities. Read more: The Guardian »

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