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Beauty & Grooming, Skincare

Augustinus Bader on ‘clean, science-based and sustainable skincare’

Augustinus Bader on ‘clean, science-based and sustainable skincare’

9/22/2021 3:03:00 PM

Augustinus Bader on ‘clean, science-based and sustainable skincare’

When we\u00a0spoke to Augustinus Bader last year, he was on the cusp of launching his first range of products since the debut of The Cream, a revolutionary offering that had skyrocketed him to skincare stardom.\u00a0\nThe Augustinus Bader line now includes everything from cleansing gels and balms\u00a0to face oils...

, a revolutionary offering that had skyrocketed him to skincare stardom. The Augustinus Bader line now includes everything from cleansing gels and balms to face oils, body creams and, as of next month, an eye cream and serum. The background

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The quick addition of so many products to the Augustinus Bader line might seem surprising to those who have been following the brand since its beginning in 2018. After all, when Professor Bader, a stem cell and biomedical scientist at Leipzig University, launched his first, and still most iconic, product –  The Cream –  it was as a cosmetic, over-the-counter version of his medical-grade cream formulation for severe burn victims. 

The end goal was to use The Cream as a way to make enough profit to get its medical counterpart backed by a pharmaceutical company, and it is still the primary aim of the company. In fact, it is part of the reason the brand is expanding its product range so quickly. As a legion of devoted fans demands ever more products for their skincare repertoire, so the chance of getting the original burn cream into hospitals increases.

From a consumer perspective, this larger range of products offers, in Bader’s words, ‘different texture and targeted application properties’, all while offering the transformative power of TFC8  technology, the brand’s patented formulation for skin repair. 

As Bader tells us from his HQ in Leipzig, ‘eye cream and serum have consistently been our most customer-requested products, so [they were] natural to develop’. The new launches ‘The Eye Cream is an all-in-one innovation that dramatically diminishes the visible signs of ageing, damage, and stress – for renewal of the delicate eye area. It improves the appearance of under-eye circles, puffiness, dark shadows, fine lines, and wrinkles, while boosting firmness and hydration,’ says Bader.

The Serum, on the other hand, is intended to act like a booster to the other products in the brand’s catalogue, like The Cream and The Face Oil. According to Bader, The Serum is ‘formulated with ingredients that are clean, super-hydrators and nature’s most effective problem-solvers. This breakthrough serum resolves skin’s most persistent challenges – from dehydration, stress, and the signs of ageing and environmental damage to the appearance of imperfections and loss of elasticity.’ 

A move towards sustainability The launch will also see the debut of the brand’s new, more eco-friendly packaging. Made from ceramic and glass, the new vessels are designed to be refilled with fresh Augustinus Bader products when empty, or repurposed as vases for flowers, or containers for make-up brushes, pens, and other everyday items.

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‘Skin reveals our health,’ says Bader. ‘Not just individual health, but also the wellbeing of our environment, Earth. To protect our health, we need clean air, pure water and a non-toxic environment, as well as the responsible use of biodesign to preserve precious resources while optimising efficacy.’ 

The move towards more sustainable production practices is necessary for any modern skincare brand these days, and will only become more important. ‘I think looking after our health, including our skin’s health, will become more of a priority,’ says Bader about skincare post-2020. ‘Wellbeing, well-ageing, understanding epigenetics and how our lifestyle relates to our wellbeing is a growing trend. Clean, science-based and

is fast becoming the most appreciated in the market.’ § Read more: Wallpaper* »

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