Assisted dying: Man travelling to Switzerland to end his life says terminally ill have been 'failed' by UK law

Assisted dying: Man travelling to Switzerland to end his life says terminally ill have been 'failed' by UK law

10/16/2021 6:08:00 AM

Assisted dying: Man travelling to Switzerland to end his life says terminally ill have been 'failed' by UK law

David Peace, from London, can no longer speak and swallow after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2019.

"If the law in the UK were different my life would be longer and my end of life would not entail the hassle and difficulty of international travel at the most vulnerable point in my life."Assisted dying is currently illegal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years.

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Image:Assisted dying is banned in England and WalesBut next week, a private member's bill which would allow terminally ill adults to legally seek assistance to end their life will have its second reading in parliament.The bill, if passed, would enable adults who are of sound mind and have six months to live or less to be given life-ending medication with the approval of two doctors and a High Court Judge.

It comes as around 74% of British people want parliament to back the bill, according to polling for the charity Dignity in Dying.Separately, a YouGov survey of 1,733 adults earlier this month showed that 70% want to see assisted dying legalised by the next general election.

Image:Mr Peace, from London, now receives nutrition through a tube into his stomachMr Peace said the legislation is needed to"rectify the dire lack of choice and control" for people with terminal illnesses, and it would offer them"a true choice, not an obligation, with proper safeguards to protect against coercion or depression".

A change in the law is"long overdue", he said, adding:"Our legislators have failed us thus far."Baroness Meacher, who introduced the bill, said she is feeling"very optimistic" about its second reading, which will"transform people's lives" if passed.

Image:Baroness Meacher introduced the BillThe current situation is"incredibly unsafe and leads to incredible pain", she said, with some terminally ill people starving themselves to death and"withering away".She said:"They should not have to go through the gruelling process, when they're already having very limited capacity to move and so on, travelling all the way to Switzerland, dying in a foreign country, and their relatives then coming back on their own. The whole thing is just inhuman."

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video playerAssisted dying bill to be debatedSarah Wootton, chief executive of Dignity in Dying, said:"Mounting evidence has shown that the UK's blanket ban on assisted dying is not working and this poll clearly shows that the public understands the case for reform.

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"The status quo does not provide sufficient choice or protection for our terminally ill citizens, puts loved ones in impossible positions, prevents healthcare professionals from providing all the end-of-life options their patients want, and forces the police to spend time and resource on cases which are clearly motivated by compassion and are rarely, if ever, prosecuted."

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God bless him and his family may he find solis and peace Ending your life personally can be done instead of shifting the deadly sin unnecessarily to other people with less costs leaving behind large sum to assist the one in need. Safe journey It's the journey that matters not the destination always a different journey at different times on different days in different seasons to different places

The law needs to change. My mum was a prisoner in her own mind for the last few years of her life. A body which had shut down completely, almost deaf too. People who are against this have no idea what suffering really is.👊 If he was an animal it would be considered cruel to keep him alive.

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