As My Unorthodox Life is renewed for a second season, here's everything you need to know about the compelling docuseries

We love this for Julia.

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9/22/2021 11:41:00 PM

We love this for Julia.

We love this for Julia.

, Julia clarified that her “only issue is with fundamentalism.” She explained, “I want to make it clear: I love being a Jew. This has nothing to do with Judaism and this has nothing with religion. I have learned very many beautiful things from my community and my religion, and I think that all religion is beautiful. I just don’t think it’s beautiful when you say men are better and women are worse."

According to, season 2 ofMy Unorthodox Lifewill feature “more fashion, family, female empowerment, faith, fabulousness, and of course, Haart.” Sounds good to us.Who will star inMy Unorthodox Lifeseason 2?As far as we know, we can expect to see all the familiar faces from season 1. In fact, here's a cute snap of the cast posing in front of one of their billboards!

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Dan Walker reacts to BBC co-star Julia Bradbury's sad news of cancer diagnosis: 'So sorry'DAN WALKER has left well wishes to his BBC co-star Julia Bradbury after her devastating breast cancer diagnosis. I will direct you all on Twitter to Invest your Cryptocurrency with👉 MichaelEddy_1 ❤️ I got a lot of profits from the profits company and I’m going to share this with you all , contact him and invest with him ASAP 👉 MichaelEddy_1❤️ She always seemed so healthy all that walking..and she did everything sad...

There’s no right way to 'do' cancer, as Julia Bradbury will find'There’s a range of emotions that can come with a diagnosis of cancer. Bewilderment, rage, pity, sadness, even blame and shame. You can hurtle from one extreme to another' | Writes sianwilliams100 sianwilliams100 Perhaps these celebs feel they must tell the world about their breast cancer, perhaps it helps. But there are millions of women that just knuckle down and cope without the fanfare and fuss.

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Julia Bradbury and breast cancer, Profile of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Charlie Webster on sexual abuse and safeguarding lawsOn today's podcast: TV presenter, survivor and campaigner CharlieCW joins emmabarnett to talk about her new documentary, Nowhere to Run: Abused by Our Coach, which you can watch on BBCOne now JuliaBradbury Emmabarnett You are so brave to share your personal experience now. Stay strong. Sending love 💗 JuliaBradbury Emmabarnett Thank you for so generously sharing your story JuliaBradbury & your message about knowing changes in your own breasts, & advocating to get the tests you need. JuliaBradbury Emmabarnett All the best. Keep up the good fight.

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