Dailymail, Sciencetech

Dailymail, Sciencetech

Artificial leaf can create gas fuel with photosynthesis

Artificial ‘leaf’ could replace PETROL


Artificial ‘leaf’ could replace PETROL

Researchers from the University say their 'leaf' device which only needs sunlight and water to work could create a car fuel through a carbon neutral process, cutting out the need for fossil fuels.

Read more: Daily Mail Online

Every time I see Alfabet protest against Chick Filet I make extra trips for take away.

Artificial leaf could one day turn sunlight into sustainable alternative to petrolDevice could also make clean gas found in fuels, pharmaceuticals and plastics, it is hoped can it create OXYGEN as a emitter then only it's perfect. radiohead This is an interesting read

Scientists create 'artificial skin' that could make smartphones ticklish‘A strong grip conveys anger while tickling skin displays laughing emoji and tapping creates a surprised emoji’ Gross Why? rivetment DrIyaz bunihen

Highway to Hell: 10km of major Perth highway to shut for AC/DC covers concertTen slow-moving trucks topped with bands will take over Canning Highway in March – 40 years after Bon Scott’s death whole lotta roadway Brisbane should go this for the Go-Betweens Haha psychos. 😂

What is clean money, and why should you care?Over the past decade, Australian banks have loaned $70 billion to fossil fuel projects. COMMUNIST TRIED TO DO THAT AND DIDN'T WORK We should to care b,se it saves our lives,in shortly we say no way out!!!

Facebook suspends network of Russian Instagram accounts amid concerns over 2020 election interferenceThousands of people were following fake accounts created by foreign interference networks About effing time! About time! Now onto Chinese fake account, they are having a field day trying to unseat Trump. That's not enough!!!!! Facebook needs to stop allowing Trump and friends to run fake campaign ads.

Leading Australian engineers turn their backs on new fossil fuel projectsThe Engineers Declare movement pledges to put climate considerations first in evaluating plans solarcitizens Promising news. Commercial imperatives will slowly influence political agendas.

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