Ariana Grande just revealed her Harry Potter house in the chicest way possible

Would NOT have picked this house for her tbh.


Ariana Grande epically revealed her Harry Potter house in the chicest way possible ⚡😍

Would NOT have picked this house for her tbh.

Now Ariana's gone and shared an epic homage to our favourite childhood franchise, giving us muchos life in the process.

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Huge fire at Warner Bros studios where Harry Potter films were madeOver 75 firefighters are currently at the scene tackling the fire at the film studio in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. Omg 😭 AshleighWillia9 ClaireCarterx Dammit Seamus...

Don’t ask your waiter what to order – and other ways to be a perfect dinerIt’s not just rudeness that upsets restaurant staff. Too much deference can be almost as bad I don't have a waiter, I cook and serve myself. Guardian as ever with the priorities sorted. ORDER WHAT YOU WANT Can we just start with not being assholes to service industry staff? The UK is pretty much the worst I've seen all over the world for treating service staff like they're not even human beings. Strange for a country so hung up on manners.

New Orleans: evacuations ordered as city braces for possible hurricaneForecasters say the biggest danger is not destructive winds but heavy rain as it was upgraded to tropical storm Barry on Thursday I repeat this, before drowning : there is no climat change.... I love New Orleans & the people who live and work there. There is no where on earth like this friendly & gracious city of great music and musicians.

How Prince William and Prince Harry are related to the Romanovs, the last Russian royal familyA new Netflix follows the Romanov family's downfall and execution in 1918.

Harry and Meghan deserve sympathy, not our scathing judgmentCan we lay off Harry and Meghan while they’re getting to grips with their new stage of life? It's the only time they can be prima donnas, writes Rowan Pelling First... I made it 😂 No body appears to like her , so no ! Just lay off them all together. The only thing special about them is how they’re treated. They’re just a normal cute family.

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