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Ariana, Grande

Ariana fans have a conspiracy theory about her fake nails, and i'm sold

...(it involves Lady Gaga)

4/7/2020 3:33:00 AM

Ariana fans have a conspiracy theory about her new chrome nail obsession

...(it involves Lady Gaga )

.And as the phrase goes, the devil makes work for idle thumbs - which is more than relevant in the case at hand: Ariana Grande's new, apparent preoccupation with stiletto, pastel-sheen metallic nails, and her fans' e-x-t-r-e-m-e reaction on Twitter and Instagram.

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Last night, Ariana Grande posted what seemed like an innocent Instagram Story wearing gorgeous pearlescent, metallic-looking pointy nails with the caption:"u are a gift @bettyinacherry thank u".For context, Bettyinacherry seems to be a freelance nail technician based in San Fernando Valley and LA, heading up @nailanatomy (though she's currently set her personal profile (with just 95 followers) to private, adding the following disclaimer to fans in her bio:"✨Not accepting FR from strangers atm✨ 💅🏼@nailanatomy").

Here's the clincher - Arinators and Little Monsters (Gaga's fanbase) don't miss a trick and pointed out first time round, when Ari posted an earlier set of spiky metallic nails, just how out of character the move was......not to mention how well the aesthetic suits Lady Gaga's upcoming album,

Chromatica.Sure, it's important to take conspiracy theories with a pinch of salt, but please, grant me the excitement of piecing together the puzzle of a potential end to lockdown in the form of an Ariana X Gaga.These are Ari's most recent talons:

Ariana posted the story tagging @bettyinacherry last nightArian GrandeInstagram Read more: Cosmopolitan UK »

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