Are you neglecting this crucial lower-body muscle in your workouts?

Don't forget this part of your #glutes:

9/17/2021 12:01:00 PM

Don't forget this part of your glutes:

This underrated glute muscle supports leg mobility, pelvic stability, balance, posture and alignment.

Stone advises: “Runners, spinners andcyclistswill need to work the area harder than most though, to combat the weakness that results from repeatedly moving the legs forwards because of their chosen sports – which creates an imbalance in the muscle group and over time has a ripple effect for the whole body.”

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In order to have a gluteus medius that aids you to run with more momentum, cycle longer and enjoy better lower body mobility, you have to focus some leg day effort on building the muscle. Gebhardt says, “Incorporating a few key glute exercises into your regular routine will create a well-rounded, strong glute muscle group.”

You may also likeHow to strengthen your gluteus mediusLauren Evans, PT at nutrition companyMyproteinsays, “Resistance training is the best way to strengthen the gluteus medius and glute muscles overall.” She advises that you rely on bodyweight and fitness bands to provide resistance while you’re still perfecting your form, and add weights when you’re more comfortable with each movement.

According to Bernane: “Exercises such as squats, deadlifts and lunges mainly target the big part of your glutes – the gluteus maximus. But only focusing on these exercises means you won’t be strengthening the gluteus medius as much as you need.” She suggests exercises that isolate the muscle are the best way to build strength in the small but important area.

The best gluteus medius exercisesGlute bridgesLie face-up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart.Lift your hips off of the ground until your hips, knees and shoulders form a straight line. Don’t arch through the back – instead, keep your pelvis tucked by keeping your ribs down and abs drawn in.

Hold this bridge-like position for a couple of seconds at the top, and then ease back down.To make it harder, place a dumbbell across your hips or a resistance band around your knees.ClamsLie on your side with your elbow bent so your hand is on your head and bend your knees at 45 degrees so the heels are in line with your glutes.

Stack your legs so your heels and knees are together. Keep your top hip in line with the bottom so you’re not rolling forwards or backwards.Keep your feet together while you open your top leg by bringing your knee to the sky. Go as high as you can without your heels coming apart and your hips rolling back.

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Squeeze your glutes together at the top and then lower down.This can also be done with a resistance band places just above your knees for extra resistance.Lateral band walksStanding with your feet together, place a resistance band around your ankles, calves or just above the knees.

Keep your chest lifted, hinge at the hips and bend your knees to lower into a partial squat.Holding this position, take a step to the side with one foot so you’re in a wider squat. Step the other foot in slightly.Perform 10 steps each way.You may also like

5 benefits of using resistance bands for building strengthHow to stretch your gluteus mediusThe gluteus medius supports the mobility that allows us to perform basic everyday movements like bending and standing, and tension in this muscle can cause “back pain

, hip pain and even knee pain,” accrding to Bernane. Read more: Stylist Magazine »

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