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Are Outlander's Buck and Morag MacKenzie a couple in real life?

Are #Outlander 's Buck and Morag MacKenzie a couple in real life?

10/19/2021 10:41:00 PM

Are Outlander 's Buck and Morag MacKenzie a couple in real life?

OUTLANDER has seen many couples form across the five seasons so far and fans are keen to know whether the romance continues off screen. Are William and Morag MacKenzie a couple in real life?

Related articlesJudi Dench in tears as she admits being kept awake by family discoveryAre Outlander's William and Morag MacKenzie a couple in real life?Graham McTavish has appeared as two different characters in Outlander, making his debut as Dougal MacKenzie in the first two seasons.

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The actor returned as William MacKenzie in the latest season, the illegitimate son of his former character.Known as Buck in the series, William was taken away from his mother at birth and was raised by another family.He had no idea he was Dougal's son and did not know much about his true family history.

He later became a lawyer and married Morag MacKenzie, and the pair had a child together before moving to the Royal Colony of Carolina.READ MORE: Outlander: William and Morag MacKenzie are married in the series(Image: STARZ)Outlander: Graham McTavish played two characters in the series headtopics.com

(Image: STARZ)Outlander season 6: Jamie and Claire split 'sealed' by Tom Christie?Morag had been in love with Donald McAllister, but he was caught with another woman and William was there to comfort her.She had not felt the same way about William and was surprised when she discovered she was pregnant.

As for whether the couple are dating in real life, the answer is no, as McTavish is already married.He lives in New Zealand with wife Gwen Isaacs, who is a film maker, and he has two daughters - Hope and Honor.McTavish revealed he had been living with co-star Heughan and they have been friends for almost 10 years.

Outlander: Buck and Morag are not a real life couple(Image: STARZ)They did not know each other prior to filming Outlander and they met on set back in 2013.McTavish played Jamie's uncle in the series and the two characters shared a strong bond.The two actors hit it off as soon as they started filming and they have remained close friends ever since.

As for Morag actress Welch, not much is known about her relationship status.Outlander provided the star with her breakout role, as she had only previously featured in short films. Read more: Daily Express »

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