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Are Israel and Palestine on the brink of another war?

Are Israel and Palestine on the brink of another war?

5/14/2021 5:13:00 AM

Are Israel and Palestine on the brink of another war?

Oliver Holmes, the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, discusses what has prompted the worst unrest in Israel and Palestine since 2014

Rachel Humphreysabout the violence that has broken out between Israel and Palestine. In recent weeks there has been asharp escalation in angerover Israel’s half-century occupation, its ever-deepening military grip over Palestinian life and a wave of evictions and demolitions. In Jerusalem, hundreds of Palestinians have been wounded in near-nightly protests that escalated over the weekend and spread to other areas of Israel and the occupied West Bank. Following weeks of intense violence in Jerusalem, Hamas, the Islamist group that holds power inside Gaza,

Netanyahu out as new Israeli government approved Call for defibrillators at every football ground after Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest Netanyahu: A shrewd leader who reshaped Israel

fired a barrage of rockets towards Jerusalem on Monday evening. Since then, it has launched hundreds more at Israeli towns nearby, and Israel has conducted dozens of airstrikes, including hits on residential buildings. More than 80 people, including at least 17 children, have been killed in Gaza, according to the health ministry. In Israel, seven people, including two children, have been killed.

Israel’s political leaders have saidviolent street clashes between Jews and Arabs inside the countrypose a bigger threat than the escalating military conflict with Gaza. Despite international calls for calm, there are fears that Israel and Palestine are on the verge of another war. headtopics.com

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War that’s when two army’s face each other where’s the Palestinian army what would be more accurate is Israel is about to commit a Holocaust or is that anti Semitic Are palestinians on the brink of fighting for their freedom and rights again like they've been doing since 1948 aka when israel stole their land ? Yes and they won't stop.

I can only blame him for everything. May he be punished eternally in the hell fire. Amen. GazaUnderAttackk GazaUnderAttack Genocide ShaikhJarrah I would say they’re already engaged in one. It's Hamas, Hamas is who is attacking and being attacked in return. Facts matter Palestine GazaUnderAttack Gaza_Under_Attack savesheikhjarrah SaveGaza

‘War’? Disappointing. You’d think the British would know colonialism and genocide when they see it. The occupant ( Israel ) is taking over more and more land from the Palestinians and the international community does nothing Israel will destroy them. A war is supposed to be from both sides. It's not a war and the only victim is Palestine. It's a genocide.

Stop lying War between who?!!! Zionists have one of the most powerful arms in the world while Palestinians have nothing the literally have nothing. that's not a war that's a genocide against powerless minority GenocideinGaza

World holds breath as Lebanon joins Palestine fight to 'fire rockets' into northern IsraelTHREE ROCKETS have been fired towards Israel as Lebanon joins Palestine with tensions reaching boiling point. where d'you hold it When any missile falls from terrorist Israel, there is a child who dies, a child orphan, a child who loses his home, a child who loses safety. Israel kills children. GazzaUnderAttack Both sides are in the wrong by doing what they do

War is when both sides have military, airplanes, tanks, ammo. So no this is not a war but the genocide of Palestinians. your reporting is pathetic, there's genocide taking place in Palestine and you are silent about it GazaUnderAttack FreePalestine Israel was is killing on the name of Holyland, Palestinians are dying because is their land,

Thanks Non Trump prez? Always the same with Israel. Maybe the fuhrer was onto something Israel kills innocent civilians by bombing in Gaza and 'world leaders' don't do anything but watch. No sanction, no pressure and no effort to stop this massacre. GenocideinGaza GenocideinGaza A more appropriate title would be “The USA pushes Israel to start a war with Palestine”.

Killing children and vulnerable civilians is a crime against humanity. genoicdeingaza Is yellow paint yellow?

Israel-Gaza: What is the conflict about?Hundreds have been injured amid anger over the forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes It’s about Israelis terrorists

has its facts muddled, or the journalists are thick if they can't see the real issue/cause SheikhJarrah follow AJEnglish for accurate report,ignore this propaganda complicit in Israeli genocide. Cancelled my DD to 'support your journalism' for this disgraceful stance. War guardian a war happens between two nations of militaries. Not army vs civilians

A Massacre is happening in front of the whole World in Gaza, anyone who claims that this is the self defense of İsraell has a huge account for to give, they are an accomplice to this ethnic cleansing, genocide, terror. GenocideinGaza Brink? They are already IN a war and on the brink of a fundamental change.

So much for Trump’s Peace in the Middle East 🤦‍♀️ There can't be a war if there is only one armed side, and since when crimes are being called war ?!!! Israel is not a state but a terrorism organiztion. It has never been a state and it will never be one. SavePalestine FreePalestine GazzaUnderAttack SaveSheikhJarrah

War implies two sides have an army.

Hamas sends rockets deeper into Israel after Gaza airstrikes as conflict spiralsSirens sound in Jezreel Valley as death toll rises and Israel vows to continue military operations in Gaza until there is ‘complete quiet’ Palestinian rockets are just meant to stun not kill. These peace loving rockets is their earnest plea to stop the war. The deaths shown in Israel are due to Covid and smoke is due to mass barbecue cooking 'Rockets deeper into israel' seems to suggest that Hamas is much stronger than isreal. That Israelis vow to continue operation until 'complete quiet' seems to be impractical because the root causes of clashes do still exist. So unrests are to be expected.

It's not a war if only one side has an army GazaUnderAttack SavePalestine savegaza israelisaterrorist أطفال غزة يقتلون What harm can this little girl do to 'the whole state of Israel'? GenocideinGaza There is no Palestine. Jordan got 78% of the mandate, Israel 22. Fatah and Hamas have had multiple chances for territory in return for peace w Isreal. They choose instead to call all of Israel occupied and end the country.

Israel could wipe out the Gaza strip any time I wanted too. UN Egypt We are going through a worldwide SARS_CoV_2, Covid19 pandemic while Israel and Hamas are battling it out? Israel has vaccinated the majority of it's residents, while Palestine and Gaza have not. Hellish time for Gaza people; not vaccinated and dodging bombs!

Well let's hope it's over quickly. war crimes against civilians is now 'war' huh

The 3 biggest US airlines are suspending flights to IsraelThe largest U.S. airlines are canceling flights to Tel Aviv as violence flares between Israel and Palestinians Why? The air defense system of Israel is excellent This is all murderous Netanyahus evil deeds, he’s committing genocide on a wholesale level against mainly innocent people, he’s guilty of crimes against humanity, he’s got blood on his hands, straight to The Hague

Israel-Gaza violence: flattened buildings, rockets and communal unrest – videoAirstrikes and rocket fire continue as towns with mixed Jewish and Arab populations are struck by some of the worst communal violence that Israel has seen in years More good news please((( This is all murderous Netanyahus evil deeds, he’s committing genocide on a wholesale level against mainly innocent people, he’s guilty of crimes against humanity, he’s got blood on his hands, straight to The Hague TerroristIsrael is putting Hitler to shame GazaUnderAttack GazaUnderAttack GazaUnderAttack

Israel-Gaza: Fears of war as violence escalatesFears of war as violence escalates BBC correspondents tombateman and Rushdibbc speak live from Israel and Gaza BBCWorld tombateman Rushdibbc Palestinians standing up for themselves? The nerve!! Shhhh....don’t mention anything about what Israel has done to AlAqsa mosque-eg-Used to respect BBC....but you’ve become a pathetic joke...your bias is glaring BDS ICC4Israel BBCWorld tombateman Rushdibbc GazaUnderAttack BBCWorld tombateman Rushdibbc 🇵🇸 أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇬🇧 Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood 🇺🇸 save_sheikh_jarrah 🇷🇺 Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра 🇹🇷 ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar 🇩🇪 Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarra Palestine