Archaeological digs in new locations at Culloden Battlefield

Archaeological digs in new locations at Culloden Battlefield

10/28/2021 1:29:00 AM

Archaeological digs in new locations at Culloden Battlefield

National Trust for Scotland hopes the excavations will provide new insights into the battle of 1746.

The Battle of Culloden was fought over 40 minutes on moorland near InvernessArchaeologists hope to unearth new insights into the Battle of Culloden by digging in an area of the battlefield not previously excavated.The battle saw the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite forces by the Duke of Cumberland's government army.

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The spot is near to where the left wing of a second line of British government troops lined up on 16 April 1746.Archaeologists hope to find personal items dropped or discarded by government soldiers.Culloden was the last pitched battle (where the time and place was agreed beforehand) fought on British soil.

It saw the deaths of about 1,600 men - 1,500 of them Jacobites.As well as buttons, buckles and ammunition, the team said they might also find lead shot fired by the Jacobites into the lines of government troops during the 40-minute battle.A series of pits will be dug in the area close to the access road to the battlefield's visitor centre.

The work for the National Trust for Scotland will also include using digital and drone photography to make 3D models of the Culloden monument, the gravestones of clansmen killed fighting for the prince and other battlefield markers.

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