Appalling camp where desperate migrants can be stuck for years

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Raw sewage is everywhere and violence and fights over food are a regular occurrence.

Salam Aldeen was running a business in Denmark in 2015 when he saw an image which made global headlines.So touched was Salam he gave up his old life and moved to Lesbos to found his volunteer agency.Image:He says:"We have so many children, so many families and I am so worried about the winter. The winter is going to be hell for all of them. Especially sleeping in the summer tents. It is going to be insanity.

From the evidence we see in Lesbos volunteers are indeed covering critical gaps in care for refugees and migrants.People collecting and delivering food and clothes to Moria, doctors giving their time for free and refugees giving back after having been granted permission to remain in Greece.He knows what it is like to live in this place. He entered Greece from Syria himself as a young man and now works for the the Movement on the Ground charity.

He has an insight into the lives of the thousands here, he understands what it is like to live so basically and with the constant fear about your future.Recalling his days in the camp he says:"Of course it is difficult, it is not easy at all. But we are survivors. There is no other choice and we have to live with it. You have to be strong and know how to stand up for yourself and find a way to survive.

The boat's name is Mo Chara which means"my friend" in Irish and for a time that is what the volunteers from Refugee Rescue want to be.As women and children step onto land Pat Rubio Bertran welcomes them, wrapping freezing children in foil blankets.


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Well they have a choice, they don’t need to be there they can always go back home.

Only because it’s takes time to build the five bedroom homes here for them...🤔

Do an about turn and head off home if it’s that bad

The streets of Europe are not paved with gold....

When you see things like this it's horrible. To see all those women and children having to live like that why all the young men manage to make it to safety in other countries? Crazy

We are still asking for an urgent news report on what is happening in Baghdad and has for some days A peaceful revolution being put down by the regime backed by the iranian revolutionary guard Many many casualties and not a word from Sky.

What I find strange is - all these news agencies never seem to be able to join things together - like everything that happens is unrelated - happens in isolation. Or is it simpler to ignore the blatantly obvious and to treat Joe & Jane Public as though they are thick & stupid.

Europe is not the worlds dumping ground ! You should have not come stay in your own countries and work ! To make it safe to grow your economy as we have done since the war ! Stop being lazy now send them all home . And stop this flow

Illegals! And don’t come .

at last i rid everyone the goverment is unconvinced now robloxians is finally blacklisted i quit permanently i promise never seen roblox gamers again due 9 years will no longer appears either

Don’t come then , you’re not wanted

We've all got problems mate

These people are economic refugees. Australia has been able to stop the People Smuggler trade and drownings at sea. Europe needs to follow what Australia has achieved.

Humans in very very sad position than animals which are in endangered state,

Send them home then!

ok let's get them cooked sewage

Then stop incentivising them to come 🤷🏻‍♂️

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