Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Extinction, How Did The Dinosaurs Die, Asteroid

Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Extinction

Apocalyptic asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 'hit with force of 10bn nukes and blotted out the Sun', study finds

Apocalyptic asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs ‘hit with force of 10bn nukes and blotted out the Sun’


Apocalyptic asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs ‘hit with force of 10bn nukes and blotted out the Sun’

THE GIANT asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs crashed into the planet and causes wildfires, tsunamis and so much atmospheric sulphur that day turned to night. This is according to a new theory by…

They contained bits of charcoal, granite and other sediments that were were washed in by a towering 300 feet tsunami.

The event is actually thought to have wiped out three quarters of all the animal species on Earth.

Professor Gulick described it as a short-lived regional inferno followed by a long period of global cooling.

Lying 24 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula's port in Mexico, it is more than 115 miles wide and 20 miles deep. Half is underwater and the rest covered by rain forest.

The impact wiped out three quarters of the life on Earth

The city-sized asteroid that crashed into Earth created gaping crater instantly.

They also rule out other reasons for the extinction event ranging from the eruption of 'super volcanoes' to prehistoric climate change or rising sea levels.

This rate of accumulation means the rocks record exactly what was happening within and around the crater at the time.

Credit: The University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences

At least 325 billion metric tons of sulphur would have been released at the time of the natural disaster.

This global climate change is thought to have caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

It was travelling at about 40,000mph and caused a blast 10 million times more powerful than the atomic bomb used in World War II.

"This is a very clear documentation of what happened at ground zero."

The dinosaur wipe-out was a sudden mass extinction event on Earth

Scientists generally believe that a massive comet or asteroid around 9 miles wide crashed into Earth, devastating the planet

Some research has suggested that dinosaur numbers were already declining due to climate changes at the time

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Can't find new news to print? New theory I though this was already known... If you say so.....

Rock in Mexico confirms what happened the day the dinosaurs diedResearchers led by the University of Texas drilled into the crater where the asteroid hit (illustrated) and found charcoal alongside broken and melted rocks including granite and sandstone. Rock hits planet. Dino’s die. 🧐 Nope it was a FLOOD Did they ever live?

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New research reveals remarkable details about how dinosaurs became extinctAnimals were ‘fried then frozen’ by fires and then apocalyptic climate change, scientists detail they died out in The Platonic Age The most remarkable detail: they all died Let me guess, the stories were in power at the time?

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