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Anthony Fauci describes 'liberating feeling' of no longer working under Trump

America’s top infectious diseases expert had a tortuous relationship with Trump and was increasingly sidelined

1/22/2021 8:04:00 AM

Dr Anthony Fauci describes a “liberating feeling” of being able to speak scientific truth about the coronavirus without fear of “repercussions” from Donald Trump

America’s top infectious diseases expert had a tortuous relationship with Trump and was increasingly sidelined

“One of the things that we’re going to do is to be completely transparent, open and honest,” Fauci told reporters. “If things go wrong, not point fingers, but to correct them. And to make everything we do be based on science and evidence.“That was literally a conversation I had 15 minutes ago with the president and he has said that multiple times.”

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Asked if he would like to amend or clarify anything he said during the Trump presidency, Fauci insisted he had always been candid, noting wryly. “That’s why I got in trouble sometimes.”Fauci and other public health advisers were forced to walk a delicate line as the president used coronavirus taskforce briefings to downplay the virus, push miracle cures and score political points. On one occasion Trump mused about

injecting patientswith disinfectant but the response coordinator Deborah Birx remained silent.Fauci’s frankness did not go unnoticed. During the election race in October, Trump reportedly told campaign staff: “Fauci is a disaster. If I listened to him, we’d have 500,000 deaths.” At a rally in early November, as crowds chanted “

Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci!”, the president suggested he might do just that.At Thursday’s briefing, Fauci was asked how it feels to no longer have Trump looming over him. “Obviously, I don’t want to be going back over history but it’s very clear that there were things that were said – be it regarding things like hydroxychloroquine [pushed as a treatment by Trump] and things like that – that really was uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific fact.

“I can tell you, I take no pleasure at all in being in a situation of contradicting the president, so it was really something that you didn’t feel that you could actually say something and there wouldn’t be any repercussions about it. The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence, what the science is and know that’s it, let the science speak, it is something of a liberating feeling.”

Trump departs after addressing the coronavirus task force daily briefing with Dr Anthony Fauci, 26 March 2020.Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/ReutersAlthough Biden had just condemned vaccine distribution under the Trump administration as a “dismal failure so far”, Fauci said the new team is “not starting from scratch” as it tries to get shots in arms more quickly. “I believe the goal that was set by the president, of getting 100 million people vaccinated in 100 days, is quite a reasonable goal.”

He added: “If we get 70% to 85% of the country vaccinated, let’s say by the end of the summer, middle of the summer, I believe, by the time we get to the fall, we will be approaching a degree of normality.”Possible US plateauFauci told the briefing that, based on seven-day averages, the coronavirus may be plateauing in this US but warned that there can always be lags in data reporting. “One of the new things about this new administration: if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess,” he said.

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After Fauci’s return to the west wing, Nicole Wallace, a former White House communications director, told viewers of the MSNBC network: “It seems like this briefing will forever be remembered as the one where Tony Fauci got his groove back.”The executive orders signed by Biden establish a Covid-19 testing board to increase testing, address supply shortfalls, establish protocols for international travelers and direct resources to hard-hit minority communities. They also require mask-wearing in airports and on certain public transport, including many trains, planes and intercity buses.

Fauci was followed at the restored daily White House briefing by the press secretary, Jen Psaki. She confirmed that the new administration would seek a five-year extension of the New Start treaty with Russia that limits the arsenals of both countries to 1,550 deployed strategic warheads each.

The 2010 treaty, the last remaining arms control treaty in the wake of the Trump administration, is due to expire on 5 February, but an extension would be feasible if Russia agrees, even in the remaining two weeks. Vladimir Putin has signaled he is open to an extension.

“The president has long been clear that the New Start treaty is in the national security interests of the United States, and this extension makes even more sense when the relationship with Russia is adversarial as it is at this time,” Psaki said. “New Start is the only remaining treaty constraining Russian nuclear forces, and is an anchor of strategic stability between our two countries.”

But she added that the administration would “hold Russia to account for its reckless and adversarial actions” and that US intelligence would assess thecyber-attack last year, the attempted murder of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and reported Russian bounties for the killing of US soldiers by extremist groups in Afghanistan.

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AndrewMarr9 So before he was speaking falsely but now we are to believe he is speaking the truth 🤔🤔 Aahhhh poor baby 👶 Fauci-FALSEY boohoo! Lame FauciFan What a nasty piece of work Breaking news: FAUCI FUNDED THE RESEARCH THAT CREATED THE COVID VIRUS!!! FAUCI needs to step down! This is a complete conflict of interest, he heads up the team for Covid study, yet he is the person responsible for creating this virus!!!

He is in the honeymoon period still😆😆 Faucci looks 10 lighter and 10 years younger: liberating FauciFan What is Gain Of Function research? Dr. Fauci, why did you continue commissioning COVID research with Peter Pszuak in Wuhan when President Obama banned them? You are responsible for the virus, stop trying to hide that you are. It’s time to come clean...

AndrewMarr9 I bet AndrewMarr9 The G what a load of bollocks. FauciFan He should have spoken up yrs ago instead of protecting trump! 408,000 dead ! Very disappointed in ur silence dr! FauciFan Please ask Dr. Fauci how he felt about the democrats across the country ignoring his scientifically based recommendations to keep children in school and that voting in person was safe.

AndrewMarr9 More on the sad truth FauciFan What we know is that trump got us the vaccine in 9 months. That’s all we care about. FauciFan Interesting. He said he could always speak the truth.. was he lying before or is he lying now? Do we know how much money he is making on vaccines? This fucking bastard make COVID-19 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

Bless him. What he and others had to tolerate. Now watch science go to work... FauciFan Please, give me a break. You didn't you tell Trump, I quit? And playback the 3/8/20 60 Minutes interview 'we don't need masks.' Good grief Dr., even I know masks help, didn't you read 1918 pandemic history? You simply love the attention & microphone, it's too obvious.

FauciFan The nice Catholic boy from Regis and holy Cross is unleashing the genocidal abortion mandate from this phony Catholic President. Took 2 days. A place will be reserved in hell FauciFan Fing coward FauciFan This news made my heart so happy yesterday! And I kept thinking about it all evening. He spoke for a lot of us right here. The shift from frowning to joyful laughter is lots of fun. ☺️

Bál jste se Trumpa? Jistě. Věděl o vaší vině na covidu. Mask Hmm just trying to keep his job Remember in March when Faulchi said there is no need for everyone to walk around in masks? I do ClimateDepot When Fauci shares an opinion, I don't think he views it as only an opinion, but something akin to the Oracle of Delphi.

I find this disturbing. And I find it more disturbing that the UK is still operating in the way Dr Fauci was forced to during Trump’s tenure. ClimateDepot Then there is the person that invented the much vaunted PCR test, Kary Mullins, with a slightly different view of Mr. Fauci. Hope Dr. Fauci can say what he want to say in the new government.

Imagine where we’d be if this man was liberated from the beginning to manage this scourge? Little weasel Fauci has been wrong the entire time Complete lack of balls and integrity to stand by blindly in first place Omg. What 'truths' can he speak now? 🤣 ClimateDepot Don’t believe everything you see on Twitter

Liberating- and the public will benefit from clear views. The change in Dr Fauci’s demeanour powerfully articulates the awful, suffocating tyranny he and indeed the free world has a has been living under until this week Yeah right, this guy has flip-flopped how many times? AJPennyfarthing He looks happy, like he was in prison and finally got out 😊

Dr. Fauci's words on life-long immunity against the corona virus that caused the Spanish Flu from a paper in 2008. This guy 🙄 Trump will be turning in his twitter grave not being able to respond to this 😂😂😂 Put your mask on Dr F. Fed law masks to be worn on fed grounds. Such a good man. After what he's been through the last four years, he deserves a laugh.

The sense of relief and happiness written on Fauci's face sums up what so many people are feeling about Trump's departure from office. Biden's briefing to Fauci exemplifies principles of professional conscientious crisis management. He looks so young because he has this portrait in his attic. Fantastic! The relief just emanates through the screen.

Where are the gop denyers now? Some in ICU, some becoming Democrat, most in hiding WOW! Fauci looks ten years younger today. Criminal He looks as if a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders America the land of the free unless living under what was akin to a benign dictatorship. Scary stuff. Politics is messy but non-evidence led politics even messier.

Tit. Trump waged a policy of tyranny and vile temper. Not a leader but a despotic and capricious dictator! ShelaghFogarty I’ll just leave this here ShelaghFogarty I love the way ShelaghFogarty posts about fauci and TRUTH in the same sentence! 🤣 is she really this deluded? Her hate (inner demons) for trump is all consuming, she couldn’t recognise the TRUTH if it jumped up and bite her on her considerable ass.

You start by subtitling it presumably because of the journalist's mask. 1 in 6 of us find all of it tough to hear clearly, so it would be great if you could subtitle the whole clip. Many thanks. Subtitles alison_marie_c Fauci is back 😀 So basically he was a shithouse who put his job over the health of the country?

Unbelievable really. This has killed so many people due to ego and ‘playing politics’ We will feel like this one day when that bastard Johnson goes. That's life it can change for the better or worse euromaestro Here are two people that are infinitely smarter than Fauci. euromaestro He should be in jail for lying and being wrong all the time on this virus. He's a total fuckup.

That’s what happens when adults are in charge. Very admirable? Don’t think so he had the option of bowing out for the sake of science and the disease. Just wait Fauci destroyed western world economy. Over one year now. World population increased from 7.7 B in 2019 to 7.8 B in 2020. Ear worm song, Dr 👏 🌟 AnthonyFauci

Biggest pain in the ass has gone for good prayers to the lord was answered 'Donald Trump’s chaotic presidency is ending, but the forces that propelled him – from a misinformation crisis to a surge in white nationalism to a crackdown on voting rights – remain clear and present threats to American democracy. ' Trash news.

And laugh! 😁😁😁😁😁 he can get money from China again Using the mask... In other words President Trump wanted him to know what he was talking about and he was always there with Fauci. Fauci feels better because Biden was taking a nap and he could say what he wanted. 'Can you talk a little bit about how free, how much different you feel? Less constrained.' Sounds more like a question from a talk show, than a question from a journalist to a government official. Where you're not so much actually inquiring, as you are introducing a story.

lol We do not trust you... That question from the journalist, sounds a bit like something out of a talk show, where the purpose is not so much to inquire, but to introduce a story, which you know beforehand. The Trump Placebo Protocol was standard therapy at NYCHHC in April. I think Fauci tried so very hard but unfortunately Trump had such enablers making it so so difficult for the doctor. I think we need to credit him for sticking it out.

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Speaking with cure no point. Seek Jesus. Stop blaming others all time. 🤢😡 But this guy lies! What are you talking about?! I can't imagine not speaking up on something that could save lives because you're scared of 'repercussions' on your career. I'm glad he's in a better place, but maybe that role is not for him.

Truth is always liberating. I like seeing Dr. Fauci really smile again! Snake Trump living rent free with The Guardian Fraud like the Biden administration Blah blah blah