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Anorexia survivor disgusted by weight loss note scrawled on toilet of café

Anorexia survivor disgusted by weight loss note scrawled on toilet of café

9/26/2021 4:10:00 PM

Anorexia survivor disgusted by weight loss note scrawled on toilet of café

Vintage Rooms Café near trendy east London's Shoreditch destination Brick Lane is under fire after a customer noticed a note she says is triggering to people recovering from eating disorders

Writer Sian Bradley photographed the ladies toilet in Vintage Rooms Café near Brick Lane in trendy Shoreditch on Thursday while she was working.She shared her horror on Twitter as she described how such a note would have triggered her anorexia had she seen it at the height of her illness.

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According to My London, a member of staff was believed to have scrawled the drawing on the toilet - though they were not working at the time so were unable to comment.Bradley said: “I was working from Vintage Rooms Café in Brick Lane yesterday. I went to use the toilet and was greeted with this.

“If I had found this while I was purging because anorexia recovery scared me, it would have tipped me over the edge. I’m disgusted.” What do you think of the Café's drawings? Let us know in the comments below... Twitter users joined her outrage saying things like “what the F**K, “f**king hell”, and “oh for f**ks sake” - other comments read “Christ alive this is awful” and “Ugh no this is so wrong”.

Sarah Rose McCann said: “This is horrendous! So sorry that you had to see this & that it exists in the first place.” My London found the homemade graffiti was still there the next day and all over the bathroom, suggesting it was intended as a permanent feature and not the work of a rogue customer.

In a statement Vintage Rooms said: "We have been made aware of this and have taken appropriate actions to remove the writing from the toilet seat, though we would like to put forward the toilet have numerous positive messages that have not been shown.

Sign up for our daily newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest news for free at "We did not intend to cause any harm to any of our customers in fact the whole café is full with positive quotes, we do apologise for any harm this may have caused, it was never intentional.

"We fully support anyone suffering from anorexia and would not want to exacerbate the situation in any way shape or form. "All writing in the café is was written with the intention of pure humour and not to cause any discomfort to anyone.

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"We have taken measures to educate our staff on this issue going forward."The café describes itself as a "coffee shop by day and bar by night" that "offers a cosy atmosphere where you can have a quality taste of the good old times".

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