Anne Sacoolas: Former US spy avoids jail over death of teen motorcyclist Harry Dunn

12/8/2022 11:50:00 PM

Sacoolas left the UK in August 2019 after the fatal crash which killed Harry Dunn, 19, outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

Sky News' James Matthews presses Anne Sacoolas in the US following her sentencing for the death of Harry Dunn by careless driving. The former US spy was sentenced to eight months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. Read more:

Sacoolas left the UK in August 2019 after the fatal crash which killed Harry Dunn, 19, outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 1:07 'Why didn't you go to UK to attend court?' 'Little reason' for Sacoolas not to attend court in person Judge Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb was critical of Sacoolas for not attending the sentencing hearing in person.I don’t have a TV Licence.Here is the full text of her statement: "I want to again extend my sincerest condolences to Harry Dunn's family and friends.Foreign secretary pays tribute to family's 'incredible resolve' James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, pays tribute to Harry Dunn's family's"incredible resolve" after the sentencing.

The court heard that she had been advised by American officials not to fly to the UK, as her return"could place significant US interests at risk".But Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb said there was"little reason" for Sacoolas not to attend, as she had been granted bail.She also praised Harry's parents and family for their"dignified persistence", which she said had led Sacoolas to"acknowledge her guilt".It's for this reason that I have been so committed to a resolution to this case since 2019.Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 1:46 Harry death has 'broken us' Delivering her sentence, the judge told Sacoolas:"You drove along the wrong side of the road for much more than a moment and you did not realise what you were doing when you came to a bend in the road."I bear in mind that this was a short period of driving and you were not familiar with English roads." 16:22:19 Harry Dunn's family just wanted Sacoolas to face justice in UK Speaking outside the Old Bailey, Lisa Dowd reflects on the sentence Anne Sacoolas has been handed.

The death of Harry Dunn is, of course, the highest degree of harm."As always, I remain willing to meet and apologize to Harry's family directly if that would support their healing."Anyone who has caused death by driving would be expected to feel remorseful..."I am grateful that I could express my profound remorse to the court and to Harry's friends and family.and I accept that you feel genuine remorse."They've always said they didn't expect any kind of custodial sentence, they just wanted to see Sacoolas face justice in a UK court.

" In a statement from Sacoolas, read out by her lawyer in court, she said that the mother-of-three lived with"regret every single day".She said:"There is not a day that goes by that Harry isn't on my mind, and I am deeply sorry for the pain that I have caused."."It's for this reason that I have been so committed to a resolution to this case since 2019." Read more: Her barrister, Ben Cooper KC, also told the court that Sacoolas had been subject to harassment and multiple death threats and had moved home several times.'We've done it Harry' Speaking outside the Old Bailey, Harry's mother, Charlotte Charles, gave an emotional speech in which she said that Sacoolas would have a"criminal record for the rest of her life".15:58:35 'Little reason' for Sacoolas not to be in court The judge turns to Sacoolas's absence from the court - she is appearing via video link from Washington DC.

Ms Charles, who said she had promised her son in hospital that she would get justice, added:"Yep, Harry, we've done it."We would have been happy with anything - for us, it was just about doing the right thing." Family spokesman Radd Seiger added:"Our real enemy here isn't Anne Sacoolas, our real enemy here is the US government." At the time of the collision, Sacoolas was driving two of her children home from a barbecue at the Croughton air base in Northamptonshire.Image: The crash happened outside RAF Croughton The court heard on Thursday that Harry was thrown over the car and lay in the road as he said"don't let me die", after the collision.Speaking about sentencing guidelines, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb described the death of Harry Dunn as"the highest degree of harm".

Sacoolas called her husband to the scene and was seen to be crying with her head in her hands, the Old Bailey heard.She acknowledged she was driving on the wrong side of the road, with speed not a factor and a breath test for alcohol showing negative, the court was told.'I made a promise to Harry' In a victim impact statement, Ms Charles, sobbed as she described how her"world turned upside down"."He was the light of my life before he was so senselessly and cruelly taken from us.Harry just disappeared out of my life that night, shattering my existence forever," she told the court." 15:51:45 Judge starts sentencing remarks Beginning her judgment, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb says Harry Dunn had been with his friend on the day he died.

She said Harry's twin, Niall, continues to be"hit very hard" by the tragedy, adding:"I didn't just lose one son the night Harry died.I lost Niall too." Image: The crash happened on the B4031 in Northamptonshire Ms Charles added:"His passing haunts me every minute of every day and I'm not sure how I'm ever going to get over it."I made a promise to Harry in hospital that we would get him justice and a mother never breaks a promise to her son." Ms Charles and Harry's father, Tim Dunn, said they were"horrified" that Sacoolas was instructed to attend the hearing remotely and accused the US of"actively interfering" in British justice.15:07:58 Judge rises to consider the sentence Due to your consent preferences, you’re not able to view this.

They described their fight for the truth as"totally torturous", adding:"It's not an exhaustion that you can go to bed and sleep off." Mr Dunn told Sky News:"I think if you ever really told our story to somebody who didn't know (it) they wouldn't believe some of the stuff we've had...from that awful night in the hospital.

" But he added:"It's been worth all the heartache and the pain to prove that normal people from Northamptonshire can take on these people and get what should be done straightaway and get justice." Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 1:57 Harry Dunn's parents said they feel like they have fulfilled their promise to their son 'I have nothing to say to her' In October 2019, Harry's family were invited to attend the White House and meet the-then president Donald Trump - who secretly arranged for Sacoolas to meet them in the Oval Office.But the parents had no idea about the meeting and refused to take part in a photo-call Mr Trump was hoping for.Now they say they have no desire to speak to her.Ms Charles said:"You never say never, but I don't think there's a chance at all of that.

It's a bit too late.She's had three years." Mr Dunn added:"I don't feel there's any need for me to meet her to be honest.I have nothing to say to her." Speaking following the conclusion of the sentencing, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said:"We have learnt important lessons from this tragic incident, including improvements to the process around exemptions from diplomatic immunity and ensuring the US takes steps to improve road safety around RAF Croughton.

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She should have had a longer sentence and made to serve it So sentenced to nothing then and even if she had been given a custodial sentence it wouldn’t have been enforced cos she’s in the US and they wouldn’t extradite her! The whole thing is a joke and Insulting to Harry’s family!! Disgraceful Feel so sorry for Harry's family, the sentence doesn't match the crime. If Sacoolas had stayed waited at the scene I might have had some sympathy for her

“It happens, we’ve all done it” -Trumpty It would have been better for Sacoolas to appear in person whatever the US government said. This has taken 3 years and totally unacceptable. The sentence handed down was in my opinion too lenient. However this will bring closure to the grieving Dunn family . Joke, whole thing a waste of time.

No remorse only words spoken have a nice day she killed there son terrible She should have got longer, she evaded arrest and deserved longer. Stuff her in a suitcase and bring her to the UK 🤪 And if Harry Dunn had caused the death of Anne Sacoolas by recklessly driving on the wrong side of the road, one can only wonder what sentence he would have got in a US court? 175yrs based on current US Sentencing policy?

Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas being sentenced over Harry Dunn death - BBC NewsWatch live as judge sentences US citizen Anne Sacoolas for causing death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn by careless driving Wonder if your average citizen would have received a suspended sentence if they committed the same crime 🤔 Causing the death of another human being….leaving the scene of the accident…fleeing abroad to avoid prosecution. 8 months suspended What an absolute judicial joke Think this would be correct sentence if she actually shown remorse by showing up in the court. As she failed to do so it should be unconditional prison.

Good man James Because she is a privileged American! Who doesn't need to answer to her crimes the same way as everyone else! James Matthews is an excellent journalist. Fair play to him for persevering here, her lack of contrition spoke volumes. ... didn't return , knowing nothing would happen. CPSUK She thinks she’s got away with it, wait till god catches up with her!

call her out

Harry Dunn death: Full text of Anne Sacoolas' statement during sentencingAnne Sacoolas, the US citizen guilty of killing the 19-year-old motorcyclist Harry Dunn by careless driving in Northamptonshire, released a statement during her sentencing. Only punishment is life in prison A SUSPENDED sentence after fleeing justice. Despicable. Not only did Sacoolas kill someone, though accidently, she evaded justice by running like a fugitive. For that, her guilty plea should not have gotten her a lesser sentence. This was a pantomime court for Xmas.

Harry Dunn death: 'Job done', his mother says outside court after Anne Sacoolas gets suspended sentenceWarning: This video contains flash photography. Charlotte Charles, Harry Dunn's mother, says 'job done' and 'promise kept' outside the court after Anne Sacoolas' sentencing at the Old Bailey. Latest: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube She wasn’t sorry. But not sorry enough to appear in court in person This sentence was always the likely outcome; hardly worth skipping the country for. She made a mistake many of us have made whilst travelling. It was unfortunate timing and Harry Dunn died as a result. It's about intention, rather than the outcome of the action.

Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas handed suspended sentence after causing Northamptonshire teen’s death“It was all my fault. I was on the wrong side of the road,” Sacoolas was heard saying at the scene of the fatal collision Yep that will teach her.... Whoever got the job as court artist lied on their cv. It’s time we rioted, the old Bailey gave the American Scott free pass. 8 months. She killed a child. Death penalty should have been the result.

Anne Sacoolas pressed on Harry Dunn sentencing by Sky News correspondentIn exclusive footage from Sky News, Anne Sacoolas refused to answer any questions after being sentenced for causing the death of teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn Accident Disgusting The diplomatic immunity is a SHAME and it's contrary to every logic and legal philosophy principles. There may be certain laws which demand protection for the diplomatic reps, but a green pass for everything is simply ABSURD.

'Have A Nice Day': Anne Sacoolas Dodges Questions After Harry Dunn SentencingUS citizen avoids jail when finally appearing before a UK court over the killing of the 19-year-old. Britain's justice system at its absolute best . Wonder what the USA promised the government to get this result maybe a leave Prince Andrew alone or a new trade deal. Justice just is a joke it should be called Funny how we deport UK nationals to USA when requested,yet yanks do not reciprocate like in this case.