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Anne Hegerty addresses her quiet appearances on Beat The Chasers: 'The downside of it'

EXCLUSIVE: Anne Hegerty addresses her quiet appearances on #BeatTheChasers : 'The downside of it'

9/25/2021 10:00:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Anne Hegerty addresses her quiet appearances on BeatTheChasers : 'The downside of it'

BEAT THE CHASERS ' Anne Hegerty has revealed exclusively to why she is more quiet on the spin-off series than she is on The Chase.

These include Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, and Darragh Ennis.She also admitted that she wasn't even sure if her buzzer worked on the programme.The Governess said:"There are a lot of times I think, is my buzzer working?

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"Then I realise, yes it was working, I was there, and yes I was trying to get to it, but everyone was beating me to it."Anne with fellow Chasers at the NTAs(Image: PA)Anne at this years NTAs(Image: GETTY)She added:"You don’t hear as much from me as you hear from the others and that's why."

Anne was then quizzed on if she had a favourite show between Beat The Chasers and The Chase.Stuck between which show to pick, she compared the show's filming days.Anne said:"It’s really quite long filming days on Beat The Chasers as it's all of us there all the time, whereas when you are doing The Chase, each Chaser is only doing one show a day.

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