Trueblood, Bierasure, Lgbtq

Trueblood, Bierasure

Anna Paquin’s marriage to Stephen Moyer does not change her sexuality

“It just felt weird being assumed to be straight because I was married to a man,” says the True Blood star.

6/21/2021 10:31:00 PM

Anna Paquin wants you to know that her marriage to Stephen Moyer does not change her sexuality trueblood bierasure LGBTQ

“It just felt weird being assumed to be straight because I was married to a man,” says the True Blood star.

You may also likeHBO’s True Blood: a reboot of this cult vampire series is in the works, and we’re excitedPaquin, who came out as bisexual 11 years ago, says that she was “assumed to be straight” because she married a man.“If I had fallen in love with a woman and lived happily ever after, I would still be bisexual,” the actor says. “That wouldn’t erase that.”

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She adds: “It just felt weird being assumed to be straight because I was married to a man.”Anna Paquin says that she was “assumed to be straight” following her marriage to True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer.During the podcast, Paquin addressed the negative stereotypes that surround bisexuality, noting that too many people still associate it with polyamory and open relationships.

Sadly, though, she says she has found it difficult to publicly challenge these misconceptions, as “people are very quick to say ‘Oh that’s too much information, don’t tell me what goes on in your bedroom.’” Read more: Stylist Magazine »

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