Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Angry commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off roof of tube train

Angry commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off roof of train


Angry commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off roof of train

Extinction Rebellion protesters climbed on top of a Jubilee line train at Canning Town station in east London - but they were dragged off by furious commuters who didn't want to be late for work

Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters continued demonstrations on Thursday and ignored a police warning not to target the Tube as part of its protests demanding action on climate change.

It comes as XR's bid to defy the blanket protest ban on its protests across the whole of London will come before the High Court on Thursday.

They will argue that the section 14 order imposed by the Met effectively banning all XR protests in London is unlawful.

He said: "We are really disappointed that they have since announced fresh action on the London Underground network.

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TheresonlyoneEm Good work, keep it up, people work for a living, to keep the world ticking, these smelly creatures need to go back down their hole they came from

Tube chaos expected on Thursday as XR target London Underground Extinction Rebellion protesters will try to bring the London Underground to a halt from Thursday. Only idiots believe their apocalyptic nonsense. Nick them. These people need to move on their are more important things that the police in London could be doing, instead they are baby sitting these guys. You made your point i agree but do you need to be on the street now Force them into employment.

Angry Susanna Reid tears into Mr Broccoli on GMB as she slams 'joke' Extinction Rebellion protesterSUSANNA Reid clashed with Mr Broccoli as they discussed vegan protests on today’s Good Morning Britain. The journalist, 48, called the activist “absurd” for dressing like a vegeta… Do You Want To Create 10 Logo Intro Video Animation In $5? Visit My Portfolio: Please Contact Me: HarleysInHawaii PronounsDay RunawayTour TeriLouise83 😂

Police clear Extinction Rebellion protesters from Trafalgar Square overnight – videoThe Metropolitan police cleared Extinction Rebellion protesters from Trafalgar Square after banning them from demonstrating anywhere in London by issuing a revised section 14 order on Monday Nice democracy the UK has, NOT! Worse than pigeons Banning them from protesting anywhere is London is too draconian - there is a right to peaceful (even if disruptive) protest ClimateAction FreeSpeech

'It doesn't have to be scary': veteran protesters on Extinction Rebellion and getting arrestedThe best advice for nonviolent climate protesters under arrest? Stay calm, know your rights and bring ear plugs Probably the best way to do it tbh Lead by example, not by beautiful words said in public! how many of you have actually read scientific papers? Or are you just listening to GretaThunberg as a reliable source of information? If you all lived as demanded, change should be already visible & impactful.Nothing seen. If I got arrested I’d likely lose my job. I think peaceful protest is fine but wasting police time with stupid actions really isn’t ok.

Celebrities call themselves 'hypocrites' as they back Extinction RebellionA group of celebrities have called themselves 'hypocrites' in a letter backing climate change protesters Extinction Rebellion . self flagellation... nice... guess they'll be hoping for some sort of absolution so the next time they fly across the Atlantic they'll feel all warm n fuzzy.... wankers They are only hypocrites if they don’t make changes. If they carry on jetting around the world and driving gas guzzling cars after supporting it I agree....vacuous hypocrites

Under Priti Patel's rule even the suffragettes would be silenced'Priti Patel seems to have forgotten that the brave suffragettes resorted to radical tactics in the name of what was right.' CarolineLucas writes for MetroUK CarolineLucas They are neither brave nor radical, they are just insufferable zealots. CarolineLucas Peaceful protest doesn't include disrupting people's livelihoods, which has been happening. Everyone has a right to work to live in this country. Enough already. They've had more than a week. TheGreenParty CarolineLucas If these Economic terrorist which to run out in front of traffic in some sort of homage to Emily Pankhurst (Which I would not suggest)… I don't think the General Public will lose much sleep

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