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Andrew Neil Latest, Nhs Salaries

Andrew Neil slams NHS salaries amid social care tax hike 'hundred people on 200K a year!'

Andrew Neil slams NHS salaries amid social care tax hike 'hundred people on 200K a year!'

9/17/2021 2:55:00 AM

Andrew Neil slams NHS salaries amid social care tax hike 'hundred people on 200K a year!'

ANDREW NEIL has raged against NHS bosses earning '£200,000 a year' as the Government up taxes on working people to pay for social care reform.

"That is what Britain is now going to have to do."But it is a spending plan it is not a reform plan."There are now plans to reform the NHS to make it more efficient." Question Time: Andrew Neil slams NHS salaries amid social care reform

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(Image: BBC)He added:"But I do see we are going to hire a couple of hundred people on £200,000 a year."So that is good for them, they will get a bit of that money."The 72-year-old ex-BBC broadcaster also claimed the Government's hike in national insurance was not a progressive levy.

When asked by Fiona Bruce if it was a"fair tax", Mr Neil replied:"Not really because national insurance starts way down the pay scale... it clicks it much lower than income tax does.""In many ways, you are taxing people who are already on very low income, sometimes the minimum wage, to raise the money to spend back on them on their health service."

"It is an unfair tax," he added.But the forensic journalist went on to call out Labour for their apparent hypocrisy on the tax hike.He reminded BBC Question Time's Croydon audience how the Labour Party introduced a somewhat similar tax increase in the early-2000s to help fund an injection in NHS spending.

"It is interesting that Labour says it's an unfair tax."He added:"I don't remember them saying that when Gordon Brown increased national insurance to pay for the NHS."He did the exact same thing."Question Time will be shown at 10:35 pm next Thursday.

Fiona Bruce will be joined in Cambridge for next week's episode by a panel that includes Labour MP and Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy.ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY JACK WALTERS Read more: Daily Express »

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