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Andrew Flintoff's Brexit fury: TV star called to 'start today again' after referendum

Andrew Flintoff's #Brexit fury: TV star called to 'start today again' after #EU referendum #AndrewFlintoff #FreddieFlintoff

3/10/2021 11:21:00 PM

Andrew Flintoff 's Brexit fury: TV star called to 'start today again' after EU referendum AndrewFlintoff FreddieFlintoff

ANDREW FLINTOFF called to 'start today again' after the UK overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum.

five years ago.His apparent unease with Brexit came in spite of 52 percent of the public voting to depart from the bloc.The celebrity joined a list of sportspeople who seemed in opposition to the referendum’s result onTwitter.Match Of The Day star Gary Lineker claimed there had been “disgusting lies” in the campaign and felt “ashamed” of his generation.

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Andrew Flintoff called 'start today again' after the UK voted for Brexit in 2016(Image: BBC / GETTY)Andrew Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp will star on ancestry show Ant & Dec's DNA Journey tonight(Image: ITV)He tweeted: “We’ve let down our children and their children.’”

Former British athlete Paula Radcliffe said she was “in shock” on Twitter and felt people “forgot” the EU was set up “to end wars and create unity and strength”.On the day of the EU referendum’s results – June 24, 2016 – Flintoff also made his thoughts known, when he wrote: “Can we start today again please?”

His tweet was liked by 1,200 people on Twitter and retweeted 340 times.JUST IN: Andrew Flintoff spent 11 years on the England cricket team(Image: GETTY)TrendingOne Flintoff fan argued that he shouldn’t be so downbeat about the result and wrote: “Change is good! Exciting times ahead!”

A second quipped that it was “not a good time for a Boris Johnson lookalike to be wandering the streets” and advised him to “stay indoors”.A third added: “Freddy (sic) does this mean we get the Ashes back?”The individual referred to Flintoff’s call for a rerun of the referendum, which they felt could also be argued for cricket.

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