An invisible wound for health workers and soldiers

Coronavirus: Why healthcare workers are at risk of moral injury

4/7/2020 4:46:00 AM

Coronavirus: Why healthcare workers are at risk of moral injury

War veterans can experience trauma known as moral injury - now health workers are at risk too.

The breach of a person's personal ethical code at the heart of a moral injury can inflict lasting behavioural, emotional and psychological damage, distorting a person's self-identity and provoking reflexive distrust of others."In the military, we have it better in a way, as we get this break between deployments," Mr Lipana says."Firefighters and cops have to reset themselves every 12 hours and go back out on their next shift."

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Research in America has identified how for many veterans the pride in once wearing their uniform collides with a feeling of futility about what their service achieved and a belief that military leaders failed or deceived them and their fallen comrades. The resulting sense of violation from this can further fuel a lingering crisis of the conscience and spirit - deepening the moral injury.

While healthcare workers know they are doing the right thing by helping people with Covid-19, they may still be affected by responses of leaders, from the hospital hierarchy up to the national level.Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia caption

US death rates v UK, Italy and South Korea"One of the most toxic forms of moral injury is betrayal," says Ms Brock, who is also co-author of Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury After War."Our healthcare workers are working to save people, but they have been betrayed by the government's inadequate response."

Healthcare workers' self-knowledge that they are involved in an entirely virtuous endeavour - as opposed to how veterans view the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - can"actually make it even worse," Ms Brock says."You know you are on a life-saving mission, and so you can't understand how the president doesn't seem to get it in the same way."

An estimated 11-20% of the 2.7 million men and women who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have received a diagnosis of PTSD linked to their service. The percentage of former service members coping with moral injury appears comparable, though experts warn that the prevailing emphasis on PTSD means moral injury can often go unrecognised and ignored.

Image copyrightImage captionNöel Lipana (right) beside a British Army officer in AfghanistanBetween 2005 and 2017, 78,875 veterans took their own lives, according to the most recent data from Veterans Affairs. Currently, about 17 veterans are estimated to kill themselves each day.

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The period following the acute phase of the coronavirus epidemic will likely be hardest for medical professionals in terms of psychological impact."Once the rest of society has said thank you and moved on to getting back to normal and thinking about the economy, that's when these people will sit down and think, 'What the hell happened back there?'" Ms Brock says.

Her paper with HC Palmer states that some medical personnel may take their lives because of moral injury, having been"crushed by decisions they had to make, swamped by unrelenting grief, consumed by fury and humiliation at the authorities who failed them".

Ms Brock explains that, as in the military, often these emotions and reflections don't sink in for months due to the initial response's all-consuming pace.Prof Markman stresses that"moral injuries are not inevitable" - and that medical professions will need time to reflect, and support from their managers.

"Leaders of hospitals need to communicate with the people working for them that they are using their training to make the best possible decisions under horrible circumstances. Everyone in the profession needs to recognise that they are trying to do the least harm possible in a situation in which it is impossible to provide the highest-quality care to every patient in need."

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Lot of jobs in a way brings risk or “moral injury”!They are really important these days but not the only ones! Moral injury have hundreds of people with Coronavirus that must stay home and self isolate with no medical care and big unknown! This is what’s wrong at the core of nationalized medicine & ppl need to step back & take serious look at how very wrong it is that docs in everyday practice have to weigh need with ability to supply care.

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May God Always Bless & Protect Them... Also MORTAL. Healthcare workers and the armed forces are used as human pin-cushions with repeated, mandated vaccinations. High levels of autoimmune/allergic/other disorders. Plus increased vulnerability to non-vaccine illnesses via depressed immune system. Dont touch your faces!!!

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