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Amazon's Swedish website launch becomes a laughing stock

Amazon's Swedish website launch becomes a laughing stock after poor translation sees it filled with offensive descriptions

10/30/2020 3:20:00 PM

Amazon's Swedish website launch becomes a laughing stock after poor translation sees it filled with offensive descriptions

Amazon's launch of its Swedish website on Wednesday was blighted by cultural gaffes and incorrect translations. The launch was met with amusement from many but compounded scepticism.

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COVID-19: England may face almost month-long lockdown in exchange for Christmas five-day rules relief

All parts of England would still be banned from socialising with other households indoors ahead of Christmas Eve, reports claim.

The new website, appeared to fall victim to a poorly designed translation algorithm as it struggled with the multiple meanings of some English words on its launch day. 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

Millionaire darts ace Mervyn King now earns £120 a day delivering Amazon parcels after competitions axedDARTS ace Mervyn King is delivering 180 Amazon parcels a day. The star, with career earnings of £1.7million, has doubled up with the driving job as contests were axed at the start of lockdown. Worl… Look on the bright side, he's nailing the delivery £120? I doubt that. The Sun chatting Shite again 🙄

The best early Amazon Black Friday tech dealsAmazon's Black Friday deals are now in full swing: Here's a selection of the very best Amazon Black Friday 2020 tech deals​ for you to get excited about, including cameras, GoPros, TVs and tablets.

Amazon Prepares for Holiday Sales RushGovernments' stay-at-home orders mean more shoppers will rely on the e-commerce giant to deliver presents in time for Christmas. Listen to The Tony DUrso Show: The Millennial Factor with Mark Villareal Mark has a passion for developing people in a manner that helps them achieve their goals. Early in his 35-year career he realized that the more he focused on others' success,

Amazon Prime movies you buy could VANISH at any time as you 'don't own them'MOVIES on Amazon Prime that you buy to “own” could vanish at any time without warning or a refund. That’s because the content you spend your hard-earned cash on isn’t actual… AppleMusic does the same..you can buy from them but they can remove them from the store anytime and you will not get a refund. Disgraceful. I’ll start buying dvds again

Amazon third-quarter earnings soar as pandemic sales triple profitsCompany sees a 37% increase in earnings and revenues of $96.15bn were better than analysts expected wow, conflict of interest? Why would he want the pandemic to stop? How did Amazon become a tech giant? How has Amazon Prime been important to Amazon's success? What is Luxury Stores and how does it fit into all this? 👇👇👇 Amazon AmazonPrime LuxuryStores tech BigTech Business Strategy BusinessModel Minus me..I stopped using Amazon the moment the courier asked me for photo ID Invasion of privacy !

Brazil's Trump takes to Amazon campaign trail but is backing BidenMiguel Simões Leal adopted his alias because of a physical likeness but he’s not the only candidate with a familiar moniker More good news please((( That's risky. If Donny and Vlad 'win', or more likely, rig the election successfully, Brazil will not be among the 'most favoured nations'. The Tangerine Toddler's quite resentful towards those who stand up to him. Isn’t bolsonaro Brazil’s Trump?