Amazon offers bonuses of up to £3,000 in run-up to Christmas

Amazon offers employee bonuses of up to £3,000 in run-up to Christmas

10/18/2021 2:59:00 PM

Amazon offers employee bonuses of up to £3,000 in run-up to Christmas

The online retail giant is trying to attract enough UK workers to fill 20,000 posts over Christmas.

Over the past few months, the shortage of workers in a range of sectors has led to delivery delays and waste. Fashion chain Next and supermarket Iceland are among firms warning of potential pre-Christmas disruption.Some overseas workers have left the UK during the pandemic and also following Brexit. The furlough scheme, which ends this month, has also kept some workers out of the jobs market.

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'Harder' for small firmsAndrew Goodacre, chief executive of the British Independent Retailers Association, said he was "concerned by the level of wage inflation and bonus payments being instigated by large companies such as Amazon".Mr Goodacre explained that finding seasonal workers was "proving difficult" at the "most important time of the year" for many small businesses.

"This kind of action from Amazon will make it harder still for smaller companies who simply cannot afford such wages."Mick Rix, national officer for the trade union GMB, said: "Amazon has been a pandemic profiteer - raking in astronomical sums during the Covid crisis.

"It is only right that they listen to the union representatives of their workforce and ensure that Amazon workers share in the vast profits that the company are making."In September, the firm announced it had paid £492m in direct taxation last year as its sales rose 50% to £20.63bn amid a Covid-driven surge in demand.

In the past Amazon has faced accusations of poor working conditions both in the UK and the US, where it is the country's second largest employer.In March, the Unite union launched a whistleblowing hotline for Amazon workers in the UK. It also called for Amazon to allow British workers to unionise and to have a greater share of the firm's profits.

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Small firms’ fury as Amazon offers £3,000 sign-up bonus to attract Christmas staffWarning that online giant’s move will lead to higher prices and empty shelves in shops This is really advertising Amazon’s job vacancy? 😂 The management of these firms would have been extolling the brilliance of capitalism and the free market until last week. Weren't we supposed to be furious at their bad pay rates last week?

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