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Amanda Owen worries fans as she sports black eye while farming 'I've been out of action'

Amanda Owen worries fans as she sports black eye while farming 'I've been out of action'

8/1/2021 2:28:00 AM

Amanda Owen worries fans as she sports black eye while farming 'I've been out of action'

AMANDA OWEN has taken to social media sporting a bruised and swollen eye as she returned to her farming duties after being 'out of action' following the injury.

She followed up the statement with an emoji of a face wearing a bandage around its head.Amanda went on to hint the reason for her absence was in the last frame of the clip - which shockingly saw the star sport a large, crescent-shaped black bruise around her eye.

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Concerned fans of the shepherdess instantly flocked to the comments to wish the star better.Amanda Owen sparked concern amongst her fans after revealing a painful-looking black eye(Image: TWITTER)Amanda Owen has previously stunned fans after showcasing her more glamourous side

(Image: INSTAGRAM)Amanda Owen said she was back at her farming duties after being 'out of action'(Image: INSTAGRAM)Our Yorkshire Farm(Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)One worried social media user penned:"It amazes me how neat you do it! I’d be so bad at it, hope your eyes ok looks painful x." (sic)

Another commented:"Tough break with the eye, hope it’s not too painful."While another asked the farming expert how she sustained her injury:"Did you get a kick to the face?", they wrote.This is not the first time fans have raised their concerns, as days ago Amanda posted snaps of herself and her children swimming in what appeared to be"red water".

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