Alma’s Not Normal is the Bafta-winning dark comedy you need to watch

Alma’s Not Normal is the BAFTA-winning dark comedy that you need to watch

9/16/2021 8:01:00 PM

Alma’s Not Normal is the BAFTA-winning dark comedy that you need to watch

Penned by comedian Sophie Willan off the back of her own chaotic childhood.

issues during Alma’s childhood, leading to her partially growing up in care.When asked about her childhood and schooling in the context of a job interview, she cuttingly refers to a somewhat difficult, solitary upbringing, and herself as “Mowgli with a mullet” as she had to fend for herself a lot of the time. She also describes herself as “the baby from

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Trainspotting… if she’d lived”. Ouch.These punchy descriptions do much to remind us of the shocking realities of poverty in the UK, and how it affects your entire life. The show explores this, as well as Alma’s strained.You may also likeWillan’s pilot won her a BAFTA Television award for best comedy writer, and we can’t wait to see what she’s done with the rest of the series.

It may remind you ofin terms of its nuanced look at the female experience and relationships, specifically between sisters, butAlma’s Not Normallooks at a much less privileged part of the population – which is very necessary, and refreshing. Here’s what you need to know.

What’sAlma’s Not Normalabout?It tells the story of aspiring actor Alma, who has just been left by her boyfriend, Anthony, and with no way of paying the rent. “Forget men, I’m acareerwoman now,” she says, just before she’s told she’s only qualified to be a “sandwich artist” at a fast food chain.

As she goes about trying to get her life together, we get to know the other people near and dear to her, including her mother and her grandmother. Grandma Joan, in particular, brings us the leopard print-trousered look that we want to pull off. Goals.

On a more serious note, throughout the series Alma is forced to confront her experiences growing up in care. These threads of plot are taken from Willan’s own life, as she also spent some of her childhood in care and her mother was a heroin addict.Willan wrote the first draft of the pilot script back in 2014, with the austerity measures of the Cameron government at the time as a template. This time, she told

, “felt really negative for welfare recipients, mental health [care] and social services recipients – people like my mother, people who’ve had difficulties.” Read more: Stylist Magazine »

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