All the investigations facing the government, explained

All the investigations facing the government, explained

5/14/2021 10:45:00 PM

All the investigations facing the government, explained

From the Greensill affair to renovations of Boris Johnson's flat, lots of questions are being asked.

London Assembly investigationWhat is the probe about?The assembly's 11-member Oversight Committee has aninto Mr Johnson's relationship with Ms Arcuri. It was paused during an investigation by the IOPC but is expected to resume.What are the terms of reference?

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The Labour assembly member who chairs the committee, Len Duvall, said that after the IOPC probe concluded, the committee would look at Mr Johnson's conduct as mayor, including whether he adhered to the "principles of public life".What could happen?

Any finding that he acted improperly could be politically damaging, and embarrassing, for Mr Johnson. But as he is no longer mayor, the Assembly will not be able to impose any sanctions or question him further.Greensill CapitalA row about lobbying began earlier this year after it emerged that former Conservative prime minister David Cameron bombarded ministers and officials with texts on behalf of finance firm Greensill Capital.

His unsuccessful attempts to help the company take part in a government-backed Covid loan scheme have led to scrutiny of lobbying practices.Mr Cameron has insisted he had not broken any rules, but acknowledged it would be better for ex-PMs to communicate more formally with government figures, through letters rather than texts.

The Boardman reviewWhat is the probe about?After Mr Cameron's lobbying activities were revealed in several newspaper reports, Boris Johnson announceda review into government decisions involving Greensill. It will be led by lawyer Nigel Boardman, who has stepped aside as a non-executive board member at the business department to conduct the review. He has been told to report his "findings and any recommendations" before the end of June.

What are the terms of reference?The government has said Mr Boardman will look into the government's use of supply-chain finance, a financial technique in which Greensill specialised. The review will also examine the relationship between the firm and current and former ministers. It will also examine whether "relevant systems and policies" were upheld.

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It's not the government, it's Johnson. Don't wrap it up. He's behind all of the rotten and degrading behaviour!

Priti Patel accused of lobbying for ‘get-rich-quick’ £20m PPE dealLabour calls for investigation into home secretary over letter urging government to buy face masks all humanity is under threat HearGaza children are afraid of death HearGaza We are low voices! We are mothers, fathers, children, babies, grandfathers and grandmothers trying to make our voices heard amongst the bombs! Does nobody hear our voices? HearGaza

IPL: Australian cricketers caught by India ban fly homeIt comes as the government faces fresh criticism for failing to support Australians stranded in India. The BBC only reports protests that fit their agenda. Can we go somewhere today? It is not the same thing. they quarantined in the Maldives. what the Aus govt should do is send a testing facility to India because theirs is unreliable.

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'India Covid variant has UK paying the price for failure to protect our borders'The Government needs to explain why India was put on the travel red list two weeks after Pakistan and Bangladesh were – despite being the source of the Covid ariant This is just utterly ridiculous. Borders being shut should have been shouted from the rooftops as soon as the Indian variant appeared. The clown in 10DowningStreet won't take any responsibility and life, for him, will just go on in the same manner. Some others won't be as lucky Its an absolutely disgusting dereliction of duty. They've let in the variant and now expect those under 40 to just deal with it while they offer second jabs to those older. This was completely avoidable. I have to go into London in June and now will be risking my life We were making good progress. The country gradually reopening and life slowly getting back to normal. All until BorisJohnson decided to kept India off the travel red list and prioritise a potential state visit and trade deal over our own welfare. He needs to be held accountable.

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