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Algerian judoka suspended after refusing to face Israeli opponent

Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine is SENT HOME from Tokyo Olympics after refusing to face Israeli opponent Tohar Butbul in support to Palestine

7/24/2021 5:20:00 PM

Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine is SENT HOME from Tokyo Olympics after refusing to face Israel i opponent Tohar Butbul in support to Palestine

RIATH AL-SAMARRAI IN TOKYO: A judoka from Algeria has been suspended from his sport after choosing to withdraw from the Olympics rather than face an Israel i.

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It wasn't worth it to politics has no place for sport no matter what your political opinion is it should stay out of sport ,all that effort to prepare for a match and wasting it all wasn't woth it. coinabs Scared... simple as! Correction he refused to face apartheid Israeli opponent He didn't got the message from John Lennon's song 'Imagine'.

so PROUD of him Israel: We declare war against Algeria. Algerian army: We refuse to fight against you in support of Palestine. Good Because he knew he was foing to lose. Throw him out He hid behind dubious principles so as not to be defeated. There is nothing to look for in him for anything other than cowardice. If you come to the Olympics, you must follow the rules of the sports fraternity. Here, resourcefulness, lies and hatred are not appropriate.

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine withdraws to avoid facing Israeli competitor Tohar ButbulAlgerian judoka Fethi Nourine also withdrew from the 2019 world championships in Tokyo to avoid facing an Israel i competitor, with his coach saying at the time 'we were unlucky with the draw'. Seems he wanted to be seen and create headlines , guess he did that Yeah sure 🤡

Pride comes before a fall. Chinese proverb.. only fight the battles you can win.. Otherwise.. make any excuse to avoid your losses. He is a judoka. The anti-Semite was thrown out! Ippon! coinabs Fearing to lose against a “Jew” more than supporting Palestine. In summary: Hypocrisy ! Much respect. Algerians kicked out the colonizers and stand in solidarity with other colonized people.

It’s sad how many people on Twitter don’t seem to understand what it is to take a position of principal, here are two other athletes sent home for their principles Silly twt Good riddance to bad rubbish. Good! A lifetime supply of Ben and Jerry's for this man.

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So he took his ball back and ran home, and tell me, in the name of peace what did he actually achieve ? He will lose anyway.. thats why he bring up the thing.. Racist! Why did you go then. Well down I would have done it the same also you we can’t share the same field with a Murder of children and elders Israel's krav maga team is pretty good, I hear.

COWARD Good, enough of this nonsense These religious zealots need to be banned from all events.

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Bye, no great loss. Wow he really owned the Israelis dint he. Good job, he just has an issue against an apartheid state which murders children. That's all... Fethi gets the Gold Medal for Lameness Cartels everywhere buana. The Hanuka niggas want to be loved by force hahaaaa

‘It’s just ice-cream’: settlers’ chilly response to Ben & Jerry’s boycottLocals in Efrat, an Israel i settlement with US cultural links, give their views on the ban on sales to occupied territories this is terrible news Interview Palestinians ffs. Bad ice cream

Eric Clapton refuses to play venues requiring vaccines for concertgoersThe UK recently announced that proof of vaccination will be required at venues and nightclubs. Once a dick, always a dick No loss there then Great. Now let's see if any of the current crop of musicians are prepared to do likewise ...morals or contracts?

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