Airlines accused of 'putting profit before planet'

Climate change: Airlines accused of 'putting profit before planet'


Climate change: Airlines accused of 'putting profit before planet'

A British Airways insider says the industry deliberately fills planes with extra fuel to save costs.

"Fuel tankering" sees planes filled with extra fuel, usually to avoid paying higher prices for refuelling at their destination airports.

BBC Panorama has discovered the airline's planes generated an extra 18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide last year through fuel tankering.

John Sauven, Greenpeace UK's executive director, told the BBC this was a"classic example of a company putting profit before planet".

International Airlines Group (IAG), the company that owns BA, says it wants to be the world's leading airline group on sustainability.

Airlines can save money from the fact that the price of aviation fuel differs between European destinations.

The software will calculate whether there is a cost saving to be made. If there is, crews load up the extra fuel.

The extra weight meant the plane emitted more than 600kg of additional carbon dioxide - the same emissions one person is responsible for on a return flight to New York.

A BA insider described the practice as"hypocritical".

The airline said for BA this applies mainly to short-haul destinations"where there are considerable price differences between European airports".

BA pointed out that since 2012 all flights within Europe are covered by the EU Emissions Trading System.

It calculates that the practice saved airlines a total of €265m (£228m) a year.

"I'm very proud to be part of BA but in all honesty it makes me sad and disappointed."

Read more: BBC News (UK)

Not working in the airline industry, I have only been aware of this for a few decades. Why the sudden shock and horror? It reminds me of how every few years, government ministers and the press discover 'bed blocking' in the NHS (where I do work)... Well it might be a minor irritation but it’s annoying that you always 'trail' panorama with a supposed serious 'news' item. It is a business. I’d fill up too if I found a cheap patrol station. But it shouldn’t be on the news......let Panorama stand on its own viewing figures

Eh...obviously... Just about every UK motorist does the same you BBC News imbeciles but we pay your licence fee. Course they put profit first so do road hauliers.This is a drop in the ocean compared to the pollution & smog in some India,China cities etc why do we keep beating ourselves up rather than focusing on the big issue that makes a real difference then planes wudnt be such an issue

Well yeah, that's why capitalism is bad In other news... Water is wet Why should anyone be surprised at “putting profit before planet”. At it’s basic level the purpose of all business is to make money. Surely not? Is this really news? Who doesn’t know this already? First rule of business make profit

Thailand wants to ban these three pesticides. The US government says no | Carey GillamThe Trump administration is putting profits before people by pressuring the country not to ban harmful chemicals made by Dow, Syngenta and Monsanto Another disgrace from realDonaldTrump and WhiteHouse that will see people die to protect profits. What an evil and insidious ( look it up Donald) administration. Uh, if THAILAND is banning these pesticides because THEY deem the chemicals to be too dangerous, WE sure as hell should! Immediately! Anytime a developing nation says a chemical is too dangerous & should be banned, the entire first world should’ve banded it several decades ago! Yo Brexiters: This is our future, pay attention.

Someone has changed the laws of physics: how do you get 901,000 tonnes of CO2 from 286,000 tonnes of fuel? Well they re not gonna work for free now are they Suggestion for BBC - calculate savings in CO2 emissions if all UK vehicles only fuel enough to reach their first destination (or nearby refuelling point) - then compare same for airlines?

Yes a bit like the BBC putting profit before over 75 pensioners. All aeroplanes will have to be electric, gliders, or use rubber bands or else we are all doomed (I don't fly). I think you will find that with a OT of companies, big and small 🙁 If you stopped all flights before 2025 it would only lower the temperature of earth by 0.03 degrees. Aviation is not the big problem

They're damned if they do it,, they're damned if they don't do it. If YOU don't like it STOP flying on your foreign holidays. Aren’t airlines selling a product? If the people did not fly? But, if the put the price up is that not making their produce only available to the rich? And I wonder why this country has problems?

Or, indeed, Caroline Lucas

Flight diverted after drunk man 'groped female passenger' in front of her daughterCholewinski-Boyd accused of repeatedly touching woman’s arm before grabbing her crotch I'm reminded of the brilliant phrase 'not all men, but it's always men.' 😒

Well obviously, it’s a company. When more environmentally friendly fuels or technology is the same price or cheaper to use then they’ll switch. Shock putting profit 1st...hold the front page!!! But it won’t stop those booking holidays abroad, and that includes climate change protesters. They’d be lying if they said this isn’t true? 🤔

They're businesses. What do you expect them to do?! They're businesses, their main aim is to make money. No really !? Of course profit comes first. In other words a minuscule amount extra! 🙄 They’re commercial enterprises. Anyone who cannot understand this is an absolute idiot. Makes complete sense, if you can get two trips on one filll up, also cheaper in long term, airports charge for jet fuel like motorway service stations...

You might see the Royals on budget airlines more, royal expert saysCould Prince William be on your next Easyjet flight?

Airlines exist because of public demand. No customers no airlines. But that won't happen. Passengers accused of putting pleasure before planet... Then why not go after the countries that charge extra and you will probably find it’s government taxes from the same governments that say they are committed to helping the environment. 🤔

Can we entirely blame the airlines . People want to travel. Maybe we do have to look at some limitations for business and social travel or increase fares so people go less id rather they carry extra fuel incase they have to be diverted The business of the Climate Change too will put the profit (net gain)before it (the Climate Change as planet).

No shit Sherlock Whistleblower blows lid on something that has been happening since the 70s oil crisis if not earlier. A non newsworthy report!! Don’t know abt anyone else but when I’m on a plane I want the fuel tanks to be full as opposed to empty!! I also don’t have a problem with making profit. Why couldn’t this global ‘greener’ effort result in aviation fuel being the same price worldwide?

Good, I have shares in BA

Gloucester 12-21 Saracens: Sarries put difficult week behind them to move second in PremiershipSaracens put their 35-point deduction and £5.36m fine for salary cap breaches behind to them to move second in Premiership with win at Kingsholm. Football fans would have waved a tenner, Rugby fans waving a few hundred quid. This is the second time they have broken the wages cap...

. Just to be clearer than your article: Not the planes are emitting fossil carbon- it’s the fossilFuel that does it. Once RenewableFuels are widely used, neither airplanes or cars or heatings etc. are contributing to ClimateChange. Don’t bark up the wrong tree! . we are all complicit. stop the blame game and do something constructive. ClimateActionNow

To be fair so do most companies 😂 🤦‍♂️ Laughable garbage from the eco- anarcho- climate-hysteric anti- capitalists. But they know they can play you like a badly tuned banjo, and so the traditional BBC Monday morning climate change story is loaded into the news hopper. In terms of currency, it's got fur growing on it.

How selfish of those airlines it’s not enough that they’ve spent millions buying the planes they now want to fly them and and profit from it More important question - why do we pay fuel surcharges when the airlines do tankering? Airlines rip us off! No shit, Sherlock. Everybody the world over puts profit before.....well actually ANYTHING.

I guess that should be filed in the category “blindingly obvious”.

Vox party puts ‘menace’ of migrant children at centre of election driveAs Spain goes to the polls again, rightwing politicians are counting on anti-foreigner sentiment to win votes People show their true colours when a political party clearly and brazenly lies to demonise foreign nationals, but they continue to support that party. There are racists and fascists in Europe (and across the world), even after 2nd world war history, and they turn out in polls. Ah, yes: 'othering', favourite tactic of the far right, is once again in full swing in Spain. You're dirty. Using those poor kids to manipulate public opinion.

Airlines not being held to ransom by overpriced fuel would be more correct. If Airlines had anything other than their own interests first we wouldn’t have had the Max 8 crashes. Therefore ..? We close down all commercial airlines so that millions have to hitch rides in transoceanic yachts like Greta? Europeans to follow the old Silk Road for business in the Far East? And vice versa? Camel trains across the Sahara? Risk Cape Horn in a clipper? Well?

Private jets are truly wadteful. To be fair all Businesses I suspect put profit before the planet. It is the nature of business. Its like farming on a volcano, you forget about the danger until it's too late. And folk should really only fly if it is absolutely essential if they really want to save the planet.

like every other company 🤷🏽‍♂️ You realise this extra field is added incase of emergencies and needing to divert or sit in a holding pattern for hours. Commercial airlines cant refuel in the sky Oh - did the stupid company forget they were there for passengers or did they have a useless business model?

Ryanair named the filthiest flight operator in Which? Travel surveyFewer than half of passengers (42%) scored the Irish budget airline as good for cleanliness in a survey of almost 8,000 people. Well that’s bull sky news twitter are you drunk Come fly with me ? I always thought it was Delta airlines ? Allegitly.

Its almost like theyre businesses whose sole purpose is to make money! This is very simple to fix. Put a price on CO2 emissions and you will drive this practice out. Simples. That's painfully obvious. Who thinks otherwise No shit Sherlock making tons of profit these airlines 🙄 Show me a company that puts results before shareholders and I'll show a bust company.... Or labour party. This has to come from our dozy reactive gov't. Not the companies.

Hey Siri, what is a ‘business’ Who starts a business that doesn't put profit first.

No shit What the people what they want It also avoids midair refueling in a storm.

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