Air pollution plummets across UK amid lockdown

Levels of nitrogen dioxide fall by an average 40% on the same period last year.

4/8/2020 12:46:00 PM

Air pollution plummets across UK amid lockdown, with nitrogen dioxide levels falling 40% on last year

Levels of nitrogen dioxide fall by an average 40% on the same period last year.

A week later, Mr Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.Daily readings from air quality monitoring stations since 17 March were compared to the same period last year, accounting for weekdays.Analysis by the BBC Shared Data Unit found an even starker drop in air pollution since the lockdown was announced on 23 March compared to the same period last year - halving at some of the most polluted sites, including readings in London, Glasgow, Bristol and Oxford.

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Hafodyrynys Streetin Wales is known for having some of the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide outside of central London.William Bloss, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Birmingham, said:"What we're seeing in the lockdown... is the reductions in road traffic in our cities translating into much lower levels of NO2.

"We're seeing the reductions are greatest in areas most heavily-influenced by road traffic, so city centres, roads in London, Birmingham and other urban centres." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

this only tells part of the story, with no mention on PM2.5 pollution levels from non-traffic sources since UK COVID19 lock down is some areas. So whilst NO2 (vehicle emissions) may well have decreased, other pollutants (PM2.5) in the air may have increased ..... Orpington KattyKay_ KattyKay_ 🤔😷 If we all stopped breathing, CO2 would drop dramatically. Is that the next strategy?

KattyKay_ 1st day after this ends, those lazy mothers will be in their 4x4’s jamming up the roads taking kids to school the 500 yards they can’t be bothered to walk. I would love some positives to come from this but when people can’t even share loo roll, what hope the planet ? Since the lockdown, the air is less polluted, the roads are clear, and wildlife has started to come out — I've even had a deer in my front garden, which is not normal! Maybe it's time we put some effort into not f**king up the planet?

So can everyone stop blaming animals now? So we may need an annual lockdown for two weeks every year to offset our carbon emission. RT : Air pollution plummets across UK amid lockdown, with nitrogen dioxide levels falling 40% on last year I suppose this was inevitable with no planes flying or cars motoring! I wonder if Antarctica will start freezing again or is it too late?

Why only 40%, I wonder? I would have expected more. More detailed analysis in this UrbanBigData blog just out. Confirms that air pollution down and shows that lockdown appears to be holding, at least in terms of road traffic Would be nice that once this is all over that the whole world would shut down COMPLETELY just one day a week. No flights, shops nothing other than vital services. To giveearthadayoff

Look what happens to air pollution levels when we change our behaviour on mass. We need more electric vehicles ON the road and more diesel pollutants OFF the road ASAP. Legalising electric scooters quicker would help, cities are just too congested. Walk, cycle & scoot more! At least something good is coming out of all this misery

Thanos was right Not rocket science as to why Be interesting what the 'scientists' have to say about it after all this lockdown Isn’t this part of the overall ‘plan’? My asthma just as bad What would Greta say? This has proven stuff can still be done from home. We don’t need to be travelling everywhere. Hopefully people who need to commute start walking or cycling

We should all embrace this and have a week of lockdown in the years to come to remember this. Great to see some positives from the lockdown 🌹🌼🌻 Bloody MSM. What does economic activity add to your life... are you really happy working for a faceless corporation... what do you actually produce that’s humanity worthy... a revolution in economic theory and political structure is needed... pay check to pay check is subsistence... not life

I’m waiting to see when the ‘special people’ amongst us starting saying it was Greta Thunberg who started Covid-19 to reduce global pollution! 😂 Only 40% lower ... how? How many people were dying from it? Reduced omissions and no Greta Thunberg. What’s not to like? Well...won't be long... It’s almost like ClimateChange “was” being accelerated by human activity. The deniers can cram that one now.

I think I could be a journalist, report the obvious. Other news you can know get toilet roll easy isn't it 🤔👏👏👏👏 Can’t think why Less vehicle fatalities as well What are they doing in Wales? Higher than London takes some doing... No sxxt Sherlock Who'd have thought people not driving everywhere in pollution machines would reduce pollution? Every day is a school day on this lockdown thingy!

If many people can work from home in lockdown why can’t they work from home period Can we not learn something from this So it looks like the Euro 5/6 vehicles are an answer Brilliant Proof that post COV-19 our Road system & pollution levels need SERIOUS research & adequate funding to determine any solution to our current congestion & negative environmental impact... Ironically Cov-19 causes issues via the Lungs & we have high COPD rates thru 🚬& Pollution!

But will air pollution increase due to lack of toilet paper... We will all be on skid row soon No surprise really, is there? Wouldn’t shock me if this was a plan from the most powerful leaders to reset the planet and tackle climate change. I'm sure that when the pandemic is over some will never drive again.

Looks like Rona virus introduced a method to save the planet My car has been sat on my drive covered up for past 2 week and not polluting the earth. Hardly a shock result this tho. Of course, nobody is flying or driving!! Nitrogen dioxide is of course a bad pollutant along with sulphur and we need to reduce these once COVID-19 has ended. However, Co2 is not a pollutant so we should stop focusing on this!

Maybe we should go back to the days when Sunday was a day of rest. Only tourist and leisure businesses stay open. Put a blanket ban on motor travel in city centres, alongside free public transport. All will benefit the planet. Maybe its the way forward...every year, a month off work and using transport

Wow who knew cars were so bad .. Well it will, but just like the drop in commercial activity, it is not sustainable for any lengthy period of time. This will save us a fortune in tackling emissions - no need to spend what we said we were going to spend Greta Thumberg's career was very short. Is this really News - it is common sense that this would be the result of a lockdown - where do you get you're stories from BeanoOfficial vizcomic

More people could certainly work from home after this passes, reducing traffic. Surprise! NOT! Greta Thunberg we don't need you now !!! How can we keep it that way? We need some action, SadiqKhan. Start by supporting idlingaction livingstreets MumsForLungs sustrans coronavirus CoronavirusLockdownUK

Can that obnoxious teenager GretaThunberg retire now. So peaceful without her distraught rantings. SadiqKhan How about this St Greta! This must continue, 1000s killed annually from air pollution ignored ana_captures A silver lining... Wow...what a revelation! BBC stating the bleeding obvious! Have you looked outside....? There is no traffic as most of us are all at home!🧐

Well....duh..😴😴 Cause my audi has been Parked outside for two weeks.. Shame we still get the same pollution crap out of the BBC People already are being brainwashed into staying indoors and giving up their livlehoods now what brainwash them into giving up their cars. And that's great news for now and now chinas opened again pollution will rise and when the rest of the world opens it will all rise again .

This is FANTASTIC! One good thing :) Judging by the number of vehicles I've seen on the roads this morning, we'll soon have that back up! Great . Sorted then.sont let us out again ever. No!!! Amid - the most overused word of the corona virus era Imagine if non key workers worked from home more often and fewer planes in the sky. This could be 'business as normal'. Enormous health & wellbeing positives out of this AirPollution

Thts one good thing happening Save the planet StayHomeSaveLives It's not all bad news Source? Good news! Some good news during these times. Maybe we need to introduce a 1 month lockdown every year to help the planet breathe! I’m really surprise at that 🙃 It’s been nice to be able to walk down the small roads on the outskirts of town without the fear of being mown down by some knobhead.

Michael Owen writing these Great to know when we are outside getting some exercise good news from it all in a way

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