After The Pandemic: 1.7 million unknown viruses have potential to infect humans

After The Pandemic: 1.7 million unknown viruses have potential to infect humans

6/3/2020 5:35:00 AM

After The Pandemic: 1.7 million unknown viruses have potential to infect humans

Dr Peter Daszak tells Sky News we must learn the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic and stop the next outbreak at source.

Dr Daszak said every effort should now be made to unravel the genetic code of viruses living in animals."We estimate you could do that over a period of 10 years. You could then develop drugs and vaccines."You would also find out where they are, and that helps local communities living on the front line of these diseases to change the behaviour that puts them at risk."

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Sky News is looking at lessons we should learn from the coronavirus as part of a series called After the Pandemic.Science has been applied to the new virus in ways that would have been thought impossible just a few years ago.Image:Inside Beijing-based biotech company Sinovac, where work is taking place to create a coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus emerged in Wuhan just five months ago. But already scientists have unravelled its genetic code and worked out its structure, and there are 10 possible vaccines in clinical trials.At the University of Liverpool scientists are looking for mutations in the genetic code, subtle changes that are passed on to all the copies it makes of itself as it spreads.

It allows them to track the virus from China to Europe, and then its rampage across the continent.Multiple different genetic variants were introduced to the UK, particularly from Italy, Spain and France in February and March.Such detailed understanding of the pandemic is only possible with real-time decoding of the 30,000 chemical letters that make up the virus's genetic blueprint.

Machines made by Oxford Nanopore can unravel the genetic material in a couple of hours - work that just five years ago would have taken many months.The Pathogen CafeteriasSteve Paterson, Professor of Genetics at the university, said:"Genomics these days is absolutely central to everything in biology and everything in healthcare.

"The first tool you reach for is to sequence the genome of the pathogen that you have got."From there you can look at the proteins, you can decide what vaccines might be useful for it, you can design diagnostic tests and the rest follows on from that.

"It's absolutely embedded in the way in which we do science now."Supercomputers are also helping scientists to catch up with the virus.Image:After The PandemicUniversity College London is using a machine millions of times more powerful than a home PC to rapidly test chemical structures to see if they block the virus.

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Only those highly likely to work will go into clinical studies.Professor Peter Coveney, who is both a chemist and computer scientist at the university, said it shortcuts what used to take the pharmaceutical industry many years."It's really a question of being able to do things bigger better and faster than anything you could do with lower end computers.

"The accuracy of predictions is increasing all the time with the power of the machines we have available."Image:After The PandemicThis week until Thursday, Dermot Murnaghan will be hosting After the Pandemic: Our New World - a series of special live programmes about what our world will be like once the pandemic is over.

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Suddenly after this virus jumped species (having not done so for milllions of years, no, nothing to do with humans making Franken-viruses) - no suddenly there are millions of other virus, some older than humans which might suddenly jump species. Again, nothing to do w/ bioweapons Sly News spreading more fear to get those clicks and views I see. Coronavirus was being researched in labs in Wuhan, specifically researching how it could jump species to humans, that’s known fact. In Wuhan. Yet we are supposed to believe the “bat soup” story

So nothing new there, just eat meat as you was and don’t go eating silly things like bats, nothing wrong with meat we have in this country, so stop trying to scaremonger and make people eat what you want, don’t force your opinions on people, disgraceful scaremongering Lies If they are unknown how do they know how many?

You're as bad as the daily express, you thrive on fear and spreading it. Sky news being one of them Quick close the schools!! so basically nobody should ever go outside again ,so the media are failing in telling the lies about the fake virus now you have over a million oppurtunitys to justify the bullshit

Lol, if they're unknown, how did they come about these numbers. 1.7 million. Twitter should ban all such accounts that compell you to join them I am interested in just the news not SkyNews Great, I thought it was many more than that. How can they know how many unkind viruses are about Shit the bed! How I wonder if unknown?

How do sky know there are 1.7 million unknown viruses, if they are unknown ? The why we need to learn more about the nature , than trying to destroy her before we destroy ourselves . Thank God there's only 1.7 million of them. That's a relief! How many of those Virus are made in China for the CCP I tend to worry most about the CRSPR'd ones. Lab manipulated.

Who shit my pants? Shhhhh! One crisis at a time!!! More good news 🙄 Teker teker gelin bari Oh great, another 6 million years of lockdown and daily vaccines to look forward to “Water is wet” Après la pandémie: 1,7 million de virus inconnus pourraient infecter l'homme...

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