Andrea Jenkyns, Brexit Committee, European Union, Article 50, Martin Selmayr

Andrea Jenkyns, Brexit Committee

After meeting Martin Selmayr, I know why the EU is confused about Brexit

Yesterday, along with 15 of my colleagues on the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, I went to Brussels and I found it an enlightening experience.

2/5/2019 2:25:00 PM

'I asked Mr Selmayr whether the PM had ever asked for the backstop to be removed. He stated he wasn't aware of her asking and she had not asked him. He also stated there has been no request to reopen negations by the British Government' - andreajenkyns

Yesterday, along with 15 of my colleagues on the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, I went to Brussels and I found it an enlightening experience.

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andreajenkyns I don't like this nonsense. andreajenkyns perhaps he was lying - his mentor/boss does consistently and brags about it B_HQ andreajenkyns Panto ! Remember the Eu don’t budge until the eleventh hour it’s plan is not going to make us friends far from it ! andreajenkyns Can someone please explain me what Gina Miller says at 26th minute when she says backstop is the smallest of the problems while the bigger one is UK becoming servants to EU. How can UK agree to this WA then?

andreajenkyns Mate, good read & right behind you - but there is no confusion. This is Mays weapon along with Robbins - they are duplicitous to the core. Her advisors, previous as well as now, Cunningham et al, have always sought to make her look strong saying one thing in public .... andreajenkyns Whether one agrees with Ms. Jenkyns’ opinions or not, one might expect an MP is able to write English a little more eloquently, or more correctly than an average middle-school girl.

andreajenkyns andreajenkyns Beware. Mr Selmayr is not the Brexit negotiator. andreajenkyns I must have said it 1000 times - Theresa May is the problem. She'll tell you one thing and then do the opposite. She's running down the clock & she'll repeat that her deal is the only one on the table & then she'll threaten MPs with a choice between her treasonous WA or no Brexit

andreajenkyns Sounds to me like He played you. andreajenkyns You are falling for the EUs plan. They want the Tories out and a pro EU government in. They hope we have an election and want to split the leave vote between the Tories and UKIP so Labour win and we stay in the CU. Don't be fooled.

Brexit scaremongering: Why Nissan's XTrail decision ‘had NOTHING to do with UK leaving EU'NISSAN’s decision to scrap plans to build its new X-Trail SUV in Britain were nothing to do with Brexit, but rather the result of a realisation that there was no appetite in Europe for a large, diesel-powdered vehicle, a senior economist has said. would you listen to yourself Basically the Country is being run by corrupt liars.

andreajenkyns Well, somebody is lying and that's for sure! andreajenkyns I'd be careful about believing the EU. He said this with a political aim. andreajenkyns May is a con artist. She is telling the people and Parliament of this country one thing but saying or not saying, the opposit to the EU. This woman has OCD, or is mentally deranged with a fixation on her deal as it stands and totally ignores the people's wishes. She must go!!!

andreajenkyns Exiting the European Union Select Committee - ETEUSC as they could not find a name that could be abbreviated as TOSSERS andreajenkyns Exiting the European Union didn't happen overnight did it? Seems to have been plenty of time to make preparations especially with the capabilities we have these days, of the many consequences which would occur having done so. Computer generated rezoning and such. Nevermind

andreajenkyns We are leaving the EU dictatorship. No one is going to stop us leaving it.

EU’s BREXIT STONEWALL: EU refuses to accept tech solution to Irish backstopBRUSSELS bosses are digging their feet in over Britain’s plans to use technology to solve the Irish border backstop issue after Brexit. you presented no real proposal They'll refuse any idea just for the sake of being awkward. It's clear it's not a solution they're after. Why do so many people live in ignorance. Have Brexit ministers and supporters alike tried to understand why there is no real tech solution to the Irish border available. One solution is a United Ireland , have you thought about that one ?

EU Brexit panic: Mark Rutte's Dutch Government given emergency powers for no-deal BrexitDutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte shouts \u2018no\u2019 when asked whether Holland are ready for a no deal Brexit. Mark says that he has \u2018full confidence in Theresa May.\u2019

Martin Rowson on Brexit, the backstop and 'alternative arrangements' – cartoonTheresa May is due in Belfast on Tuesday before returning to Brussels for talks about her demands for a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement in an attempt to replace the backstop with ‘alternative arrangements’

It’s Wetherspoon workers like me who have to push Tim Martin's Brexit propaganda'I believe Brexit will only work to further drive down wages and conditions of working class people like myself.' I believe you can't get a job anywhere else that's why you work at spoons That what it's for. No one who defends Brexit in any shape or form has your interests at heart, not McCluskey, not the lexiteers, but yes Manuel Cortes. It's against the UN Charter of Human Rights to be forced to advocate a political view like that. It's like the case of the wedding cake where the cake makers refused to 'promote gay marriage'. They won on this point.

Martin Rowson on Theresa May's Brexit game – cartoonTheresa May has won herself breathing space to charge back to Brussels and pursue what many senior EU figures have set their faces firmly against – reopening the withdrawal agreement and reworking the backstop

If Corbyn gets his hands dirty he can avert a hard Brexit | Martin KettleThis moment of Tory unity will not last, says Guardian columnist Martin Kettle No such thing as a hard Brexit. There is either Brexit, or hard or soft remain. are FakeNews working for a foreign power and enemies of the British people. Not holding my breath on either count. 'Even Corbyn must see what is now at stake, and why engaging seriously with May is overwhelmingly in the country’s interest.' He's in the opposition you know. This is 100% a Tory mess. Let them own it. If she wants to do a deal with Benn and Yvette, not ERG, off she goes.

Sonar makes beaked whales suicidal - and now we know whyBeaked whales get the bends when loud warships terrify them, scientists have discovered. Is it social media? Does it sound like Westlife to them? It’s a constant high pitched sound. Like a womans whinge, which has the same effect in men.

Voice of The Mirror - Why we should all hope for a meeting of minds among MPsIt would be a novelty in British politics but an innovation whose time has come

With just 53 days to go, Britain still needs to know what Brexit will look likeThere are now 53 days left till Brexit and, as of this moment, Britain is heading out of the door without a deal. It will look a lot better with a clearout of Remainer dross from Parliament. Bad ! That's what brexit will look like ..and Nissan confirmed it for those 6000 workers ... (not including the businesses that will also be mitigated buy the losses) 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 Watch 'The Road'.