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Adults in England without A-levels to get free college course

Adults in England without A-levels to get free college course

9/29/2020 1:00:00 AM

Adults in England without A-levels to get free college course

Government measures aim to boost employment chances in a post-Covid economy

Last modified on Mon 28 Sep 2020 23.49 BSTAdults without A-levels are to be offered a free college course to help boost their employment opportunities in the beleaguered post-Covid-19 economy, asBoris Johnsonreiterates the government’s warning that not all jobs can be saved.

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As part of a package of measures unveiled by Downing Street, people who do not have A-levels or equivalent qualifications will be able to study a college course in England from April paid for via the £2.5bn national skills fund.At present, the government pays for a first A-level equivalent qualification up to the age of 23, but this is being extended to all ages for courses deemed to be valued by employers with further details of those available due to be set out next month.

Higher education loans will also be made more flexible, in a move the government says will allow people to space out their study by splitting it into segments, transfer credits between colleges and universities, and enable more part-time learning.In a speech on Tuesday, the prime minister will announce a new “lifetime skills guarantee” and is expected to say: “As the chancellor has said, we cannot, alas, save every job. What we can do is give people the skills to find and create new and better jobs. So my message today is that at every stage of your life, this government will help you get the skills you need.”

He is set to add: “We’re transforming the foundations of the skills system so that everyone has the chance to train and retrain.”A No 10 source indicated that “very significant” additional funding would pay for the lifetime skills guarantee, although the exact cost of measures has not yet been set out by the government.

It comes after the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, last week announced a multibillion-poundwinter jobs plan Read more: The Guardian »

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Good for you Boris! What are you going to study? Woodwork ? Make your mum a nice lampshade? Usually asked to show proof of A-levels. How to prove lack of them to access VocationalTraining ? alevels If you want to learn, buy a book. What is this smokescreen intended to hide today? Wow make everything free that'll solve all problems

Maybe they'll stop voting Tory after taking that course Imagine signing up to an adult A-level course and then HE enters the room and introduces himself as the teacher 😂 Anyone else draw a correlation between Boris’s and Trump’s bad aryan hair? Anyone? That’ll solve the country’s problems 👀 How socialist!

A-levels, many doe even av O-levels. Probly a load of lies. BTEC Call Centre Techniques: Part 1: How to say 'hello' in Foreign This is a poor and patronising attempt to pretend they are doing anything. A level 3 qualification is nothing compared to losing your livelihood and facing financial ruin. Few employers will care for a level 3 qual after a few years/decades in the work place.

Then they will invent privatized healthcare, you get the Doctors that can’t pass an exam while the Elite get the best and the brightest. Sounds fair. City & Guilds: Recycling and Landfill wheely bin choices This looks kinda familiar, like Corbyn's National Education Service! How about ending the lockdowns so people can actually work

Ha Ha. Will they pay the lecturers the same pittance I was getting teaching in FE colleges 20 years ago? How to spel your name on a C V? Thats great news So long as it’s not Cuntology 101 with Boris Johnson... Ok but watch out for the government locking them in the college a few weeks into the course.

Johnson to pledge lifelong learning guarantee for those without A-levels as government braces for redundanciesGovernment has admitted it cannot save every job Getting so weary of his empty promises. It’s as if he makes them up sitting on the lav then announces them without consulting anyone else! If he’s involved, it’s yet another SNAFU. BorisJohnson Further education colleges have been hammered by successive conservatives government since 2010. Promise everything to everyone .......... until January. After that, eat their dust.

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