Adele residency 'cancelled after explosive arguments over staging'

Adele 'cancelled Las Vegas resisdency after a series of explosive arguments'

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1/23/2022 8:30:00 PM

Adele 'cancelled Las Vegas resisdency after a series of explosive arguments'

A source claimed Adele 's shows were destined for trouble due to behind-the-scenes clashes between the 33-year-old superstar and acclaimed set designer Esmeralda Devlin.

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Please spell check before you post. It’s embarrassing 🙄 Feel sorry for all the fans who have spent thousands to see her and disappointed again. Maybe she could just throw on a dress, stand behind a mic and sing her back catalogue. Forget the new stuff, it's shit. adele after all, that is all they want to hear.

not acting like 30 , 25 , more 19 haha

Janet Street-Porter Launches Fresh Attack On Adele Over 'Snivelling' Vegas Residency ApologyThe Loose Women star accused the Easy On Me singer of treating her fans 'appallingly' and having 'all the staying power of a soggy tissue'. Shes right lol Two shows a week at £500k a show. Surely she would have been better going ahead with the first two shows and made more improvements after that if necessary? People travel miles to see Vegas shows and book hotels. Appalling way to carry on I love Janet! She tells it like it is! Surely you'd know 'the show ain't ready' before 2 days of announcing it?

Adele offers 'meet and greet' to fan on FaceTimeI hope her auto tune is on.

Adele 'Overwhelmed' By The 'Best Fans In The World' After Postponing Vegas ResidencyThe Easy On Me singer acknowledged the “graciousness and love” she had been shown after cancelling her shows the day before they were due to start.

Adele in tears as she is forced to reschedule Las Vegas residency Adele fan Gabriel Dube-Mendez, who travelled to Las Vegas from Canada, has told Sky News that he was left 'frustrated' and 'heartbroken' after the star had to postpone the start of her Las Vegas residency. Read more: She could have put on some sort of show instead of cancelling. Oh no first world problems….

Adele thanks 'best fans in the world' after being forced to delay Las Vegas residencyThe award-winning singer was forced to postpone the opening weekend of the residency at Caesars Palace due to COVID-19. Self pitying nonsense on the day we lost Meat Loaf. Given the choice of who to see in their prime and there is only one decision. She'll never do anything that even comes close to the utterly magnificent Bat Out of Hell. Nobody cares! What else is she going to say , they the shitest and I’ve just pissed them all off….again

Go easy on her: Adele needs to stop being so hard on herselfThe singer issued an emotional apology after being forced to postpone her Las Vegas show. Roisin O’Connor argues that it’s unfair to blame her for circumstances beyond her control

Adele allegedly clashed with set designer Esmeralda Devlin over staging of show. Source said Easy On Me singer, 33, 'was unhappy' and 'made her feelings clear'. They claimed star was already 'nervous' and wanted everything to be 'perfect'