Action needed to stop the use of killer robots, report says

Calls are growing for an international ban on the creation of killer robots, which could pose a 'grave threat to humanity'

8/10/2020 11:07:00 PM

Calls are growing for an international ban on the creation of killer robots, which could pose a 'grave threat to humanity'

The US and Russia are said to be in a group of military powers who have rejected proposals for regulation on autonomous weapons.

Activists from the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots have staged a number of protests over autonomous weaponsWhy you can trust Sky NewsCalls are growing for an international ban on the creation of killer robots, which could pose a"grave threat to humanity".

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An increasing number of countries want action to prevent the development of fully autonomous weapons and to ensure human control is retained, a new report shows.Research has shown that 30 countries want the introduction of an international treaty over such weapons systems, which would be able to select and engage targets without any meaningful human intervention.

The US and Russia are said to be among a small number of military powers to have"firmly rejected proposals" around the introduction of any regulation.A report by Human Rights Watch reviewed the policies of 97 countries that have publicly discussed killer robots since 2013.

AdvertisementAlthough it does not name the UK among the countries calling for an outright ban on autonomous weapons, the report says British policy is that there must always be"human oversight" when using such systems.However, the research noted the UK is developing weapons with some"autonomous solutions".

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Humanity is the only grave threat to humanity...... Oh yeah, & social media........ So this is how 2020 ends....... Too late MetalMickey Killer robots? About time to clean up this mess called humanity! We already have killer robots in the form of unmanned drones. The debate is whether to let a computer decide when to push the bomb button or a human at a screen hundreds of miles away.

Corbyn supporters? Nota bene: It is the people who program them, like the ones who program angry old white guys and serial killers, that are the problem. Asimov. Isn't there already a set of laws about this already? Type Google into Google and it breaks the Internet. Instruct killer robots to destroy robots job done....

Oh no.. Have they started on the poor robots now. Ffs 'Calls'? They will be the next police officers or front line army. Personally, I'd send one to offices with instructions not to destroy any journalists! Sure, ban them now, they'll be back Fecking hell! 😂😂😂😂😂 Terminator was a film not reality long way off that becoming so

I mean killer robots would pretty much suite 2020. If it were a movie, we’d call 2020 far fetched. 😂 kindofcinematic Robot lives matter 🤷‍♂️ too much ? See, Stephen Hawking warned us about this possibility. He may be gone; but he is still right Send them to the channel . Someone should tell these people that pretty much everything on this planet can kill us.

Get a fire engine and you'll be fine I'm calling for an international ban on Sky News and the bunch of lefty luvvies that work for it. Is it April fools day again already? The first batch of autonomous robots will be authorised to carry out stop and search in Hackney, Brixton, Stoke Newington, Harringey and other areas. Rest assured their will be no racial profiling carried out. Now how long before those areas beg the police to come back? 👍🏻😂

😂🤖☠️ All ya gotta do is make EMP devices. Problem solved. Kill joys Carpet bombing entire villages with civilian casualties is fine. Developing a machine with zero prejudice that could identify an insurgent in seconds is wrong?

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