Abersoch school gets glimmer of hope it may survive

Seven-pupil Welsh school facing closure given hope it may yet survive

10/21/2021 10:56:00 PM

Seven-pupil Welsh school facing closure given hope it may yet survive

A decision has been postponed, following accusations a report was 'inaccurate and misleading'.

But councillor Alwyn Gruffydd said "he could not believe" the cabinet "went down the road of no return".He criticised the decision to consult during a pandemic and claimed the long-standing threat of closure had contributed to dwindling pupil numbers.

And he pointed to Plaid Cymru opposition to the recent closure of schools in the Swansea Valley.Councillor Elwyn Jones said closure would hamper efforts to protect the Welsh language in Abersoch.Abersoch councillor Dewi Wyn Roberts questioned "the rush to close by Christmas".

A proposal by councillor Judith Humphreys to give cabinet more time to discuss the objections passed by eight votes to six.Ffred Ffransis, of Welsh language campaigners Cymdeithas yr Iaith, said it was clear things could not be rushed and the school should not be shut by Christmas. headtopics.com

"Cymdeithas is calling on the cabinet to delay a final decision until Easter and use the next six months to properly consider the options put forward by governors," he said.Educating each pupil currently costs £17,404 per pupil compared to the county average of £4,198 per pupil.

The closure could save the authority nearly £100,000. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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