A10 crash: Family say no-one cares about motorcyclist collision

Wife of motorcyclist seriously injured in crash says 'no-one cares that it happened'

1/17/2022 5:44:00 PM

Wife of motorcyclist seriously injured in crash says 'no-one cares that it happened'

The wife of a motorcyclist seriously injured in a crash says she feels let down by police.

Andrew Giles spent nearly six weeks in hospital after a crash on the A10 near Milton, Cambridgeshire in April.Image source,Mr Giles, a keen motorcyclist from Haddenham, said he "smashed up all my pelvis, broke 13 ribs, smashed up my arm" in the collision with a car at a junction on 20 April last year.

Image source,Andrew Giles said he is still unable to do the physical side of his job as an exterior cleanerMrs Giles said she felt "disappointed, really really let down" by the initial police contact.Image source,Andrew Giles said there is a possibility that he may not fully recover, adding "that will obviously impact work, social and family life"

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