A year in the polls: how Biden became almost as unpopular as Trump

A year into the job, both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are struggling to maintain support

Kamala Harris, Joe Biden

1/20/2022 5:09:00 PM

🇺🇸Record Covid cases, soaring inflation and chaos on the border have led to a position where views of the Presidency have barely shifted since his predecessor left office

A year into the job, both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are struggling to maintain support

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‘Flailing’ Biden has 'humiliated' America as president passes milestone year in officeJOE BIDEN has been accused of 'humiliating' America by ignoring the prolonged fall of the world's super power, a commentator has said in a devastating Op-Ed. He'll start a War with Russia China and North Korea .If he's not removed from office ASAP. And no America's Allies want any part of what this lunatic Democrat President does next .

How the Biden Administration Lost Its WayOne year in, U.S. President Joe Biden faces a long list of troubles and growing doubts that he’s fit for the job Lol worst president in history by a mile in my books. Awful first year in office.

Ukraine tension: Biden says he thinks Putin will 'move in'The US president says he thinks Russia's leader will 'move in' but does not want a 'full-blown war'. This is how ww2 started. Welcome to the start of ww3.. clearly no lessons from the millions upon millions dead hasn't been learnt. China will be next, followed by Iran, the taliban, seria and NK. China should 'move in' to taiwan at same time, who will america fight then lmao POTUS says a lot of ridiculous things.

Joe Biden one year on: Has the United States become ungovernable?A president who promised to unite the country is unable to bring his own party together. China and Russia fed the beast and watched them self implode - without firing a single bullet They got totally played and are now in a divisive mess Just what they wanted When the U.S falls apart, I have laid pre claim to Nevada; I wanna see some fucking aliens.

Biden to Give Away Free N95 Masks at Pharmacies and Health CentersThe Biden Administration will begin making 400 million N95 masks available for free starting next week Maybe if we stop breathing we can stop the spread Tax payers are being robbed... England is showing why. What are they going to do with the 370 million leftover masks?

Biden says Putin will pay ‘dear price’ if he invades UkrainePresident Joe Biden said he believes Vladimir Putin does not want full-blown war in Ukraine, and would pay a “dear price” if he moves forward with a military incursion.Mr Biden, speaking at a news conference to mark his one-year anniversary in office, also said he believes that Russia is preparing to take action on Ukraine, though he does not think Mr Putin has made a final decision.The White House later clarified that any Russian military action would be met with a “swift, severe” response.Sign up to our free newsletters by clicking here He didn't actually say that though did he? Gutter journalism at its worst from the MSM as per usual

A year ago, Joe Biden was sworn-in as the 46th president of the United States..trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that got 19 Republican votes in the Senate, including that of GOP leader Mitch McConnell.Media caption, Joe Biden: "It is going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine" US President Joe Biden has said he thinks his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will "move in" on Ukraine, but does not want "full-blown war".

Standing on the same spot where Trump supporters had raided just weeks before, he pledged to make efforts to unite a divided nation. But record Covid cases, soaring inflation and chaos on the border have led to a position where views of the Presidency have barely shifted since his predecessor left office. Related articles Covid rules in FULL: Every single restriction scrapped from tomorrow He wrote: “Once hailed as the man who would ‘restore America’s standing in the world’, Biden is overseeing the stunning decline of the world’s superpower. His latest polling shows that Biden enters his second year with a net approval rating of -10 per cent, meaning polling is almost on par with where President Trump ended his administration.5 trillion, with provisions addressing climate change, expanding Medicaid, providing childcare support and raising taxes on the rich. In December 2020, Trump’s net approval ratings also stood at around -12.” The 46th President of the US completed his first press conference of the year on Wednesday by bragging about how many people stepped up to be vaccinated and his American Rescue Plan, which provided $1.5 per cent, although that dipped in his final month in office after the raid on the Capitol. White House officials later issued a statement clarifying the US position, after about whether the US would allow a small incursion into Ukraine following his comments.

But what separates Biden from Trump is just how quickly his approval ratings have fallen since he took office. However, his way of tackling the leadership has not gone down well with officials, continues Mr Gardiner who claimed that several diplomats across Europe have lost faith in America. “They violated the deal he thought they had,” the source says. In the first month of his presidency, just one of twenty major surveys put Biden’s net approval rating below 15 per cent. Trump meanwhile had only one poll which put his net approval above zero - the first president in post-war history to take office with more people disapproving of his job than supporting it. “One very senior British MP told me last week that Biden’s foreign policy was “appalling” and “completely useless”. Biden’s collapse in support means he has the second worst approval rating of any modern US President; all other presidents from Eisenhower onward had positive favourability ratings after a year in office. “Our progress has ground to a halt because of the sabotaging of our agenda by Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema,” Senator Bernie Sanders tells TIME. The president’s difficulties appear to stem in part from the public’s shift in attention from Covid-related issues to broader domestic and international issues. “With an unashamedly anti-Brexit stance, and an arrogant willingness to lecture Britain on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Biden has succeeded in undermining the Special Relationship. It has supported pro-Russian rebels who control parts of eastern Ukraine in a bloody war with government forces.

Where one in five adults saw healthcare as the most pressing issue at the time of Biden’s election, this has now fallen to just one in eight, according to polling by Ipsos Mori. Nationally, the economy has become the greatest concern to Americans. The US president said he would discuss the issue “a little bit” with the UK prime minister, adding: “We're going to have to work that through.” —Bernie Sanders, U. Whilst there has been a positive bounce back in employment rates across the country post-lockdown, the United States is now facing a similar cost of living crisis to that seen in some other western countries driven by the highest inflation rate in forty years. Interest in foreign conflict has also risen to a pre-pandemic level, likely driven in part by the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan which coincided with the president’s biggest drop in approval ratings. He said: “Biden’s America has become a byword for economic turmoil, urban decay, rampant lawlessness and far-Left policies that are tearing the fabric of the United States apart. Similarly, interest in immigration - a key platform in his predecessor’s agenda - has jumped to third place. “The President understands that he is the only one that’s going to make this happen,” Representative Pramila Jayapal , who chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus, tells TIME. "I am hoping that Vladimir Putin understands that he is, short of a full-blown nuclear war, he is not in a very good position to dominate the world.

At the end of December, one in ten adults put it as the most important issue facing the country as crossings on the Mexican border reached record levels last year. In total, there were 1.7m apprehensions in the 2021 fiscal year, three times higher than the previous year. In a fiery speech in advance of Martin Luther King Jr. This might help explain why Vice President Kamala Harris’s favourability levels have dropped even further than the presidents. Last year, she was placed in charge of the US-border with Mexico, a role she has been widely criticised for. Speaking in Kyiv, Mr Blinken said Russia could attack Ukraine "on very short notice" and warned again of tough sanctions if it did.

Her favourability ratings have plummeted to -13 per cent in recent months. The Senate then planned a series of votes on the issue beginning Jan. The issues with the border and the economy will matter even more in the coming months as the country approaches the midterm elections, as generally speaking these issues are of greater interest to right-leaning voters. In November, a third of the Senate’s seats will be contested, giving the Republican’s a chance to steal back control from the Democrats, who hold it with the narrowest of margins. There are four seats currently held by the Democrats which are considered toss-ups, including border-state Arizona, according to political analysis website Real Clear Politics. Liberals and Black voters are naturally demoralized, says Maurice Mitchell, national director of the progressive Working Families Party. If the Republicans stole just one of these and lost none of the three marginal seats also up for grabs, they would regain the house. "If Russian forces cross the border killing Ukrainians, that changes everything.

On the other hand, the Democrats will be looking at both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two states they just about won in 2020. But President's approval rating has been declining across these key seven states in recent months, meaning the Democrat's will need to come up with candidates and ideas which outperform his popularity.” Read More: Joe Biden Defended the Filibuster for Years. Most concerning is the decline in approval in the five states who Biden managed to flip in 2020. In Arizona, for example, his net approval rating fell from 8 per cent to -9 per cent over the course of six months last year, according to data analysts Morning Consult. This will be of concern not just for potential Senate candidates but the broader Democrat machine who have a lot of work to do if they want to keep the states in the next presidential election. “I think the jury’s still out on whether that effort is going to be successful,” says Democratic Senator Mark Warner.