A war in Ukraine could have global consequences

Human suffering, economic shock and a geopolitical realignment

1/27/2022 4:42:00 PM

A war in Ukraine would have terrible consequences, including for Russia. It would destabilise the global order and could even prove Vladimir Putin’s undoing. Our cover this week

Human suffering, economic shock and a geopolitical realignment

Perhaps Mr Putin is planning a full-scale invasion, with Russian forces thrusting deep into Ukraine to seize the capital, Kyiv, and overthrow the government. Or he may seek to annex more territory in eastern Ukraine, carving out a corridor linking Russia with Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula Mr Putin grabbed in 2014. Then again, he may want a small war, in which

Because Mr Putin has the initiative, it is easy to conclude he has the advantage. In fact he faces perilous choices. A big war entails extraordinary risks. But a smaller war that limits these risks may fail to halt Ukraine’s Westward drift. And if a small war does not bring the capitulation of the government in Kyiv, Mr Putin may ineluctably be drawn into a larger one.

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CLARIFICATION: the world order is already destabilized because individual Nations are still competing & playing the same diplomatic , political, economic game of ping-pong. Andrew Carnegie had it right.Why can'twe? Time to change to ImprovingLifeFormulaReadyForUse The future of Europe is threatened by the rise of Nazism in Ukraine. Stop it and it's backers in the US and UK. Prevent another apocalypse before its too late.

Love and Integrity are what we should all fight to have in order to decently serve communities and nations! We can’t succeed in governing or ruling without these two things. Love should be the force pushing us naturally and integrity should be what keep us going! JBB SavedOneClick And the Bidens are welcoming a new family cat to the White House. :) USA RussiaUkraine

Sounds like we should not get involved You are saying things you don’t know Not to mention the the extra spiked lab grown covid variant they plan on unleashing on invading Russian troops may leak out of Russia. Russia escalating its aggression against Ukraine means Russian atrocities against Ukrainian Civilians will increase.

US financed and supported anti-russian regime for years in Ukraine.For what obj? Democracy? Harassment of Russian language, media, companies, proRussian Ukrainians, gang attacks on Russian church is NOT Democracy.That is all to drive provocation and destabilise yet another region Fantastic title! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Hey remember your doom and gloom predictions about the British economy in reference to Brexit? Try astrology - you might get more success there It’s getting so serious that it could result in full scale minor fluctuations in London property investments (..and that will affect leaders on all sides...) so I expect it will pull-back from the brink now.

why can we not have houses in America, bricks are cheap, mortar is cheap, concrete is cheap. WE did a lot better in the past with this issue. Your firm political stance is hurting your professionalism. You call this Russia´s roulette? It seems to me a game that, although dangerous, Russia is winning. It is a war against the American economy and not against Ukraine.

Ops!😏 The only one who plays Russian roulette is Selensky. He wants to take back the Donbass and Crimea by force. Yes your banking buddies continue to make gold cheaper for Putin. It may be time you put your money where your mouth is because no one seems to care about Ukraine. 😅😅😅 Bullshit not war

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