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A letter to… my teenage son

A letter to… my teenage son


A letter to… my teenage son

‘You will live for ever with the memory of your dad dying just before you turned 11’: the letter you always wanted to write

Even though I know I can never be, I have tried to be both mum and dad, but so often I fail. I know I am not always the one you want or need, that I cannot and never will be enough. I am a hopeless driving instructor and know nothing of cars. If your dad were here, he would do it so much better.

As I lay it on the bed, tears come. Do you remember the rare occasions when he wore it to work? We would tease him that he was off to be a grown-up for the day.

Charity shop it is, then. After all, you have no need of a dead man’s suit. You are your own man now.

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